With the 3/24/2021 Update, you’ll receive a Capotia Ring in your Challenge Rewards with your first level 58 character and a TRI Capotia Ring with your first level 62 character.

The AP and Accuracy on the base Capotia Ring is equal to a TRI Ring of Crescent Guardian. It can be enhanced further by using another Capotia Ring.

Since the addition of season servers, BDO has given away Capotia accessories as rewards for participating. They are rarely given as rewards during other Events.

With the revamping of the Loyalties shop in March 2021, adventurers can now purchase 1 Capotia Ring per Family with 48k loyalties.

Capotia Rings can also be manufactured by Level 61+ characters using Yona's Fragment Yona’s Fragments as the main ingredient. See recipe and ways to obtain Yona’s Fragments below.

  Capotia Ring

  • Base: AP 14 Accuracy 8
  • PRI: AP 14 Accuracy 9
  • DUO: AP 15 Accuracy 9
  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10



Capotia Ring Enhancement

  • Like other accessories, you enhance a Capotia Ring with another Capotia Ring.
  • If you fail to enhance a Capotia Ring, the main ring will not be destroyed, but the enhancement level will decrease and the max durability will decrease by 10. The secondary ring used for enhancement is destroyed, however.
  • Cron Stones cannot be used during Capotia enhancement.
  • Recover max durability by using another Capotia Ring or Yona’s Fragments.
  • Capotia Accessories do not have the same enhancement chances that other accessories have. A PRI Capotia Ring attempt at 2 failstacks has a 42% success chance. A PRI Ring of Crescent Guardian attempt at 2 failstacks has a 30% success chance.
  • A Pen Capotia Ring is equal to a TET Ring of Crescent Guardian.



Capotia Ring Enhancement Chances & Failstack

Enhancement Chances for Capotia Ring shows a slightly higher chance than normal blue and gold grade accessories.

A Failstack of 11 will produce an Enhancement Chance of about 70% to obtain PRI level.

A Failstack Chart for Capotia Ring would be helpful. Do you know of one? Please contact me.


Level Enhancement Chance Damage Accuracy Fail Durability Cost
Base 35.00 14 ~ 14 8 10
PRI 15.00 14 ~ 14 9 10
DUO 10.00 15 ~ 15 9 10
TRI 6.00 15 ~ 15 10 10
TET 2.00 16 ~ 16 10 10
PEN 17 ~ 17 10 10


Capotia Ring from Challenge Rewards

Capotia Ring can be earned by leveling your character.

Complete these challenges once per family.

  • Level 61: Capotia Ring
  • Level 62: TRI: Capotia Ring


Capotia Ring via Yona’s Fragments

To manufacture the Capotia Ring, you must be Level 61+.

There is no level restriction to wear the Capotia ring, only to manufacture it.

Use Processing (L) > Manufacture.

Captotia Ring Recipe

Capotia Accessory Recipe Materials Level
Capotia Ring



Yona’s Fragments via Mob Drops

Yona’s Fragments have a low chance of dropping from mobs in Valencia territory. The drop rate is normally 1 to 3 per hour.

Most hunting zones in Valencia drop Yona's Fragment Yona’s Fragment, which will allow you to create your own yellow grade accessories, including the Capotia Ring.

Yona’s Fragments via Quests

Yona’s Fragments can be obtained via quests in Valencia.

TOTAL: 24x Yona’s Fragments 

Yona’s Fragment Quest Valencia
Yona’s Fragment
Minuette’s Secret Mission #2 Aakman 1
Waltz’s Secret Mission #3 1
Serenade’s Secret Mission #3 2
Bolero’s Secret Mission #3 2
Kill the Seed Roud Sulfur Mine 1
You Should Be Setting Examples 1
Taming a Manager 2
Last Resort 2
Atui Balac’s Special Mission Hystria Ruins 1
Secret of Ancient Weapons 1
Secret of Ancient Devices 2
Rookie’s Role Model 2
Frenzy-infested Jail Pila Ku Jail 1
Corrupt Warders #1 1
Corrupt Warders #2 2
Eliminating Hidden Threat to the Kingdom 2


Yona’s Fragments via Heating


Processing > Heating
Yona’s Fragment
Forest Ronaros Ring 2-4
Ring of Cadry Guardian 3-5
Cicil’s Necklac 3-5
Basilisk’s Belt 3-5
Ring of Crescent Guardian 3-5
Serap’s Necklac 3-5
Centarus Belt 5-7
Narc Ear Accessory 5-7
Eye of the Ruins Ring 5-7
Ogre Ring 7-9
Laytenn’s Power Stone 7-9
Tungrad Earring 7-9
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt 7-9
Orkinrad’s Belt 7-9
Tungrad Necklace 9-11
Black Distortion Earring 9-11
Tungrad Ring 9-11
Tungrad Belt 9-11



Ossa Dilla
<Arms Dealer>

Certain accessories can be heated to obtain Yona’s Fragments, but you must have the knowledge [Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating Method].


Learn knowledge of [Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating Method] from the Arms Dealer, Ossa Dilla in Valencia City. (Costs 30 Energy to learn Knowledge.)

Many of the accessories that you can heat are dropped from mobs in Valencia.

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