Atoraxxion: Sycrakea is an ocean-themed dugeon for a party of 5 players. There is also a story mode for solo players. Sycrakea was designed to be slightly more difficult than Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.

Sycrakea is considered Part 2 of Atoraxxion, but only requires completion of some of the main Atoraxxion quest line. Completion of Vahmalkea is not required to enter or complete Sycrakea.


Sycrakea Requirements:

  • Lv. 60+
  • 3 Pre-requisite Quest Chains under O > Main quest tab
    • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 14/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
    • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 15/15
    • [5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion 16/48
      • quest line up to [Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear (16 quests)
      • requires a 100G Gold Bar (10 milllion silver)
    Invitation from I quest line

    Atoraxxion: Sycrakea has many similarities to Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea, but also some welcome differences.


    • only the final boss zone is instanced and private. You may encounter other parties in preceeding zones.
    • 1 puzzle is required to advance to the final boss.
    • 2 puzzles are considered “hidden” and optional for knowledge
    • 5 puzzles are part of the Sycrakea main quest line:
      • not required to obtain the final boss and chest
      • Sycrakea main quest line requires completion of the Vahmalkea main quest line

    Atoraxxion Biomes


    • Desert:  Vahmalkea
    • Ocean:  Sycrakea
    • Canyon:  in development
    • Forest:  Yolunakea



    Sycrakea Rewards

    Sycrakea rewards a chest for killing the final boss.

    Loot inside Sycrakea is used to craft keys to obtain the end chest.

    Sycrackea chests are limited to two per week via 2 weekly quests. (2nd chest can’t be on the same character. It must be completed on a different character.)


    • Sycrakea quests reset every Thursday after midnight.
    • Key of the Sunken Dawn and [Elvia] Key of the Sunken Dawn are consumed during these quests and will not be returned even if you forfeit the quest.
    • First time completion rewards a scorpion pet and bonus goodies.
    • Golden Tears of the Desert is a very rare drop from the following monsters:
      • Cartios, Lykina, Berurah, Serpen, Apocros
      • 1 Golden Tears of the Desert is required to make Vaha’s Dawn Earring.


    Sycrakea Chests Contain:

    • Rare Box
    • Maha’s Fragment
    • Dehkima: Token of the Oath
    • Abyssal Essence
    • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
    • Trace of Nature
    • Ancient Spirit Dust


    • Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece
    • Golden Tears of the Desert
    • Fragment of the Deep Sea
    Sycrakea Quest Quest Objective Sycrakea Chest

     [Weekly] Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest

    Required to open quest: [Weekly] Sycrakea: Astran Chest

    – Insert [Elvia] Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca’s Time Capsule
    – Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Abyss
    Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest
     [Weekly] Sycrakea: Astran Chest – Insert the [Elvia] Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca’s Time Capsule
    – Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Astran
    Sycrakea: Astran Chest

     [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest I

    required to open quest [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II

    – Insert Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca’s Time Capsule
    – Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Prottia I
    Sycrakea: Prottia Chest
     [Weekly] Sycrakea: Prottia Chest II – Insert Key of the Sunken Dawn into Syca’s Time Capsule
    – Complete the quest Savior of the Sunken Dawn: Prottia II
    Sycrakea: Prottia Chest



    Sycrakea Entrance

    There are two ways to enter Sycrakea.


    Sycrakea Entrance Option 1:

    The easiest way is using a device inside Ancient Stone Chamber. (SE of Western Guard Camp. map)

    Be sure to select the correct biome.

    Sycrakea Entrance


    Sycrakea Entrance Option 2:

    You can also enter Sycrakea through a gateway called “Elribta’s Door.”

    Sycrakea Entrance

    Elribta’s Door is located in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea. Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea is the desert part of Atoraxxion that was released 1st before Sycrakea.

    Sycrakea Zones & Key Progression

     NOTE: Everyone in your party MUST obtain every item listed in the table below.

