Truffle Mushrooms can be gathered in secret underground caves by using a hoe.

Purchase a Firefly at a General Goods Vendor to help you see inside dark caves.

Recipes Using Truffle Mushroom:

Elixir of Detection – Critical Hit Damage +10% (skilled 1 Alchemy recipe)

Seafood Mushroom Salad – Weight Limit +20LT

Truffle Mushrooms are rarely found on the marketplace and are usually max price.

Price EachIn Stock
truffle mushroom2000000

Price and availability updated every 30 minutes.

Morning Fog Post – Riverbed Truffles – Drieghan Territory

Morning Fog Post Truffle Map

Morning Fog Post – Riverbed Truffles

This Truffle location Northeast of Morning Fog Post in Drieghan isn’t exactly hidden or secret, but it is located in an area that you wouldn’t normally traverse – down a cliff and along a dank, shallow creek bed. But it is the perfect location for Truffle proliferation as they thrive in exactly these environments.

There are 12 Truffle nodes located along this riverbed between the red dots on the map.

BTW, there’s a chance to proc 1 additional Truffle mushroom when a Hedgehog or Pwudgy Llama pet is summoned.

fog post riverbed 2d minimap2

Truffle Nodes – Morning Fog Post Riverbed

Truffle locations in pictures and descriptions from the east end of the riverbed and working your way to the west end.