Birdie has been busy exploring and writing down the repeatable Cooking quests available in the desert! This Weekly Arehaza Cooking Quest Guide will detail the quests available in Arehaza, Valencia. It should help you to determine all the ingredients you need, the quests, and if it’s even worth your time. Thanks Cat!

Arehaza’s Weekly Cooking Quests Worth it?

Is the Weekly Cooking Quest worth the pain of going to Arehaza?

The answer to that question is another question. How desperate are you for cooking experience and/or Mythril Ore?

Cooking Quests for Mythril Ore

Mythril is a very rare drop from hard sandstone nodes and a very rare proc from 2 Khalk Canyon nodes in Drieghan. Each subnode costs 5 contribution points, so it is very pricey. I purchased both Khalk Canyon nodes and only received 1 Mythril ore in 48-60 hours. That is a horrible proc rate! According to, Mythril is used to make pure Mythril crystals which are used in crafting Manos necklaces and the Old Moon Camping Anvil. As of the date of this guide, Mythril Ore itself is worth 40,000 silver each at the Marketplace on preorder. Mythril Ore has been capped by the marketplace at 40,000 silver for over 3 weeks. So, how badly do you want that Mythril?

Cooking Quests for Cooking Experience

The Weekly Cooking quest gives a higher percentage of Cooking experience for the lower level Professional Cooking than for the higher level Artisan and Master Cooking. I felt it was worth doing on my character at Professional 7 cooking. He was at around 13% of Professional 7 Cooking before starting any quests. He did the Weekly Cooking Questline and also the 3 extra cooking quests to make Coconut Cocktail from Luicy, Coconut Fried Fish from Sankamu, and Coconut Pasta from Buroma. Afterwards he was at 54% of Professional 7, so around 40% of Professional 7 for doing 4 questlines. ‘Also, I already had all the ingredients there that I needed because I’d done the questline on another character previously and put everything into the Arehaza storage.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend this weekly quest for Professional Cooks and those who need Mythril. However, I would not bother with it if I was already at Master Cooking and didn’t need Mythril. On my Artisan 9 Cook, this weekly quest seemed hardly worth doing for experience, but I still had fun as it was a new adventure and I love seeing/experiencing new things and places on the game. Also, I am hoping the rare Mythril will come in handy later in my adventures or increase in value in the future.

Starting the Arehaza Cooking Quests

Requirements for starting quest line: Level 56+, Cooking Skill at Professional 1+

Roroju is located in the tavern on the wharf in Arehaza Town on the east coast of Valencia. This is a weekly quest and can only be done once every 7 days. The quests and cooldown do not share between characters. If you have 3 characters with Master 3 Cooking Skill, all 3 can do the same quest once every 7 days.

The Weekly Cooking Questline can be found in your Quest Log under the Recurring Tab.

BDO Weekly Cooking Quest Line in Arehaza

Important Notes: PLAN AHEAD

  1. Roroju <Cook> sells the traditional vendor cooking ingredients and the 100 durability Cooking Utensil (1000 silver) and the 500 durability Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil (50,000 silver). All other cooking ingredients must be brought with you. Although Arehaza has a storage keeper, there is NO warehouse access, character transport, or storage transport in or out of Arehaza. It is very cut off from civilization. However, materials and ingredients can be accessed in Valencia City storage transport and warehouse access before you go to Arehaza.
  2. If you do not want to run your character across the desert, you can transport your character to Shakatu from a major city like Calpheon or Heidel, then transport from there to Ancado Inner Harbor, then transport or run south to Valencia City, then run east to Arehaza. Each character transport takes 1 hour.
  3. Roroju only gives the weekly quest your character is most qualified for.’ If your character has Artisan 7 cooking skill, your character will receive the [WEEKLY ARTISAN COOKING] UNFORGETTABLE COOKING II quest ONLY.
  4. If you want to finish the quest while in Arehaza, you will need to purchase a residence to cook in.
  5. The food/drink can’t be premade. You must accept the quest first. Sub-ingredients can be premade. For example: Makgeolli is a sub-ingredient for Fruit Wine and can be made before accepting the quest. Be sure to bring enough materials/ingredients for several batches as most of the weekly quests require you to make the rare proc of the recipe.
  6. Imperial cooking boxes will be given as a reward. They weigh 80 LT each, so be sure you have room for them or you will be overburdened.
  7. There are a few other nonrepeatable cooking quests in Arehaza that lead to Cooking XP. One cooking quest is given by <Fisher> Sankamu {Sankamu’s Secret Recipe} who is located on the docks. He will have you make Coconut Fried Fish. The other Cooking quests start with the {Palm Forest Boy} questline given by Yasum. The Palm Forest Boy questline must be completed before the other two Cooking quests will become available. Dudora Doriven <Chief>, located outside the tavern on the docks will then start you on the {Special Wine of Arehaza} questline. ‘<Wharf Manager> Luicy will have you make Coconut Cocktail. Do not pre-make any of the ingredients for Coconut Cocktail as Luicy will have you make the sub-ingredients during the questline. After you finish the {Special Wine of Arehaza} questline from Luicy, it will lead to another cooking questline from <Storage Keeper> Buroma {Buroma’s Recommendation} to make Coconut Pasta. If your Cooking skill is at Artisan 1 or higher, <Cook> Roroju will give you another quest {Special Arehaza Meal} to make a Special Arehaza Meal. If you have completed the previous three cooking questlines, you should already have Coconut Cocktail, Coconut Fried Fish, and Coconut Pasta, three of the dishes used to make the Arehaza Meal.