    Zone Item Crafted How to Make Boss Loot
    1. Syca’s Scale Yolun Piece of Envy Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy
    x2 Syca’s Frigid Scale
    x2 Egg of an Arid Epoch
    Syca’s Arid Tentacle
    2. Syca’s Grave Yolun Piece of Cruelty Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy
    x2 Syca’s Frigid Scale
    x2 Egg of a Fearful Epoch
    Syca’s Burning Tentacle
    3. Syca’s Glare Syca’s Contorted Tentacle Arrange Items:

    Yolun Piece of Envy
    Yolun Piece of Cruelty
    Syca’s Burning Tentacle
    Syca’s Arid Tentacle
    Yolun Dagger
    4. Syca’s Garden
    5. Syca’s Cradle
    Corrupt Yolun Dagger Arrange Items:

    Yolun Dagger
    Syca’s Contorted Tentacle
    Maleficent Centilutos:
    Key of the Sunken Dawn


    In the first two zones, you must fight mobs until each player has 2 Syca’s Frigid Scales and 2 Eggs of two different types.

    These make two items that summon a boss in the first two zones.

    With the parts from the first two bosses, you will make a key, Syca’s Contorted Tentacle.

    This key is then upgraded as you obtain another part from the third boss.

    Monster Item Drop (100% Chance)
    [Elvia] Egg of a Fearful Epoch
    [Elvia] Egg of an Arid Epoch
    [Elvia] Syca’s Frigid Scale
    Egg of a Fearful Epoch
    Egg of an Arid Epoch
    Syca’s Frigid Scale


    Sycrakea Monsters & Boss Strategy



    Lahtron is a round fish that creates an AOE that drains your character’s mana.

    Avoid this by moving out of the blue circle it creates.

    • “Broken” Lahtron appears in Syca’s Grave.
      • Making “Broken” Lahtron touch the Stellagia located in Syca’s Grave will deactivate the trap in Syca’s Throat for a certain period of time.




    Cartios is a giant scorpion with a long stinging tail.

    Look for the alert message, “Cartios seeks to recharge his power.”

    Cartios will stick his tail into the ground.

    Have everyone attack his seperate “Cartios Tail” when yellow energy flows up into his tail.

    Have everyone stop combat when the yellow energy turns green and flows back into the ground.


    Lykina is a winged floaty creature.

    Look for an alert message, “Lykina is trying to absorb power.”

    She will put herself in a blue bubble and become invulnerable.

    3 additional monsters will spawn inside blue bubbles around her.

    Kill the adds in time to disrupt her charge and make her vulnerable.

    The alert will say, “Lykina failed to absorb power. Failed to reassemble perfectly.”

    If your team does not kill the 3 bubbled monsters quickly, a large red circle will appear on the ground. Lykina will soon do massive damage to anyone caught in this red circle. You have maybe one second to exit the circle to avoid damage.

    The alert will say, “Lykina absorbed its power successfully.”

    Sycrakea Boss: Berurah

    Berurah is the squid boss inside Syca’s Scale that drops a key piece.

    He is summoned at a statue with Yolun Piece of Envy.

    Look for an alert, “Berurah begins to absorb some heat with its power stone.”

    Get aggro on a Pisces (ice fish) and kill it over the flames under 4 squid statues.

    Pisces <Cold-insulating>

    Berurah <Syca’s Avarice>

    There may be times during the battle with Berurah when you have to quickly move your character to avoid rapidly changing red zones that appear on the ground.

    Make sure all party members pick up Berurah’s loot!

    Syca’s Arid Tentacle

    Sycrakea Boss: Serpen

    Serpen is the boss inside Syca’s Grave that drops a key piece.

    He is summoned at a statue with Yolun Piece of Cruelty.

    Look for alert, “Serpen controls the device to create a power core.”

    At this time, move away and small towers called “Power Source” and destroy them.

    Look for alert, “The abyssal are reacting to the Serpen’s power source.”

    Pick up a Deep Sea Pearl. Serpen will turn to stone and become vulnerable, after he attacks you.

