BDO Trade Crates are crafted from a recipe in workshop housing and used in the Trading Life Skill to make money. To begin, you will need to gather the required materials and place them in the city storage. You will then need to hire a worker and purchase the correct workshop housing with Contribution Points.


Workshop Housing:

  • Mineral Workshop
  • Wood Workshop
  • Crop Workshop
  • Fish Workshop
  • Mushroom Workshop
trading wood workshop

Trade Crate silver value in the table below is the base amount, but can be greatly increased by distance and bargain trade buffs.

Increase Trading Money:

  • Distance Buff: +113.85% for a popluar trade route from Grana to Valencia City
  • Bargain Bonus: +26% (Artisan 2 Trading skill level)

Player Opinion on Trade Crate Price Change

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Sources & Additional Info


  • Official Patch Notes detailing the increase in Trade Crate pricing
  • GrumpyG’s Trading Guides