Llama <Star-loving>, Hyena <Dastardly>, and Bear <Honey-licking> are rare wild animals you can hunt with a matchlock. They were added to NA on July 7, 2021.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them.

Respawn time is a random time between 12 and 24 hours.

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Llama <Star-loving>
Level: 50
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Llamas in Drieghan are very curious creatures, but also weary of people. The Star-loving Llama in particular is very cautious, and will stay hidden during the day only to emerge at night to climb to the mountain tops and marvel at the night sky.

Bear <Honey-licking>
Level: 50
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A bear that goes crazy for honey. Drawn by the sweet, sweet smell of honey, the bear lingers around the largest beehive it can find, fiercely guarding it so that no one else can take it when it drops to the ground.

Hyena <Dastardly>
Level: 50
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Hyenas usually inhabit dry regions, although some have been known to be bred in Calpheon by Giants. They have a powerful bite, and often move in clans led by an alpha. Hyenas exiled from their clan are unable to hunt wild prey, and are instead notoriously known for preying on the horses of merchant guilds traveling along the desert trail. Their terrifying gaze never fails to strike fear into the hearts of these desert traders.

Honey Licking Bear Map

Honey Licking Bear spawns where there are beehives.

Look for a large glowing beehive. You can loot the beehive after attacking it.

Bear has been seen at the following spawn spots.


Honey Licking Bear

Llama & Hyena

Star-loving Llama only appears during the night.



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Behr Clues

Bear: Sometimes bigger beehives appear where there are a lot of beehives. Hives are a problem, but bears around them are a bigger problem. There are bears looking for honey around big beehives.

Llama: There’s an odd llama near Duvencrune. Located at the peaks of the mountains where the sky can be seen clear. They enjoy looking at the stars just like humans. Arent they so cute tho?

Hyena: Merchants passing from the north of Valencia desert were attacked by hyenas. Their goods and gold were damaged. It is surprising the merchants with backpacks were not harmed.


Sources & Additional Info



Source: Patch Notes – July 7, 2021 https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=1326&countryType=en-US


Behr, the village of hunters, is filled with rumors of new and rare hunting monsters.

– Bears that hunt for large beehives made by bees somewhere in the world of Black Desert.

– Hyenas that stray from their clans and strike fear into the hearts of merchant guilds who travel across the desert trails.

– Peculiar llamas that marvel at the starry night sky.

[Honey-licking] Bear

[Dastardly] Hyena

[Star-loving] Llama

– Hunting these rare monsters will give you a chance to learn their Knowledge, and if you satisfy certain requirements, you will be granted the following Titles:

Monsters Titles
[Honey-licking] Bear Honey Keeper
[Dastardly] Hyena Dastardly
Chomp Chomp
Desert Cleaner
[Star-loving] Llama Pat Pat
Nom Nom