Prerequisite Quests

3 quests must be completed before being given the weekly cooking quest. Each character must complete all 3 non-repeatable quests. After completing the 3 prerequisite quests, Roroju will offer you the weekly cooking quest.

{Story of Becoming a Cook}:
  • Talk to Luicy, Wharf Manager in Arehaza
  • Reward: 120 CP
{Roroju’s Tavern}:
  • Talk to 3 customers sitting at tables outside the tavern, tall guy at the first table, old woman at the middle table, guy with big nose at the third table
  • Reward: 120 CP, 10 Apple, 10 Milk, 10 Pork
{Standard Cooking}:
  • Make 10 White Sauce, Make 10 Red Sauce
  • Reward: 300 CP, 5 Special Arehaza Meal
BDO Weekly Cooking Quest Line in Arehaza

Arehaza’s Repeatable Cooking Quest Line


Requirements: Cooking Professional 1-4, Level 56+

Make 5 Luscious Fruit Wine

Luscious Fruit Wine is a rare proc for the Fruit Wine Recipe. Ingredients: 5 Fruits + 1 Makgeolli + 2 Mineral Water + 3 Essence of Liquor

Makgeolli can be premade.

Makgeolli Ingredients: Essence of Liquor x1 + Grain Dough x3 + Mineral Water x5 + Leavening Agent x2

Reward: 20% XP of Professional 1 Cooking, Intermediate Cooking Utensil, 4 Professional’s Omelet Cooking Box, 50 Mythril Ore


Requirements: Cooking Professional 5-10, Level 56+

Make 5 Lean Meat Pie

Lean Meat Pie is a rare proc for the Meat Pie Recipe. Ingredients: 4 Meat + 6 Grain Dough + 2 Olive Oil + 2 Sugar

Reward: 20% XP of Professional 5 Cooking, Intermediate Cooking Utensil, 5 Professional’s Meat Pie Cooking Box, 80 Mythril Ore

BDO Weekly Cooking Quest Line in Arehaza


Requirements: Cooking Artisan 1-4, Level 56+

Make 5 High-Quality Cheese Pie

High-Quality Cheese Pie is a rare proc for the Cheese Pie Recipe. Ingredients: 7 Cheese + 3 Egg + 4 Grain Dough + 3 Butter

Reward: 15% XP of Artisan 1 Cooking, Intermediate Cooking Utensil, 4 Artisan’s Desert Dumpling Cooking Box, 110 Mythril Ore


Requirements: Cooking Artisan 5-10, Level 56+

Make 5 Crispy Honeycomb Cookie

Crispy Honeycomb Cookie, is a rare proc for the Honeycomb Cookie Recipe. Ingredients: Cooking Honey x6 + Grain Dough x4 + Milk x4 + Egg x2

Reward: 10% XP of Artisan 5 Cooking, Intermediate Cooking Utensil, 5 Artisan’s Cheese Gratin Cooking Box, 140 Mythril Ore

BDO Weekly Cooking Quest Line in Arehaza


Requirements: Cooking Master 1-4, Level 56+

Make 5 Special Calpheon Meal

Special Calpheon Meal is a rare proc for the recipe Calpheon Meal. Ingredients: 1 Milk Tea + 1 ‘Cheese Pie + 1 Meat Pasta + 2 Soft Bread + 1 Fish Fillet Salad

Reward: 5% XP of Cooking Master 1, ‘4 Master’s Milk Tea Cooking Box, 170 Mythril Ore, Choose One: Advanced Cooking Utensil or Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil


Requirements: Cooking Master 5+, Level 56+

Make 5 Margoria Seafood Meal

Ingredients: : 1 Butter-Roasted Lobster + 1 Jumbo Shrimp Salad + 1 Steamed Jumbo Shrimp + 1 Stir-fried Oyster + 2 Fruit Wine

Reward: 3% XP of Cooking Master 5, 4 Master’s Ham Sandwich Cooking Box, 200 Mythril Ore, Choose One: Advanced Cooking Utensil or Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil

Weekly Cooking Quest Quest Rewards
[Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I Professional 1 to 4 30040 4 50
[Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II Professional 5 to 10 59300 5 80
[Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I Artisan 1 to 4 161160 4 110
[Weekly Artisan Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II Artisan 5 to 10 245260 5 140
[Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I Master 1 to 4 376825 4 170 Select
[Weekly Master Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking II Master 5+ 350733 5 200 Select