You can easily search and find lost items in BDO. Are you missing your PEN Kzarka and think you might have accidentally deleted it? Ack! Well never fear, search and even item recovery is here.


Deleted Item Recovery Details

To access the Item Recovery window, press I key then Left Click on the garbage can icon.

There are some limitations. Below is a copy and paste of the Patch Notes from Febuary 19, 2020.

  • Go to the Inventory (I) window and press LMB on the Throw away item icon to use the Item Restore feature.
  • Each family may use the Item Restore feature twice in a calendar month.
  • Items are only eligible for restoration for 30 days after deletion.
  • Only certain items can be restored.
  • Some items, such as items with an expiration date may not be eligible for restoration.
  • Your access to this service will reset on the 1st of each month. Any unused restorations will not be carried over into the new month.
  • If you wish to restore an item that is not available with this system, please contact customer support. However, restoration can not be guaranteed.
  • Items are only eligible for restoration for 30 days after deletion.
  • Only items of a blue grade or higher are eligible for restoration.
  • Item Restore subcategory was added to the Adventurer Support category in the New Menu.

Search and Find Lost Items

There is a search inside the game to find lost items.

Where does it search?

  • Items equipped by all characters in your family.
  • All character’s inventories.
  • Storage in every city.
  • Warehouse
  • Black Spirit’s Safe

Press Esc → Function (F8) → Find My Item.


bdo find my item

Find My Item also allows you to directly send items to your inventory.

If you have storage and marketplace maids, you can retrieve even from an alt character’s inventory. This saves you from having to log in an alt to obtain your items.

Retrieval of items stored in Black Spirit’s Safe does NOT use a maid.

NOTE: Equipped items cannot be retrieved.

find my item