[Manor] Morning Mist’s Embrace is a hot tub for your mansion yard.

It is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop, after obtaining Knowledge and many materials.

[Manor] Morning Mist’s Embrace


It can only be installed in the exterior courtyard of a manor.


Bad Joke 008:
Main <Character>: I need to take a bath.
Squeak Clean <Bath Vendor>: You need to pay for it first.

Flondor Pond

Pictured is a Flondor Pond, a little bit similar. For now it’s a place holder until I can get a good screenshot to put here. 🙂

Morning Mist’s Embrace Requirements


Before you begin, you will need to obtain two materials in order to complete the first quest 2 times.


Total Material Requirements:

Inextinguishable Stone Quest

Vilentia <Seed Vendor>
Location: Grana, Kamasylvia

Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Quest Name: [Manor] [Repeat] Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Start NPC: Vilentia <Seed Vendor>

Location: Grana

Complete Vilentia’s quest 2 times. Turn in a total of 100 Vedelona and 60 Peridot Leaf.

Quest x2 Reward: 2x Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Vilentia Location Map

Jar of Dawn’s Mist

  • You need to obtain 6x Jar of Dawn’s Mist

Codex shows two different ways to obtain this.


Silver: Method

  • purchase for 10 million silver each at Pataro <Node Management> in Morning Fog Post node NW of Duvencrune, Dreighan.

        Quest Method:

        NOTE: according to codex, you need a level 100 requirement, so this may not be implemented yet. Please comment below, if you try this method and it succeeds or fails.

        Quest Method

        Complete Camira’s daily quest 6 times over 6 days.

        Quest Name: [Manor] [Daily] Gathering the Dawn’s Mists

        Equip Title: “Commissioned Officer”

        NPC Shakatu Location Map

        Start NPC:
        <Node Management>
        Location: Sherekhan Necropolis, Dreighan

        Camira Location Map

        Total Materials Given:


        Total Rewards:


        Commissioned Officer Title

        The quest method requires you to equip a title from defeating mobs in Sherekhan Necropolis, Dreighan.

        Combat Title:

        Commissioned Officer

         Requirement: Defeat 1000 Sherekhan mobs

        Monster list:
        Garud, Federik, Nybrica, Belcadas, Lateh

        BDO Sherekhan Map

        Silver Method

        Another option is to purchase at a vendor.

        Vendor NPC:
        <Node Management>
        Location: Morning Fog Post, Dreighan

        Pataro Location Map

        With 60 million silver, purchase 6x Jar of Dawn’s Mist

        • 10 million silver each at Pataro <Node Management> in Morning Fog Post node NW of Duvencrune, Dreighan.

        Dragon’s Tears Knowledge

        Complete 1 of 4 of Odelphin’s quests to earn the knowledge for Dragon’s Tears.

        Quest Names: [Manor] Dragon’s Tears: *mob* Subjugation

        Knowledge Reward: Dragon’s Tears

        NPC Shakatu Location Map

        Start NPC:
        <Head of the Mercenary Office>
        Location: Duvencrune, Dreighan


        Odelphin’s Dragon’s Tears Knowledge Quests

        Pick 1:


        Manor Quest Lvl Kills Scroll from Gerez Quest From Scroll
        [Manor] Dragon’s Tears: Tshira Ruins Subjugation 56 10,000 [Scroll] Sweep Foliage in the Ruins [Weekly] Tshira Ruins Elimination
        [Manor] Dragon’s Tears: Blood Wolf Settlement Subjugation 58 10,000 [Scroll] Noisy Blood Wolves [Weekly] Blood Wolf Settlement Elimination
        [Manor] Dragon’s Tears: Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Subjugation 60 7,000 [Scroll] Specter in the Sunlight [Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Elimination
        [Manor] Dragon’s Tears: Sherekhan Necropolis (Night) Subjugation 60 200 [Scroll] Specter in the Moonlight [Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Night) Elimination

        Purchase Gerez’s Scroll

        After picking up one of the manor quests from Odelphin, find Gerez in Duvencrune.

        Purchase: Gerez Mercenary Office Scroll

        Cost: 1 million silver

        NPC Shakatu Location Map

        Vendor NPC:

        Location: Duvencrune, Dreighan

        Gerez Map

        Gerez is near the Marketlace NPC.

        Exchange the scroll you purchased from Gerez for one of his quest scrolls.

        Make sure it is the correct scroll!! The one that matches your manor quest. See table above.

        REQUIRES: Dreighan II main quest line. (Press O key → Main tab)


        Morning Mist’s Embrace Design

        [Manor] Morning Mist’s Embrace is crafted by a worker in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.

        5 different materials are needed to make the bath, requiring you to quest, gather, and craft.


        Required Materials:

        [Manor] Morning Mist's Embrace
        Bath of Origins
        Thuja Frame

        Morning Mist’s Embrace Screenshots 🙁

        Having a bit of trouble using my manor on Global Lab to get screenshots at the moment! Will update as soon as manors start working again. LOL!

        If you have screenshots you would like to share, please post in the comments!

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