    Make sure all party members pick up his loot!

    Syca’s Burning Tentacle


    Sycrakea Boss: Apocros

    Apocros is the whale boss inside Syca’s Glare that drops a key piece.

    Hit the small round fish called Lahtron away from you so that there is Lahtron on each pillar.

    At 50% HP a smaller whale will spawn, which must be killed first. Repeat the mechanic with the Lahtron.

    When Apocros reaches 30% HP, start destroying the pillars.

    Make sure all party members pick up his loot!

    Yolun Dagger


    Sycrakea Boss: Maleficent Centilutos

    Maleficent Centilutos is the final boss of Sycrakea, located inside Syca’s Cradle.

    Details below.


    He gives the key required to obtain the final Sycrakea Reward.

    Key of the Sunken Dawn


    Final Boss Strategy

    Centilutos has a 20 minute timer to kill him. If you fail to kill him before then, he will go berserk and wipe the party.

    Fun times! 🙂

    Stack HP addons and know your HP skills. Watch your health, especially if you have to do a mechanic and move away from a mob and can’t use your HP regen skills. (Damage occurs everywhere during this battle.)


    TIP: Buy Medical Kits from the Sol Magia before starting.

    Medical Kits can be used on party members who have died to resurrect them.

    How to Use:

    1. Press {KeyBind:MouseCursorOnOff} near an unconscious adventurer.
    2. Press the ‘Use Item‘ ({KeyBind:Interaction}) interaction.
    3. Press {KeyBind:Attack2} the item to resurrect the player.

    Cooldown: 5 min

    ※ Does not restore lost EXP.


    Medical Kit

    Beware of Permanent CC Traps

    • There is a diamond shaped object that can appear above players heads.
    • Anyone near this object can get caught and will be unable to move or fight until a party member frees them.
    • Free a CC’d party member by destroying the object. Be sure to use skills with Super Armor when destroying it!
    • This mechanic makes it very important to NOT have everyone close together for too long unless it’s necessary.
    Sycrakea Final Boss Trap

    Power Supply Device

    Throughout the fight you can change the level of difficulty.

    You can lower Centilutos’ defense by increasing the power level. But this also increases his offense!

    • Level 1: use during mehanics phases
    • Level 2: default mode (good for most groups)
    • Level 3: use during DPS phases
    • Level 4: insta death in a cup anyone? 🙂

    Activate a level by standing on a platform until it flashes a light. (Takes about 2 seconds.)


    Sycrakea Final Boss Power Supply

    Rectangular Pillars

    Note the location of 2 large rectangular pillars on either side of the room.

    After you are vacuumed by Centilutos, run behind a pillar to avoid the next attack.

    Fish Phase

    At 90% HP, 6 Lahtron (round fish) will spawn inside bubbles.

    Run immediately to the bubbles to view any visual lighting effect. (This effect can’t be seen from far away.)

    Kill the 5 that flash a yellow light before they start moving toward Centilutos.

    Allow the 1 fish that doesn’t flash to reach Centilutos.

    Failure will result in party wipe unless you press V key at the right moment.

    Squid Phase

    At 80% HP many squid will spawn. The ones that glow yellow will drop “Berurah’s Power Stone”

    6 light beams will be connected to 6 diamond objects.

    Use the Power Stone (right click it) on the light beam that is a bit thicker than the others. The correct light beam also is connected to the diamond object with a watery effect underneath it.

    Assign one party member to find the correct light beam and to loot the Power Stone.

    Count Colors Phase

    At 70% HP, 5 different colors will flash from the wall toward Centilutos along the 6 bars on the ground.

    Assign one color to each party member to count how many times a color flashes.

    Each wall has colored doorway. Go to the doorway with the color that occured the most.

    Stay until you get a protective bubble for the next attack from the doorway.

    This mechanic occurs again at about 35% HP and has even more color flashes. (12 to 17)

    It’s important during this mechanic that DPS is maintained while you count colors.

    Memory Match Symbol Phase

    At 50% HP, memorize 3 symbols and their location on the ground.

