Sea Monsters have a chance to drop precious materials used to upgrade our ships. If you hate to barter, but love sea monster hunting, then this is one possible way for you to upgrade your Frigate battle ship.

But how bad is the drop rate? Let us know in the comments below!

According to patch notes, the drop rates for ship materials was doubled for the following items:

Sea Monster Ship Upgrade Material

Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot

Brilliant Pearl Shard

Black Rust Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot
Nineshark Brilliant Pearl Shard


Ocean Stalker

Young Nineshark

Young Candidum

Young Black Rust

Pure Pearl Crystal

Bright Reef Piece

Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood

Luminous Cobalt Ingot

Great Ocean Dark Iron

Young Hekaru Cobalt Ingot
Young Ocean Stalker Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue


Source: Patch Notes – 26th February 2020