Secret Caves are scattered throughout the world of Black Desert Online. Inside some of them you will find rare Truffle Mushrooms to gather.

Top image credit: thank you Navien(ShortVersionNavi) from the official photo gallery.

Why Truffle Mushrooms?

Truffle Mushrooms can be used to craft Guru Alchemy Boxes.


Recipes Using Truffle Mushroom:

Elixir of Detection – used to make Guru Alchemy Boxes.

Seafood Mushroom Salad – any mushroom can be substituted. Not recommended because it only makes Apprentice Cooking Box.


Truffle Mushrooms are usually rarely found on the marketplace and are worth good silver.

Price EachIn Stock
truffle mushroom1000000

Price and availability updated every 30 minutes.

Gathering Truffle Mushrooms

Truffle Mushrooms can be gathered with a hoe in underground locations.

Purchase a Firely at a General Goods Vendor so you can use it inside dark caves if needed.


Map Credits: Below you will find some maps created by the talented Pearl Abyss team that detailed where to find Truffle Mushrooms. (Source)

Thanks for sharing PA!


Secret Caves in Serendia Territory

Hidden Cave near Eastern Gateway Truffle Mushroom spawns: 7
Hidden Cave near Central Guard Camp Truffle Mushroom spawns: 8
Rock Cave near Moretti Plantation Truffle Mushroom spawns: 5
Cave near Alejandro Farm Truffle Mushroom spawns: 5
Cave near Watchtower Truffle Mushroom spawns: 10


Secret Caves in Calpheon Territory

Rock Cave near Phoniel’s Cabin Truffle Mushroom spawns: 5
Rhua Tree Stub Truffle Mushroom spawns: 5
Cave near Marie Cave Node Truffle Mushroom spawns: 4
Glutoni Cave Truffle Mushroom spawns: 10


Secret Caves in Mediah Territory

Small Cave near Hasrah Cliff River Truffle Mushroom spawns: 4
Stone Cave near Hasrah Ancient Ruins Truffle Mushroom spawns: 4


Truffle Mushrooms in Drieghan

Near Altar in Fountain of Origin Truffle Mushroom spawns: 8
River near Morning Fog Post Truffle Mushroom spawns: 12