    Sycrakea Final Boss Symbol

    They will light up each half of the room, next to the rectangular pillars you hid behind before.

    You must memorize the symbols because they disappear.

    Sycrakea Final Boss Pillar

    Stand on the symbol location on the floor that matches the symbols lighting up the nearby rectangular pillar.

    You will need to split into two groups to get both sides.

    The other side will have to match their pillar’s symbols.

    Scorpion Phase

    Alert Text: “Combat Readiness Level 2”

    At about 20% HP, two scorpoins will spawn. DPS them to 50% HP. At this time they will die. (They will appear again.)

    Spot Lights

    Alert Text: “Combat Readiness Level 3”

    Kill spot lights along the walls, on the ground.

    Sycakea Final Boss Spot Lights

    Sycrakea Death Penalty

    Playing Sycrakea in Elvia is more risky and more difficult for players. In fact, the patch notes “guarantee” Elvia players will die. *cries*

    And all this time I thought BDO developers were nice to us? 🙁


    Normal Elvia
    Atoraxxion: Sycrakea
    No penalty Penalty applied
    Final Boss (in Syca’s Cradle) No penalty No penalty


    • If you die during the final boss fight in Syca’s Cradle, you can’t resurrect until all party members are dead.
    • All mob drops will be removed once you defeat the final boss and leave Syca’s Paradise. (except for Corrupt Yolun Dagger and loot dropped from defeating the final boss) Syca’s Paradise is accessed after defeating the final boss.

    Sycrakea Challenge Reward

    There are two challenges that you can complete in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.

    • Limited to one per family for each challenge.
    • requires reconnecting your character after acquiring knowledge by defeating Maleficent Centilutos.
    Challenges  Objectives Rewards Server
    On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger! Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos and acquire the knowledge, “On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger” Sycrakea: Prottia Chest x2 Normal server
    Infested Centilutos Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos and acquire the knowledge, “Infested Centilutos” Sycrakea: Abyssal Chest x2 Elvia Realm server

    Sycrakea Knowledge

    Sycrakea has 140 knowledge topics. The following quests are rewards for obtaining Sycrakea Knowledge. Limited to once per family per quest.

    Quest NPC: inside Syca’s Scale – Sol Magia Exchange

    Sycrakea Knowledge Quest Rewards
    [Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Sycrakea I
    Learn 50+ Knowledge for Sycrakea
    Enchanted Scroll (+70)
    Vaha’s Dawn
    1,000 Contribution EXP
    Title: Wanderer of the Vast Sea
    [Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Sycrakea II
    Learn 130+ Knowledge for Sycrakea
    Enchanted Scroll (+130)
    Vaha’s Dawn
    1,000 Contribution EXP


    Atoraxxion: Sycrakea Knowledge is obtained by quests, puzzles, hidden objects, and fighting monsters. It’s highly desirable because it rewards high failstacks and two Vaha’s Dawn.


    Sycrakea Knowledge Topics

    You can obtain up to two Vaha’s Dawn via Sycrakea Knowledge.


    Press H Key:

    • Adventure Journal > Journal of Atoraxxion
      • Sycrakea Expedition Log I
      • Sycrakea Adventure Log II
      • Syca’s Thread


    • Ecology > Atoraxxion > Sycrakea
    • Character > People of Atoraxxion > Architect of Sycrakea
      • Syca’s Records – Childhood
      • Syca’s Records – Adolescence
    • Academic
      • Engineering of the Ancients II
      • Architecture of the Ancients II

    Sycrakea Puzzles

    Atoraxxion Sycrakea has a total of 7 puzzles that reward knowledge.

    5 puzzles are required in order to complete the main Sycrakea quest line and 2 are optional.

    The laser trap in Syca’s Throat has a puzzle you can complete to disable it. You must pass through the laser trap in Syca’s Throat to reach the final boss and obtain the chest.

    All but one puzzle can be completed in solo mode.


