Tag Characters allows you to link another character to your main character so that they travel together and optionally share gear and experience.


How To Tag Characters for Item Copy:

Complete a level 56+ quest line starting with “Marni’s Suspicious Device.” Find it in the Suggested quest tab (O key).

This is a Family quest for characters Lv. 56 or higher.


Item Copy Requirements:

  • Marni’s Unstable Fuel (10,000,000 Silver each at Old Moon Managers) or Marni’s Processed Fuel for 1k Pearls.
  • 200+ million silver cost per gear set copy: (Based upon the value of your weapons)

Tag Characters Benefits:

  1. Two tagged characters can share Combat and Skill EXP gains.
  2. Share your location with an Alt and explore your favorite hunting grounds with a different class.
  3. Down to zero Energy? Use Tag Characters to use an Alt’s Energy pool as well. You can continue gathering in the same location with no travel time.
  4. If a PVP player attacks, you can have your secret weapon (Ninja Alt) in your back pocket!
  5. Switch to a lvl 49 Alt to be safe from PVP.
  6. Switch to take a break, but still preserve a buff’s duration.
  7. Two characters can share the same gear.
  8. Try a new class before investing more. (For example, Weapon Exchange Coupons, etc.)

Tag Character

Tag Character is available to all but Season Characters. Both tagged characters must be level 7+. Copying gear requires a level 56+ questline.

BDO Tag Characters Button
  • To link two characters for the Tag system, both characters must be in the same town. Some villages like Kusha, Abun, Muiquun, etc. are excluded.
  • Tagged characters will always travel together and share their current location.
  • Emergency Tag:
    • Click RMB on the Tag icon to Emergency Tag characters.
    • A confirmation window will appear. Hit Enter.
    • The Cooldown for Emergency Tag and Emergency Escape are shared.
    • During Emergency Escape Cooldown, you can still Tag characters via the Character Selection window.
  • Tag Location Restrictions:
    • You cannot Tag during Altar of Blood, Pit of the Undying, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, Battle Arena, Savage Rift, Horse Race, or Node/Conquest War. You also cannot Tag in the Great Ocean or Great Desert.
  • A Tagged character cannot sell trade goods. (With patch 2-16-22, a Tagged character CAN use Imperial Delivery (packaged Cooking/Medicine Box delivery.)
  • Character Transport can’t be used on tagged Characters.
  • You can only have 2 tagged characters in one family.

How to Untag Characters

To untag characters so they stop sharing EXP, location, and all copied gear:

  • Return to the original town/city where you tagged the characters to untag them.
    • Pressing the Untag button will alert you.
  • Next, collect any stored exp by pressing the “Get Exp” button in the Tagging UI.
  • Click the “Untag” button.

WARNING: Untagging your characters will delete all copied gear from Item Copy.

Tagged Character Exp

Tag character allows you to copy combat and skill exp to another character.

The tagged character gains the same EXP points. This allows you to gain combat and skill EXP on two characters at the same time!

NOTE: Tag character is only available for non-Season characters.

Leveling with character A will accumulate the same amount of EXP gained to character B. (You can also level with character B and claim EXP gains on character A.)

How to Collect Tagged Exp:

  • Log into the alt tagged character in order to collect tag exp you obtained with your main character.
  • Open the “Tag Characters” window, and press the “Get EXP” button to claim the EXP gained by your main character and vice versa, if you gained exp with the alt character.
BDO Tag Exp

Only Exp from Combat is Copied!

  • Combat and Skill Exp gained via AFK Leveling with Training Dummies does not count.
  • Only EXP gained through PvE combat will be accumulated.

Special Rules for Level 49, 56, and 60 Tagged Characters:

  • When obtaining accumulated EXP, leveling up is temporarily halted at Lv. 49, 56, and 60. You will need to press the “Get EXP” again to level up with the accumulated EXP to the next threshold.
  • You will also need to complete the “[To Level 50!] Go Beyond Your Own Limits” quest through the Black Spirit (/) in order to level from Lv. 49 to Lv. 50.

Item Copy-Marni’s Suspicious Device

Item Copy opens a “Marni’s Suspicious Device” that allows you to copy gear from your main character to your tagged character.

Complete the [Marni’s Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal questline from the Black Spirit on a level 56+ character to open up the Item Copy function on a tagged character. Scroll down for details on the questline.

