Mythical Feather is required in order to obtain Mythical Arduanatt, Mythical Doom. and Mythical Dine, which are T10 Dream Horses.

You will need 10 Mythical Feather to make 1 Mythical Censer, which allows you to attempt to awaken an Arduanatt, Doom, or Dine Dream Horse 1 time.

To Do List for Mythical Feather:

  • Brilliant or Radiant Fairy Wings
  • Imperial Horse Delivery
  • Season Seal of Journey 
  • Field, World, and Dark Rift Boss
  • Patrigio Secret Shop
  • Horse Races
  • Tanning Animals at Navarn Steppe
  • Carrot Confit
  • Gathering Lakiaro
  • Marketplace
Mythical Feather

How to Obtain Mythical Feather

Mythical Feather is obtained in many different ways.

1. Marketplace: Mythical Feather may be purchased or pre-ordered.

2. Gathering Lakiaro:

  • Mythical Feather has a very low chance to drop from Primitive, Lush Primitive, Old, and Lush Old Lakiaro Sacks.

3. Exchange Fairies: give Brilliant/Radiant Fairy Wings to Herawen <Kamasylve Temple Chancellor> at Kamasylve Temple

  • T3 fairy – 1 Mythical Feather
  • T4 fairy – 2 Mythical Feathers

4. Weekly Quests: Obtain up to 4 Mythical Feather each week.

  • Gathering with a tanning knife (or marketplace + Imperial Horse Delivery).
  • Giving Carrot Confit x600~800, or giving Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1.

5. Imperial Steed: obtain 10 after leveling and selling an Imperial Steed at Imperial Horse Delivery.

6. Season Seal: Up to 6 Mythical Feathers per Season or 1 time per family Mythical Censor.

7. Boss Drop: Defeat specific world and field bosses. Hunt field boss Rawr-rawr with a mathclock.

8. Patrigio Secret Shop: Exchange 50 Energy to Patrigio Night Vendor.

9. Dark Rift: Dark Rift boss Ferrid, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, and Ahib Griffon

10. Horse Races: Participate in Old Moon Grand Prix to obtain Seals to exchange for 3 Mythical Feathers each week.


Fairy Exchange NPC:
Herawen <Kama Temple Chancellor>
Location: Kamasylve Temple, Mediah

Patrigio <Black Market>
Location: major cities

Mythical Feather Quests

You can obtain 7 Mythical Feathers each week via 5 weekly quests.

Weekly Mythical Feather Quest Quest NPC
 [Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings – give Wings of Ascension x1 Variel
in Old Wisdom Tree

▼ Choose one of the following weekly quests:

 [Weekly] [Crossroad] Carrot Confit Support – give Carrot Confit x600~800.

 [Weekly] [Crossroad] Krogdalo’s Origin Stone Support – give Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1

Liana in major cities

in Stonetail Horse Ranch


▼ Complete in consecutive order. Exchange 20 horse racing seals each.

 [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor I

 [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor II

 [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor III

in major cities






Mythical Feather Quest: Tanning Animals

You can obtain 2 Mythical Feathers each week by giving Variel 1 Wings of Ascension.

Quest resets every Thursday at midnight.

Quest Name: [Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings

Quest Reward: x2 Mythical Feathers

Quest Requirements:

  • Level 49+
  • Obtain 3 different materials through tanning (see below). Or you can also use the marketplace + Imperial Horse Delivery.
  • Process the mats together to craft a “Wings of Ascension.”
  • Give 1 Wings of Ascension to Variel for 2 Mythical Feathers.


Variel <Stable Keeper>
Location: Old Wisdom Tree, Kamasylvia

Wings of Ascension Recipes

Processing (L) → Manufacture to obtain “Wings of Ascension.”

Option 1:

Option 2:

Obtain Powder of Ascension via tanning or Imperial Horse Delivery.

Powder of Ascension

Gathering Fur & Plumes

Use a Tanning Knife on the corpses of certain animals to gather the materials yourself.

Thick Fur is gathered from Bears, Wolves, and Lions.

Lightweight Plume is gathered from Kuku, Coco, Ferrica, and Ferrina.

Navarn Steppe Skinning:

  • Feather Wolves – Thick Fur, Feather Wolf Hide, Black Gems, Caphras
  • Phnyl – Thick Fur, Feather Wolf Hide, Black Gems, Caphras
  • Ferrica – Lightweight Plume, Infinite Pot
  • Ferrina – Lightweight Plume, Infinite Pot
BDO Navarn Steppe Location Map

Wings of Ascension Cost

You can purchase 2 of the materials to craft Wings of Ascension on the marketplace. Lets look at the market data to see if we can or should buy it.

Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Lightweight Plume14,2001,00014,200,00025,017144,703
Thick Fur12,1005006,050,0004,79588,596
TOTAL SILVER20,250,000

Weekly Carrot Confit or Origin Stone

You can obtain 2 Mythical Feather each week by giving either Carrot Confit x600~800 or 1 Krogdalo’s Origin Stone.

NOTE: You can only choose 1 of the quests.

Quest resets every Thursday at 00:00.


Quest Names:

  • [Weekly] [Crossroad] Carrot Confit Support
  • or [Weekly] [Crossroad] Krogdalo’s Origin Stone Support

Liana <Valentine’s Apprentice>
Location: every major city

Weekly Carrot Confit

The amount of Carrot Confit you give depends on your character’s Training level upon accepting the quest.

