Shim Cheong’s Miraculous Fish Tank is a 50 slot bag that stores freshly caught fish. Even if you have tons of inventory you can always use more when it comes to AFK fishing!

With Shim Cheong’s Miraculous Fish Tank in your main inventory, the first 50 fish you catch are automatically placed there.

The Miraculous Fish Tank prolongs the life of the fish 5x the normal amount. Instead of expiring in 24 hours, the fish will live for 5 days! This gives you more time to sell to traders or Imperial Fishing Delivery, or even use for Cooking.

Right click the fish tank in your inventory to open it. You can move fish to and from your main inventory.

Limitations of Cheong’s Miraculous Fish Tank

  • Stores fish only (not dried).
  • Will not store fish without an expiration date (Plump Coelecanth).
  • Can’t sort or organize fish inside the fish tank.
  • Can only be transferred to storage when empty of fish.
  • 1 Miraculous Fish Tank per Family.
  • Need Master 1+ Fishing for last quest.
  • Quest giver is located in the Sea Palace in LOML

When you hit the sell all button at a trader or imperial fish delivery, the fish being held inside the Miraculous Fish Tank are sold too.

Cheong’s Fish Tank Questline

Find Shim Cheong’s Fish Tank questline under the Suggested tab in your quest log.

The entire questline takes place at the Sea Palace. A portal to the Sea Palace is located in the Land of Morning Light.

There are no requirements to begin the questline, but there are a couple to complete the last quest to get your fish tank:

Knowledge “The Tale of Shim Cheong” is received at the end of a quest line that begins with the quest [Shim Cheong] Lost Daughter given by Shim the Blind who is located at the top of the cliff overlooking the portal to the Sea Palace.

Sea Palace – The Land of Morning Light

If you haven’t finished the Magnus questline, it can be a challenge to get to LOML. But once you’re there, you’ll find the portal to the Sea Palace east of Nampo’s Moodle Village. See map below.

How to get to LOML:

  • LOML portal in the Magnus (need to finish magnus questline).
  • Sail there on your own ship (need a ship, perferrably a fast one) or hitch a ride from a friend.
  • A free but long (1 hour 15 min) succession of ferry boat rides from Velia → Iliya → Oquilla’s Eye → LOML. See this guide.
  • Create a new character and begin their adventures in LOML.

Entering the Sea Palace

The portal to the Sea Palace looks like a swirling pool of water.

  • You can swim into the portal from sea level.
  • OR you can “dive” into the portal from the top of the cliff.
  • Be sure to pick up the quest [Shim Cheong] Lost Daughter given by Shim the Blind who is located at the top of the cliff overlooking the portal to the Sea Palace. Completing this quest line will give you the knowledge you need to finish the last quest to get the fish tank.


While sprinting forward (SHIFT +W), press and hold SPACEBAR at the edge of the cliff to jump and “dive” into the swirling pool of water below.

WARNING! Keep holding SPACEBAR until you land in the water, or you will just be jumping off the edge of the cliff and likely die when you hit the water.

Inside the Sea Palace

Run forward after you enter the Sea Palace and up a few flights of stairs until you reach the top of the palace where the sick Dragon King lies. Run around to the left side of the palace. You’ll see the quest giver, Dorio the otter, fishing at the waterfall down below.

Speak to Dorio and accept his quest “Unexpected Encounter”.

Chat with Dorio to complete the first 4 quests to fish up green grade fish from the pool of water he’s fishing at. He will reward you with an Iridescent Shellfish for each quest.

He will then have you talk to Shim Cheong, a maid within the Sea Palace, the daughter of Shim the Blind.

Shim Cheong’s Miraculous Fish Tank

You must have Master 1 or higher Fishing level and knowledge “The Tale of Shim Cheong” to complete the last quest and receive Cheong’s Fish Tank.

After finishing the quest “Suspiscious Secret” from Dorio, go and speak with Shim Cheong who is located on the right side of the palace and down the stairs. Accept her quest “Recall the Memories” and give her the 4 Shellfish you’ve collected.

After recalling memories of her father, she rewards you with Shim Cheong’s Miraculous Fish Tank.

How to Leave Sea Palace

If you haven’t done the Sea Palace questline that began with Shim the Blind, then you might not know how to leave the Sea Palace.

From the sick king’s room at the top of the palace, you can see the tower that holds the Mystical Map which will take you back to LOML. Go down the stairs to the right of the palace. Keep heading down several flights of stairs, going east, until you reach the ground outside the palace. Go across the bridge and up the windy staircase to the top of the tower. Interact with the Mystical Map to leave the Sea Palace.

The Mystical Map will portal you to Nampo’s Moodle Village or Dalbeol Village.