Item Copy for Tagged characters:

  • Copying items require “Marni’s Unstable Fuel“. The required number of “Marni’s Unstable Fuel” differs based on the market price of the main weapon, sub-weapon, awakening weapon.
    • The UI will tell you exactly how many Marni’s Unstable Fuel will be needed to copy your main character’s gear to your tagged character.
    • Purchase “Marni’s Unstable Fuel” at Old Moon Managers for 10 million silver each.
    • The minimum amount needed is 20 (200 million silver).
  • Armor, weapons, alchemy stones, artifacts, life clothes, life mastery gear, and life mastery tools can be copied to your tagged character.
    • See below for a list of items that can’t be copied.
  • Copied items are identical to the original item (including Caphras levels), but you cannot enhance or extract the copied item.
  • Socketed and branded items will only share the original item’s state at the initial point of transfer.
  • Items can only be copied when they are at full durability.
  • Shai’s talent weapon, the Sol, cannot be copied.
    • You can, however, replace the Sol with another class’ Awakening weapon. See below.
BDO Tag Characters Item Copy
marni's unstable fuel

Using Item Copy with Shai

Shai’s talent weapon, the Sol, cannot be copied, but you can use another class’ Awakening weapon in its place. Just have the Awakening weapon in shai’s inventory and click the + sign to choose it from your inventory.

Items that Can NOT be Copied:

  • Gear without full durability
  • Season-only gear
  • Converted Tuvala weapons from Season Graduation (Converted Tuvala defense gear can be copied.)
  • Naru gear
  • Main quest line gear
  • Gear available for a limited time
  • Gear rented with contribution points
  • Gear incompatible with Weapon Exchange Coupons
  • Shai Talent gear (Sol)
  • Life skill tools that can be equipped in weapon slots (fishing poles, floats)
  • Spirit alchemy stones
  • Class Specific Outfits such as Calpheon Noble Dress.


Clicking Untag will destroy all copied gear!!

Copied gear will be destroyed if you are killed as an Outlaw with 0 or negative Karma.

Use the Single Copy function if you have already copied gear to your tagged character and want to add something. This requires Marni’s Processed Fuel which is purchased from the Pearl Shop.

Item Copy and Single Copy can’t be used with a character that has Karma below 0.

Copied gear can NOT be removed from either of your tagged characters to put into storage or given to a different Alt.

Gear be stuck to ya! 🙂

Tag Characters Item Copy Cost – Marni’s Unstable Fuel

Buy Marni’s Unstable Fuel at Old Moon Manager NPCs. Each fuel costs 10 million silver.

  • The minimum cost to use Item Copy is Marni’s Unstable Fuel x20. (200 million silver)
  • The max number of Marni’s Unstable Fuel required for copying PEN (V) Blackstar gear will be fixed at 150. (Source: patch June 8, 2022, when the value of Blackstar was increased.)

Item Copy Cost Formula

Item Copy Cost = 1.5% of Central Market price of all weapons + Number of Caphras in all weapons * 21,500 Silver


Example Weapon Cost:

  • Full TRI weapons 1.5% of 3 billion silver = 45,000,000 silver = 5 fuels (NOTE: there is a 20 fuel minimum!)
  • Full TET weapons 1.5% of 5 billion silver = 75,000,000 % silver = 8 fuels (NOTE: there is a 20 fuel minimum!)
  • Full PEN weapons: 1.5% of 55 billion silver = 825,000,000 silver = 83 fuels


Marni’s Unstable Fuel

Silver Cost: 10,000,000 each

Purchase Marni’s Unstable Fuel at any <Old Moon Manager>.

Old Moon Manager Locations:

Old Moon Manager Location
Jak <Old Moon Manager> Altinova
Klau <Old Moon Manager> Veila
Lajee <Old Moon Manager> Calpheon City
Stee <Old Moon Manager> Heidel
Zya <Old Moon Manager> Grana
Taya <Old Moon Manager> Duvencrune
Sahin <Old Moon Manager> Valencia City
Mene <Old Moon Manager> O’draxxia
Ploux <Old Moon Manager> Eilton

<Old Moon Manager>
Location: major cities

Item Copy Questline

If you are level 56+, you can start the questline “Marni’s Suspicious Device.”

Quest Window (O) → Suggested → [ADV Support] [Lv. 56] Item Copy with Marni’s Device!

Complete the “[Marni’s Suspicious Device] Old Moon Shop” quest available from Lv. 56 through the Black Spirit (,) to unlock the Item Copy feature.

item copy marni device

1. – [Marni’s Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal

Travel to Abun in SE Mediah and talk to the following NPC:

After speaking to Shir Waklo, he will give you 9 puzzle pieces that you must put together in the correct order. See the image below:

BDO Character Tag Quest Puzzle

Click the plus sign to combine the pieces and then use the Chat button and select the third option:

BDO Character Tag Chat Answer



3. – [Marni’s Suspicious Device] Can’t Tell a Lie

Travel to Splashing Point and talk to the following NPC:


4. – [Marni’s Suspicious Device] Marni’s Junk?

Talk to the following NPC at Splashing Point:

Captain Moguly

6. – [Marni’s Suspicious Device] Old Moon Shop

Travel to Altinova and talk to the <Old Moon Manager> named Jak.


Marni’s Unstable Fuel

Silver Cost: 10,000,000 each

Purchase Marni’s Unstable Fuel at any <Old Moon Manager>.



Thanks PA team for the helpful images in this guide! (source)