Training Level Carrot Confit
Beginner to Apprentice 800
Skilled 750
Professional 700
Artisan 650
Master or higher 600


Carrot Confit Recipe

Cooking Beginner 6 Required

2- Special Carrot
6- Mineral Water
3- Lump of Raw Sugar
2- Salt
4- Cinnamon

Weekly Crossroad Carrot Confit Support Mythical Feather

Carrot Confit Cost

You can purchase Carrot Confit on the marketplace. Lets look at the market data to see if we should buy it.

Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

MaterialBase PriceTraining LevelQuantityTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Carrot Confit124,000Beginner to Apprentice80099,200,0008,38827,103
Carrot Confit124,000Skilled75093,000,0008,38827,103
Carrot Confit124,000Professional70086,800,0008,38827,103
Carrot Confit124,000Artisan65080,600,0008,38827,103
Carrot Confit124,000Master or higher60074,400,0008,38827,103

Weekly Krogdalo’s Origin Stone

You can also choose to give 1 Krogdalo’s Origin Stone instead of the Carrot Confit.

Obtain Krogdalo’s Origin Stone:

  • Imperial Horse Delivery
  • Horse Racing (Old Moon Grand Prix)
  • Peridot Leaf daily quests in Kamasylvia.
  • Grinding Spot RNG drops:
    • Kamasylvia Manshaum Forest, Forest Ronaros, Gyfin Rhasia, and Mirumok Ruins
    • Exchange 20x Atanis’ Element, which can be obtained from many grinding spots in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and a few other zones.
Weekly Crossroad Krogdalo Origin Stone Mythical Feather

Krogdalo’s Origin Stone Cost

You can purchase Krogdalo’s Origin Stone on the marketplace. Lets look at the market data to see if we should buy it.

Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Mythical Feather37,300,000137,300,00001,965
Krogdalo's Origin Stone3,790,00013,790,00001,478
Rumbling Earth Shard54,000251,350,0001,19426,166
Swaying Wind Shard54,000251,350,0004,93522,928

Mythical Feathers as Boss Loot

Mythical Feathers can be obtained through defeating specific world bosses and field bosses.

  • More damage dealt increases your chances to obtain a Mythical Feather.
  • However, you can get a Mythical Feather regardless of the damage dealt to the boss.
World Boss Field Boss
Mirumok Destroyer Offin
Watcher Offin Tett
Black Shadow
Red Nose
Dim Tree Spirit
Giant Mudster
Dastard Bheg

Giant Mudster

View Boss Spawn Times:

Red Nose

 Dim Tree Spirit

Dastard Bheg

Mythical Feather via Dark Rift

Mythical Feather has a chance to drop from a Dark Rift boss: Ferrid, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, and Ahib Griffon

The Dark Rift Boss Window is accessible by pressing the Dark Rift icon at the bottom right of your screen.

The number shows the number of bosses that have spawned.

Dark Rift Icon

Or you can press Esc → Adventure → Dark Rift

Dark Rift Menu


Example Dark Rift Loot

 Dark Rifts also drop other nice loot as well.

Dark Rift Ferrid Loot Example

Dark Rift Boss: Ferrid
Difficulty: Difficult

Dark Rift Muskan Loot Example

Dark Rift Boss: Muskan
Difficulty: Normal

Mythical Feather via Season Character

[Season] Seal of Journey is a rare item obtained on Season Characters.

Unlimited Exchange:

[Season] Seal of Journey x20 = Mythical Feather x1

This is an unlimited exchange as long as you have Seals, so you could obtain 6 per Season Character without a Perl Shop purchase.

Limit 1 per Family:

[Season] Seal of Journey x100 = Mythical Censer x 1


Obtain [Season] Seal of Journey:

  • Season Pass Reward (small icon at the top right of the screen)

TOTAL from Season Pass: 120
TOTAL with Pearl Shop purchase: 200

  • Each Season Ticket starts a new Season Character and rewards a new Season Pass with a new set of Seal of Journey.
season seal of journey

Mythical Feather via Old Moon Grand Prix

Participate in horse racing to obtain seals that you can use to obtain Training items like Mythical Feather.

Each week obtain up to 3 Mythical Feathers from Jetina’s quests.

1st place 40
2nd place 25
3rd place 15
4th ~ 10th place 10
Not Finished 1
Weekly Grand Prix Quest Mythical Feather

3 times per Week Exchange Quest:

 Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x20 = Mythical Feather x1

Each Mythical Feather will cost 20 Old Moon Grand Prix Coins.

You get one Old Moon Grand Prix Coin for even showing up to the race and more coins if you rank 10 or above.


How to Join a Race:

The Old Moon Grand Prix needs 5 to 10 players.

Races run from 16:00 to 9:00 UTC for NA and 8:00 to 1:00 UTC for EU.

You can’t enter a race 15 minutes before or during node and conquest wars.

To join, click the Race Info icon on the upper right of your screen (next to the minimap) or access it from the main menu (press Esc) → Life —> Old Moon Grand Prix.


Please see bdfoundry’s excellent guide for more details.

Old Moon Grand Prix Coin

Mythical Feather used in Crafting Mythical Censer

Mythical Dream Horse requires 1 Mythical Censer each time you try to awaken a normal Dream Horse.


Mythical Censer x1 per attempt


Mythical Censer Recipe:


Processing (L) → Manufacture: