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BDO Rulupee Travel Guide (Black Desert Online 2018)

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BDO Rulupee's Travel Guide

Hello All! Ready to travel the far reaching lands of Black Desert Online and earn a few trinkets along the way? In this guide on Rulupee's Travel, Cat will show us where to go and the loot we will obtain on our travels finding the elusive Rulupee...

HAPPY journeying!!

Cat's Rulupee Travel Guide - Balenos

Must be level 30+. You can only complete one zone or territory per day (aka daily server reset).

Talk to Rulupee

Balenos Zone

1st quest:

Talk to Rulupee to begin questline. Golden Toad Inn in Heidel.

Reward: 150 Contribution

Talk to Rulupee

The Most Peaceful Village: Olvia

Find Rulupee on roof of building. Building next door has a wood walkway.

Reward: 150 Contribution

The Most Peaceful VillageThe Most Peaceful Village

The Roof of the World: Olvia Mountains

Find Rulupee sitting on top of mountain.

Reward: 150 Contribution

A snow covered mountain
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The Wall Facing Another World: Olvia Coast

Find Rulupee in building near dock.

Reward: 150 Contribution

The Wall Facing Another World

Where Adventure Starts: The Western Guard Camp

Slay 50 Steel Imps, Turn in to Rulupee at Western Guard Camp

Reward: 150 Contribution

Where Adventure Starts

A Haven for the Elderly: Toscani Farm

Find Rulupee on roof of house.

Reward: 150 Contribution, 10 Corn

A Haven for the Elderly

The Place Where Nightmare Blooms: Bartali Farm

Find Rulupee on roof of house.

Reward: 150 Contribution, 10 Soft Bread

The Place Where Nightmare Blooms

Back to Golden Toad Inn I

Talk to Rulupee at Golden Toad Inn in Heidel

Reward: 150 Contribution, Rulupee's Lightweight Adventure Bag, Knowledge: Travel Journal: Balenos

*** Rulupee's Lightweight Adventure Bag ***

This daypack contains items handy for first time adventurers.
Right-click to obtain:

  • Black Stone (Weapon) x5
  • Black Stone (Armor) x5
  • Memory Fragment x5
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard x3

Back to Golden Toad Inn I

Congratulations on finishing Day 1 of Rulupee hide and seek. :) For Day 2, visit Cat's Rulupee Travel Guide: Serendia Day 2. (Must wait until server reset for Day 2.)

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BDO Rulupee Travels

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