Ravinia offers a 7 day quest series that’s beneficial for sailing and barter fans. The quests have a mix of challenge and RNG, but are definitely worth your while, if you like Great Ocean content. The quests are titled “Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log” (I to VII)


Ravinia’s Quest Line Benefits:

  • 1,000 Crow Coins
  • obtain half of many materials for upgrading Epheria Sailboat/Frigate to Epheria Caravel/Galleass
  • earn a large chunk of Sailing Exp (170k)
  • 2x Elixir of Regeneration to cure Sailing sickness
  • 20x Chowder to restore Sailor’s Condition

If you need help finding this elusive lady, she is hidden in a secret, mist shrouded cave on an invisible island…

Well, not really, but it can feel that way trying to find her. 🙂

Directionally challenged players like me can find a map to Ravinia at the bottom of this guide.

<Crow Coin Exchange>

Ravinia’s Quest Line Summary

Ravinia has a quest line of 7 quests. You can obtain one quest each day over 7 days. Each daily quest has two parts. The first part starts and ends at Ravinia. You visit a NPC and then return to her. The second part is random.

Ravinia Quest Line Quick Summary:

Ravina’s quests give special letters. These letters provide 1 quest scroll with the same name of the letter.

  1. Complete part 1 to talk to an NPC and return to obtain a letter from Ravinia
  2. Right click the letter from your inventory to accept the quest scroll item.
  3. Right click the quest scroll item to obtain a random quest. (This is the second part, which rewards the ship materials, Sailing exp, etc.)

Ravinia Quest Tips:

  • You can’t accept the quest if you have already accepted another quest from a letter.
  • The description on Ravinia’s letters say the quest is random, however the rewards will be the same for the quests selected by that item.
  • You don’t have to complete Ravinia’s quest provided by the item to receive the next day’s quest.
  • Quests are shared account wide. So you could potentially have an Alt help with some of the travel.

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Quest Details

Part 1 of each of Ravina’s quests, give a special letter, shown below. (From sailing to an NPC and then returning to Ravinia.)


Ravinia’s Quest Scrolls

The second part of each Ship Upgrade Log quest, is the random quest from the quest scroll.

Right click the letter to obtain a quest scroll in your inventory with the same name of the letter. Note that you do NOT have to complete this right away and you will still be able to pick up Ravinia’s next Ship Upgrade quest. Do NOT try to right click all your quest scrolls at once, if you have more than one! You must do one scroll, which gives one quest at a time.

Ravinia’s Random Quests

The first quest I got from Ravinia was to hunt 777 pirates on pirate island (Kuit Islands). I actually got this one three times I think.

The quests from the quest scrolls will be random. My sister’s first quest was to travel to a Barter NPC in Margoria. (She wasn’t thrilled about that one, with no compass! LOL!)

Day 1 and 4 of the Ship Upgrade Log has a good payout, if your goal is to obtain Caravel or Galleass mats!

Possible Quests:

  • Give 10x 10G Gold Bars to Ravinia (valued at 10 million Silver)
  • Barter 20 times
  • Bring 3 young sea monsters’ scales
  • Hand over blue-grade fish x1 and yellow-grade fish x1 to Ravinia
  • Sail to Miya at the Dancing Marlin tavern in Velia
  • Defeat 777 pirates (Kuit Islands)
  • Sail to Olcia Viano in Margoria

Ravinia’s Quest Line Rewards

WARNING: Don’t abandon any quests, or you can’t retake them!

Ravinia Quest Ravinia Letter Ravinia Quest Rewards

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log I

Objective: travel to Eye of Oquilla

 – Sailing Skill EXP (10000)

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log II

Objective: travel to Velia

 – Sailing Skill EXP (60000)

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log III

Objective: travel to Eye of Oquilla

 – Sailing Skill EXP (10000)
10 – Chowder

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log IV

Objective: Travel to Olvia

 – Sailing Skill EXP (10000)

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log V

Objective: travel to Eye of Oquilla

 – Sailing Skill EXP (60000)

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VI

Objective: travel to Iliya Island

 – Sailing Skill EXP (10000)
10 – Chowder

Ravinia’s Ship Upgrade Log VII

Objective: travel to Lema Island

– Sailing Skill EXP (10000)
1000 – Crow Coin

Ravinia’s Quest Line Class Choice

Ravinia’s quest line is only available ONCE per account. With the high Sailing Exp reward from this, choose your favorite character or the best Life Skill class to turn in the quests. (That’s Shai for many. She has the benefit of increased Weight Limit.) But you choose. Shai isn’t loved by everyone.

Corsairs get all the sailing love!

  • Corsair Passive Sailing Skills:
    • All big ship stats +1%
    • Underwater Breathing +20 seconds

Ravinia’s Location: Crow’s Nest Map

Ravinia is located inside a cave on Crow’s Nest in Ross Sea. Look for the entrance next to a dock on the SW side of the island.

There is no <Wharf Manger> on Crow’s Nest.

Crow’s Nest is located north and a little east of Tinberra Island. Start from Velia and sail far NE past Iliya Island.

Crow’s Nest is barely visible as a faded volcano-shaped island on the world map. This is because it is covered in map fog.

TIP: It helps to see Crow’s Nest better, if you angle your map in World Map view. (Press RMB and drag. This causes the map to rotate and you can look north from the side, instead of top down.)

Note that once you enter Ross Sea, your World Map disappears and the mini-map is of no help. Make sure you angle your ship in the correct direction from Tinberra Island. You will be able to see a silhouette of the island as you look out from your ship into the distant horizon. (As long as weather permits!)

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