Refined Essence of Emotions is a crafted item used to remove a cup enhancement from an accessory. You can then take the cup and reuse it on a different accessory.



Refined Essence of Emotions Recipe

Processing (L) → Heating:


  • Fragment of All Creation x10
  • Legacy of the Ancient x10
  • Forest Fury x10
  • Fused Crystal of Emotions x20
  • Magical Shard x100
Refined Essence of Emotions

Refined Essence of Emotions Recipe

Processing (L) → Heating:

Destroying a Cup

You can remove and destroy a cup, intead of saving it for later use, by completing a quest.

  • Obtain “Cleansed Cup” quest from Lejenti in the underground chamber at Glish
  • Have accessories reformed from cups either equipped or in your Inventory.
  • Do NOT have a Refined Essence of Emotions in your Inventory.
  • You can destroy the Cup in a reformed accessory by giving it to Lejenti through the quest.

NOTE: The Cup is destroyed in this process.

You cannot revert the removal of a Cup.

Branded/copied accessories will no longer be branded/copied after an exchange.

Lejenti <Ahib Audrite Priest>
Location: underground chamber at Glish

Elvia Cups at the Marketplace

If you want to avoid grinding Elvia for materials, you can purchase enhancement stones at the Marketplace.

Price and availability is auto updated every 30 minutes.

IDElvia CupPrice EachIn Stock
8141Cup of Arid Moonlight
Max HP + 150 (necklace)
250000000 2639
8148Cup of a Lonely Cloud
Max HP + 125 (ring)
2000000000 0
8149Cup of Dwindling Starlight
Critical Hit Damage +3% (ring)
2000000000 0
8181Cup of Lone Tide
+6 DR (belt)
2000000000 0
8182Cup of Tragic Nightfall
All AP +3 (belt)
2000000000 0
8417Cup of Earth’s Sorrows
All AP +3 (earring)
2000000000 0

Sources & Additional Info

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