Imperial Alchemy Delivery: Medicine Boxes

To begin Imperial Alchemy, open your Processing Window (L key). Select the Imperial Alchemy button (see pic on right), put in the stack of elixirs, and select START. It will automatically use the correct number of elixirs to create an Imperial Medicine Box.

Important Things to Keep In Mind:
  1. Imperial Crafting Delivery boxes weigh 10 LT.
    • Pay attention to your character’s available weight. If you become burdened while crafting the boxes, you will not be able to sell them to the Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC.
  2. The number of Boxes you can turn in each day is based on your Contribution Points divided by 2.
    • For example, if you have 250 Contribution Points, your daily box turn-ins would be 125.
    • The daily delivery quantity can be a mixture of Cooking and Alchemy boxes.
  3. Higher-grade versions of the same Elixir can be used as a substitute at a 1:3 ratio.
    • For example, although you need Resurrection Elixir x21 to make an Apprentice’s Medicine Box, you will only need Strong Resurrection Elixir x7 to make the same box.
    • The number of elixirs listed in the chart is for 1 Medicine Box.
    • Two different elixirs can not be combined into 1 Medicine Box.
  4. Silver Reward listed in the chart is the base amount. Silver Reward will increase a certain percentage based on your Alchemy Mastery Level.
    • Be sure to equip all Alchemy Mastery and Life Mastery gear and buffs (Seafood Cron Meal or Savory Steak) before handing in your Medicine Boxes.
  5. You can go to any Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC to find out the required alchemy products for crafting each box.
    • All Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC’s on each server share the same amount of turn-ins. As of the 11/20/2019 patch, there is no longer a 10 minute cooldown when switching servers or after logging in before you can interact with the Delivery NPC’s
Imperial Alchemy User Interface

Imperial Alchemy Chart for Medicine Boxes


Medicine Box Package One of the Following Items Reward for Box Delivery

Apprentice’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Apprentice 1 and up)

Resurrection Elixir x21

Elixir of Life x12

Elixir of Seal x12

Elixir of Energy x12

Elixir of Mentality x15

Elixir of Will x12

130,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1

Skilled Alchemist’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Skilled 1 and up)

EXP Elixir x21

Elixir of Shock x18

Elixir of Demihuman Hunt x18

Worker’s Elixir x24

Elixir of Human Hunt x21

Elixir of Resistance x12

200,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1

Professional’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Professional 1 and up)

Elixir of Fury x15

Fisher’s Elixir x15

Defense Elixir x15

Elixir of Wind x15

Elixir of Training x15

Elixir of Time x15

Weenie Elixir x15

300,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1

Artisan’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Artisan 1 and up)

Elixir of Swiftness x15

Elixir of Concentration x27

Looney Elixir x12

Elixir of Spells x15

Elixir of Amity x15

Elixir of Endurance x24

Elixir of Draining x18

Elixir of Labor x18

400,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1

Master’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Master 1 and up)

Elixir of Wings x27

Elixir of Assassination x15

Golden Hand Elixir x12

Helix Elixir x12

Marking Reagent x12

Elixir of Perforation x9

Elixir of Carnage x9

Elixir of Skill x9

Elixir of Mastery x9

Elixir of Destruction x9

Elixir of Persistence x9

Elixir of Brawn x9

550,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1

Guru’s Medicine Box

(For Alchemy Guru 1 and up)

Elixir of Death x9

Grim Reaper’s Elixir x9

Griffon’s Elixir x9

Elixir of Frenzy x9

Elixir of Sky x9

Elixir of Detection x9

Elixir of Armor x9

800,000 Silver

Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] x1


  • The old Imperial Crafting Delivery boxes can no longer be produced. However, if you already have some, you can still deliver them to an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC.
  • Check the cost of making an item and the cost of selling the item on the Marketplace, before deciding to do Imperial Alchemy. Many items make more silver via Marketplace. and are very helpful in determining if Imperial Alchemy is more profitable.


List of Imperial Crafting Delivery NPCs and Location Maps

Imperial Crafting Delivery Managers are located in all major cities. Please see their names and locations below.


Olvia: Lotz Pavarotti
Heidel: Pasvinder
Calpheon City: Bech
Altinova: Liff
Grana: Mizella
Duvencrune: Drexin
Eilton: Ganbaatar
O’Draxxia: Doxia
Valencia City: Shandi Yut