    Sycrakea Puzzle

    Sycrakea Party Matching

    Party Matching will place you in a party so you can complete Sycrakea.


    • ‘Normal” difficulty only
    • 220+ AP and 270+ DP

    How to do Atoraxxion Matchmaking:

    • ESC Menu > Community (F9) > “Atoraxxion Party Matching,”
    • or ESC Menu > Community (F9) > Find Party/Platoon” > “Party Matching”
    • In the UI you can choose which region to be matched in by pressing the “Party Matching” button.
      • Adventurers who selected the same region will be matched.
    • Once matching begins, you will be added to a party in queue or form a new party.
      • The Atoraxxion Party Matching function will match you with Adventurers in other servers as well.

    Solo Atoraxxion


    Copied Patch Notes below from:


    The Solo adventure mode is a “story mode,” where adventurers can complete the Atoraxxion main quests on their own and not necessarily in a party. Many adventurers provided us with feedback that they wished to play through the story at their own pace. We hope this update will be a great pleasure for those adventurers.

    Furthermore, the story that unfolds in Atoraxxion has a deep connection with Illezra, an important figure in Black Desert, so we recommend that all adventurers experience it for themselves.

    However, Atoraxxion was originally designed as a ‘co-op’ configuration through all its basic to advanced stages. So, quest completion rewards will only be obtainable through the “5-person Co-op” mode. Additionally, Solo mode is currently only available up to Vahmalkea and Sycrakea. It will be soon updated in Yolunakea once adventurers have played through the content to some extent.  

    • Added a “Solo” mode so players have the option to proceed with Atoraxxion’s main quests alone versus a party of 5.
      • You can begin your solo adventure by pressing the “Enter Solo Mode” button upon entering Atoraxxion via the Sol Magia at the Ancient Stone Chamber

    * Elements such as monsters and threads will be applied differently in the two modes: “Solo” and “Party of 5” so that all the Atoraxxion main quests can be completed accordingly. * Certain threads outside the main questline that require party members to unravel cannot be completed in Solo mode. 


    • All “[Co-op]” tags from Atoraxxion’s main quests and summaries have been removed with the addition of Solo mode.
      • Removed the [Co-op] text from quest names and summaries.
      • Updated certain quest summaries and dialog.


    • Added information regarding the surrounding terrain so they can be carried out more smoothly for the following Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea quests.
      • [Atoraxxion] Shattered Memory
      • [Atoraxxion] Unacceptable Imitation


    Solo Atoraxxion Disclaimer

    • Certain threads unrelated to the main questline will not be available for [Solo] Atoraxxion.
    • Items obtained from Atoraxxion are not compatible within the two modes: [Solo] and [Party of 5].
    • You cannot obtain certain knowledge via Atoraxxion on [Solo]. * The chance to learn certain knowledge by defeating monsters or the drop rate to obtain Circuit of Special Information items is lower in Solo mode compared to Co-op mode.


    Learnable Knowledge & Relevant Items Unavailable Knowledge & Relevant Items
    – Knowledge from the main questline
    – Knowledge from defeating monsters
    – Monster Knowledge from Circuit of Special Information items
    – Scholarly/Adventure Log-related Knowledge from the Field
    – Scroll of Dehkima’s Records obtained from defeating the last boss
    – Knowledge obtained from unraveling threads outside the main questline and requiring party members


    • [Solo] Atoraxxion content was designed to be soloable. Thus, completing this mode will not count for the weekly Atoraxxion quests that grant you rewards.
    • Depending on the Adventurer’s progress, the monster will spawn then vanish in [Solo] Atoraxxion content. → Therefore, when reentering during [Solo] Atoraxxion, interact with the object if the monster does not spawn. (Eg: When reentering [Solo] Atoraxxion after defeating Berurah and you cannot see the next area monster spawning, interact with Syca’s Eye: Berurah which summons Berurah to proceed with the next area.

    Sycrakea Screenshots

    These images are from the official NA patch notes and global lab patch notes. (Korean)


    Sources & Additional Info