Swell Sea Shell was an item obtained during Season Server 4 and exchanged for top tier rewards like boss gear, Wizard Gosphy, and other Pearl items.

Season 4 is now ended, but this guide will be kept available for historical data.


Obtaining Swell Sea Shells:

  • Season Pass Rewards (small icon at the top right of the screen)
    • Swell Sea Shells: 35
    • Swell Sea Shells with Black Spirit Pass: 45
    • TOTAL for both: 80
  • [Season] Lv. 10 to 61: Leveling Aid Box
    • Season Pass reward for reaching level 10
    • obtain 20 total boxes for leveling to 61
    • Total Shells from boxes:  40

TOTAL Shells: 75
TOTAL with PEARLS: 120

Swell Sea Shell

Swell Sea Shells from Season Pass

This chart includes only the objectives that reward Swell Sea Shells.


Season Pass Goal Reward Black Spirit Pass
(3k Pearls)
Reach level 10 on your Season Character
[Season] Lv. 10 Leveling Aid Box (giving 40 total Shells if leveled to 61)
Steel Imps! You’re All Dead Meat!
Defeat 20 Imps at the Altar of Agris
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Rudolph’s Cousin?
Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] Red Nose: Engulfed in Darkness
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Don’t Be Imp-Polite with Me!
Defeat 50 Altar Imp monsters
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Justice Theater! A Moment of Choice!
Complete [Main Quest] Paying Off Debts
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Feels Like Flying?
Defeat 20 Harpy packs
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 3
Enhance Naru Armor to +7 or higher, then equip it
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
He’s Qoobe!
Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Trading Energy for EXP!
Summon the Black Sirit and exchange energy for an EXP buff
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
The Return of Kzarka
Complete [Main Quest] Looking for Adventurers
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5 [Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Save the Abandoned Iron Mine!
Defeat 100 Rhutums, Saunils, and other monsters at Abandoned Iron Mine
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Open Sesame!
Complete [Main Quest] The Suspicious Box
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
As I Trusted You…
Complete [Main Quest] [Boss] Awakened Black Spirit
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Cooperating with Colleagues 1
Defeat 500 Waragons at Waragon Nest
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
I’m a Seasoned Adventurer Now!
Reach Lv. 60 on a season character
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
Shakatu’s Hidden Treasure
Complete the “[Lv.60] Bag of the Stars” questline, then talk to the Black Spirit
[Season] Swell Sea Shell x5
TOTAL Swell Sea Shells 35 + 40


Black Spirit Pass
Normal Price: 3,000 Pearls

Black Spirit Pass

For those with extra Pearls to spend, you get enough Swell Sea Shells to pay for a Boss Gear Coupon plus a Wizard Gosphy and another Pearl item, with 20 extra left over.

Swell Sea Shell Rewards

Swell Sea Shell Rewards are limited, based upon their rarity and value.



x2: Valks’ Cry x1
x2: Cron Stone x3


Limit 3 Quests per Family

x5: Artisan’s Memory x3
x5: Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
x5: Advice of Valks (25-35)



Limit 1 Quest per Family

x10:  Caphras Stone Bundle (10-50)
x15:  Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
x15:  Tuvala Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon
x15:  Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon
x20:  Advice of Valks (+50)
x20:  Caphras Stone Bundle (50-100)
x30:  Advice of Valks (+60)
x30:  Secret Book of Old Moon (20 Days)
x30:  Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days)
x30:  Wizard Gosphy
x30:  Tier 8 White Horse (With Instant Accel)
x30:  Manos Riding Crop
x30:  Specter’s Energy
x40:  [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon
x40:  3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons

Best Swell Sea Shell Reward

In my humble opinion, the [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon is one of the most helpful rewards.

Convert 1 PEN Tuvala weapon or armor into a TET boss gear.

The boss gear can be enhanced to PEN and will accept Caphras Stones.

Boss Gear will be bound to family.


For more details, view our Tuvala Gear Exchange Guide.


My Favorite Picks:

  1. Boss Gear Exchange Coupon (Ex. TET Dim Tree is 2.1 bil)
  2. Wizard Gosphy (1,650 Pearls)
  3. Secret Book of Old Moon (1,666 Pearls)
  4. Blessing of Kamasylve (1,666 Pearls)
  5. Manos Riding Crop (256 mil depending on market)
  6. Caphras Stones 50 to 100 (125 to 250 mil depending on market)
  7. Advice of Valks +60


What will you choose? Let me know in the comments!

Tuvala Boss Gear Exchange

Blessing of Kamasylve:

Provides the following benefits for 20 days:

– Energy Recovery +2
– Item Drop Rate +20%
– Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2,000 VT
– Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100 VT
– Storage Transport Weight Limit +1,500 LT

Secret Book of Old Moon:

Provides the following benefits for 20 days.

Combat EXP +100%
Skill EXP +50%
Life EXP +50%
Reset (enhanced) skills freely
Change skill add-ons freely
Change Skill Preset in Safe Zone (Cooldown : 1 hour)
Buy villa scrolls via your campsite without having a villa invitation
Stable slot +1 (for all regions)
Wharf slot +1 (for all regions)

Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons?

– Description:

※ Press RMB to exchange another class’s Tuvala * Weapon for a Tuvala * Weapon suitable for your character’s class.

※ Cannot be used on Tuvala Gear that has already been converted with a Tuvala Gear Conversion Stone.


You may want these, if you used Fughar’s Timepiece to transfer your Season Status, EXP, and Season Gear to an Alt, but already used up the exchange coupons you get for using the Timepiece AND want to change your weapons to another class to use before you are ready to graduate your season character. Whew! Is it complicated much? LOL!

Or you just want a fresh change of class in which you can use your Tuvala weapons on before you graduate. 🙂

How to Exchange Swell Sea Shells

Swell Sea Shells are given to Igor Bartali located in Velia.

Speak to Igor, select “Quest” button and find the corresponding quest.

He has a quest for almost every Swell Sea Shell exchange. (Many are limited to 1 time completion.)

Valks’ Cry and Cron Stone are unlimited exchanges. Click his “Exchange” button instead.


Igor Bartali <Chief>
Location: Velia

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