BDO Season Quests greatly help our Season Characters in leveling and obtaining materials for Tuvala Gear.

Season Quest Benefits:

  • Large amounts of Time-filled Black Stones to enhance Tuvala
  • Very nice Alchemy Stone for Life Skills.
  • Try PVP and Atoraxxion dungeon fun.
Weekly Season Quest Polly's Forest

Season Quests to Kill Mobs

There are two types of quests to kill mobs for enhancement materials.

  • Weekly Season Grind: Obtain 600 black stones for Tuvala enhancement.
  • Region Monster Zone: Obtain enhancement materials you will use after graduation.

Cute as a Button Mushroom!
But *one-shot wack* mushroom soup!

Cloudy Rain Mushroom - BDO

Season Weekly Quests

A Season Weekly quest is given by Node Managers in certain regions who require you to kill 150 to 500 monsters in the area.

View these quests under “[Season Weekly] Stronger Tuvala Gear” inside the Quest (O) window → Recurring tab.



Season Weekly Quests

In the Season quest list below, level is a recommendation only. The weekly Season grind quests have a level 20 requirement.

Weekly Season Quest Mobs Level Region Node Map Kill #
[Weekly] Hordes of Bandits Bandits 55 Valencia Gahaz Bandit’s Lair 500
[Weekly] Rules of the Roud Sulfur Works Lavas 56 Valencia Roud Sulfur Works 400
[Weekly] Impenitent Criminals Prisoners 57 Valencia Pila Ku Jail 400
[Weekly] Homesick Desert Naga Fogans 55 Valencia Titium Valley 500
[Weekly] Dangerous Argos Saunils Crescents 55 Valencia Crescent Shrine 500
[Weekly] Help that Never Arrives Nagas 55 Valencia Desert Naga Temple 500
[Weekly] New Mushroom Dish Mushrooms 55 Kamasylvia Polly’s Forest 500
[Weekly] Rule of Power Fadus 53 Kamasylvia Loopy Tree Forest 500
[Weekly] A Soldier Who Cannot Go Home Griffons,
Wolves, etc
56 Kamasylvia Navarn Steppe 400
[Weekly] For the Forest Ronaros 59 Kamasylvia Tooth Fairy Forest 350
[Weekly] Frenzy of Manshaums Manshaums 54 Kamasylvia Manshaum Forest 400
[Weekly] Full-scale Cleaning of the Tshira Ruins Spiders, Keepers, etc 55 Dreighan Tshira Ruins 500
[Weekly] Blood Wolf Extermination Kagtums 57 Dreighan Blood Wolf Settlement 500
[Weekly] Training with the Shultz Guard Shultz Guard 55 Mediah Sausan Garrison 150
[Weekly] Revenge against the Basilisk Basilisks 56 Valencia Basilisk Den 200
[Weekly] Sleep-disrupting Centaurus Centaurs 56 Valencia Taphtar Plain 400
[Weekly] Accepted by the Bashim Bashims 55 Valencia Bashim Base 500
[Weekly] Purify the Sherekhan Necropolis Warriors 56 Drieghan Sherekhan Necropolis 300
[Weekly] Breeding Protties Protties 57 Sea Island Weita Island
Protty Cave
[Weekly] Preparing to Leave Ancient Weapons 58 Underwater Zone Racid Island
Sycraia Underwater Ruins
[Weekly] Bounty on the Cadries Cadries 55 Valencia Cadry Ruins 400
[Weekly] A Rattling Sound Grudge-bearing
Traitor’s Gravestones
58 Calpheon Marie Cave
Traitor’s Graveyard

Regional Quests

As you are happily defeating baddies, you may stumble upon Regional Monster Zone Quests that will automatically be given to you if you are the correct level. The UI will appear next to your mini-map.

  • These quests are sometimes called instant quests because you instantly obtain them and don’t have to get them from an NPC.
  • To obtain regional quests, just enter the grinding spot and an alert window will show next to the mini map as long as you are the correct level.
Time-filled Black Stone Regional Quest

Kill Requirement: 500 mobs

Reward: Hunter's Seal - BDO Hunter’s Seal x100

Hunter’s Seal provides Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards. You will need them after you graduate your Season character.

