Manors (aka Mansions) are the largest housing option available in BDO. They also are the only housing that allows you to decorate with special mansion furniture.

Manor Facts:

  • Normal and manor only furniture can be placed in the interior rooms of the manor.
  • Storage Containers and Life Skill utensils can be placed in the interior.
  • Most interior mansion furniture can’t be placed on the exterior and vice versa.
  • Exclusive mansion only objects can be placed on the exterior
    • grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers
    • cafted statues, fountains
  • Mansion furniture is obtained in many different ways:
    • Purchased with silver
    • Crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop
    • Quested
    • Life Skills like farming, etc
    • Hidden Treasure Hunts
BDO Mansion Map

Blue Maned Lion Mansion: east of Heidel

Mansion Location

Manors have 3 different locations. Two are across the Great Ocean in the far away Land of the Morning Light.

The main continent manor is located east of Heidel in Serendia. Just travel east down the road to the Eastern Border gateway node.

Your manor will be private and the outside area is a safe zone.

Mansion Location Map

Manor Requirements

  • Main Calpheon quest line. Quests (O) → Main tab.
  • Purchase any Residence type of housing for 1 to 8 CP.
  • Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggested → “[Manor] Crucio Domongatt’s Summon” and finish questline up to “[Manor] Father’s Heart”
    • easy quest line traveling to NPCs (Bring fastest horse.)
  • 5 Contribution Points to purchase a manor
  • 1 million silver per day (with less cost for 30+ day rentals. 800k/day for 1 year)
  • Manors do NOT count as a residence.
    • Maximum residences is 7, using Residence +1 Expansion Coupons from 2 quests to gain 2k and 30k Interior Points.
  • LOML Manors Only:
    • Shimhyangje: Quest, “[LoML] Ruler of Taebaek – Ruler of Taebaek”
    • Solbaram Neowa House: Quest,  “[LoML] Tale of the Officers – Dokkebi’s Gift”

Crucio Domongatt <Lord>
Location: Heidel

Manor Silver Costs

  • Blue Maned Lion’s Manor
  • Shimhyangje Manor
Rental Duration Discount Rate(%) Silver/Day Total Cost
less than 30 days none 1 mil 1 mil to 29 mil
30 to 89 days 5% 950k 28.5 mil to 84.5 mil
90 to 179 days 8% 920k 82.8 mil to 164.6 mil
180 to 364 days 12% 880k 158.4 mil to 320.3 mil
365 days 20% 800k 292 mil


NOTE: Solbaram Neowa House has a cheaper cost of 100,000 silver per day.

Manor Contract

Selling Your Mansion

You can change your mind about the mansion you purchased and get a partial refund.

Select “Return the Manor” option at your manor entrance door.

Refund amount depends on the number of remaining days. A 1 year rent return is significantly reduced.

5 CP is returned to you and all your mansion furniture is placed into the Heidel storage.

If you don’t have enough space in storage, it will over-fill it and you will not be able to use Heidel storage until it is emptied.


Remaining Days Deduction Rate (%)
less than 30 days 15%
30 to 89 days 20%
90 to 179 days 23%
180 to 364 days 27%
365 days 35%


Manor Rent Past Due & Expiration

You will not have to pay past due rent.

If you purchase 1 day of rental and it expires on its own, you will need to renew the rental agreement at the door in order to enter again.

Your furniture will NOT go into storage.

All furniture and placements will be exactly how you left them.

Manor Entrance Door

Manor Quests

The main Manor Questline allows you to rent a mansion. Many other mansion quests will help you obtain special manor furniture.

The main mansion questline consists of 9 quests talking to different NPCs. It will eventually lead you to Blue Maned Lion’s Manor.

Manor Quest Start: Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggested → “[Manor] Crucio Domongatt’s Summon”


Main Mansion Questline Rewards:

[Manor] Small Acacia Tree x2 (value of 3 million silver each)

Manor Housing

Mansion housing is a giant upgrade from even the best housing available inside major cities.

The biggest difference is the ability to use your imagination and create a beautiful exterior landscape.


Mansion Exterior Courtyard

BDO Mansion Exterior Courtyard

Mansion Interior Rooms

Mansions have 3 large interior rooms to decorate. There is also an upper outdoor balcony upstairs.

Mansion Interior Rooms

Farming for Manor Tulips

Exchange:  1G Gold Bar (100k silver at Storage Keeper)

Reward: Tulip Seed from Norma Leight.

Tulip Seed takes up 1 slot of your fence.

RNG one of the following when harvesting:


T1 Budding Red Tulip
need x5
T2 Blossoming Red Tulip
need x3
T3 Fully Bloomed Red Tulip
need x2

Norma Leight <Northern Wheat Plantation Owner>
Location: Northern Wheat Plantation (Calpheon)

Exchange your harvested Tier 1 to 3 Tulips to Norma Leight.

Tulip Seed Harvested Qty Exchange Reward
Fully Bloomed Red Tulip 2
[Manor] Fully Bloomed Yellow Tulip or

[Manor] Fully Bloomed Red Tulip

Blossoming Red Tulip 3
[Manor] Blossoming Yellow Tulip or

[Manor] Blossoming Red Tulip

Budding Red Tulip 5
[Manor] Budding Yellow Tulip or

[Manor] Budding Red Tulip


Mansion Exterior: Hedge Maze

Purchase shrubs from Lebyos that will allow you to create your own hedge maze!

Your character can NOT run through these. They act as walls.

Mansion Hedge Maze
Mansion Hedge Maze
Furniture Requirements
[Manor] Long Maze Shrub 2,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Arch Shrub 4,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Balled Shrub 3,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Cloud Shrub 3,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Corner Shrub 2,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Donut Shrub 3,000,000 Silver
[Manor] Maze Shrub 1,000,000 Silver

Lebyos <Furniture Dealer>
Location: Heidel

Mansion Exterior: Bushes & Shrubs

Hedge Maze Wonder

u/Liscarea spent 500 million silver and 4 to 5 hours to make a giant spectacular hedge maze. I want an invite! 🙂 View orignal reddit thread.

Mansion Lighting Effects

Mansions have some unique lighting options.

For details, please visit the Manor Fairy Lighting and Manor Atanis Fireflies and Manor Fireflies (Hidden Objects).

Manor Lights create a unique mood and atmosphere. They have glowing sparkles that float up into the air.

You can place objects around them and change their color.


Manor Turf Tiles (Grass or Flower Beds)

Grass beds can be purchased from Lebyos. Shrubs and flowers can be placed inside these.

Mansion Grass Beds

Mansion Exterior Furniture

 Below is a small selection of exterior decor for mansions.

Mansion Exterior Furniture

View official large images of each furniture and hints here: Manor Furniture Images & Info.

Mansion Flowers

 These flowers are available in Global Lab, but has anyone discovered them all yet?

Mansion Flowers

Sources & Additional Info