Hunter's Seal

Time-filled Blackstones via PVP

The Season quest for Red Battlefield can be completed once a day.

Quest Objective: Obtain 1x Battlefield Token from completing a Red Battlefield.

  • Gives 1 Rift’s Fragment, allowing you to obtain about 1 Rift’s Echo every week.
  • To join Red Battlefield press Esc > War (F7) > Red Battlefield (1)
  • You can join in the first 10 minutes of Red Battlefield.
Win or Lose RBF Reward
Victory Reward Battlefield Token x5
10,000,000 Silver
Defeat Reward Battlefield Token x2
6,000,000 Silver


Season Quest: [Season Daily] Battle It Out at the Red Battlefield!


Quest Rewards:

Daz <Red Battlefield Quartermaster>


Note: You cannot accept both the season quest and “Victory at Red Battlefield!” at the same time. You must complete one before accepting the other.

Season Quests for Life Skills

After completing a series of 9 quests, you will be rewarded with a very nice Alchemy Stone, Treant’s Tear. You will also be rewarded with other helpful Life Skill goodies.


Treant’s Tear Effects:

  • Life EXP +30%
  • Cooking/Alchemy Time -1 sec
  • Processing Success Rate +10%
  • Weight Limit +50
  • Gathering/Fishing +2
  • Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%

How to Use: Press RMB to equip the item in your Inventory, and press (U) to use. You can use it along with Alchemy/Spirit Stone of Life.


Duration: 10 min
Cooldown: 10 min
Durability: 150
Fuel: Mystical Spirit Powder


BDO Treant's Tear

Season Quests for Atoraxxion

Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea, Sycrakea, and Yolunakea provide an extra chest for Season Characters. This unique chest has many enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.


Atoraxxion: Rift Chest Qty
Rift’s Echo 1
Advice of Valks (+20) 2
Advice of Valks (+30) 1
Frozen Tides Black Stone 0-1
Time-filled Black Stone 320
Tuvala Belt up to TRI 0-1
Tuvala Earring up to TRI 0-1
Tuvala Necklace up to TRI 0-1
Tuvala Ring up to TRI 0-1
Atoraxxion Season Quest Rift Chest

Also obtain Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1 for each Challenge (Y):

Challenge Name Requirement
[Season] On the Lucretia Dagger! Defeat Apex Urukios of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea
Learn “On the Lucretia Dagger” knowledge
[Season] On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger! Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos
Learn “On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger” knowledge
[Season] On the Voidlight Dagger! Defeat Yolunakea Boss Amarillos
Learn “On the Voidlight Dagger” knowledge


Atoraxxion Season Rift Chest

Season Atoraxxion Requirements:

  • Level 60+
  • Invitation from I” Black Spirit main questline
  • Completed Succession or Awakening questline
  • Completed the quest “[Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear” in the quest line “[5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion” which allows you to interact with the Sol Magia in the Ancient Stone Chamber.
  • Afterwards, you can defeat the final boss in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea/Sycrakea/Yolunakea and get the weekly rewards without doing the main questline.
Invitation from I quest line

Season Quests for Fishing

Since patch Sep 20, 2023, Season Plump Coelacanth can no longer be exchanged for Time-filled Black Stones.

However, afk fishing Plump Coelacanth is still a great way to aid your Season Character.

Weekly quests reset on Wednesdays 6:00 PM Central Time (Thursday 00:00 UTC). See maps for designated fishing areas for Plump Coelacanth.

Exchange Plump Coelacanth to Fughar:

Condition Coelacanths Required Exchangeable Items
1x per Family x50
Advice of Valks (+60)
Choose Your Concentrated Boss Crystal Box x1
Burning Moonlight Black Stone x10
3x per Family x25
* Dreamy Crystal of Balance x7
3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons
1x per Week per Family x20
[Event] Courser Training Box
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll x5
Advice of Valks (+40)
Yona’s Fragment x5
Magical Shard x5
Mass of Pure Magic x5


*Dreamy Crystal of Balance grants 100% chance to enhance a TRI (III) or higher Capotia accessory up to PEN (V).

Season Coelacanth Fish

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