Celestial Horse Calling Horn is an upgraded Trainer’s Flute, without the distance restriction.

Trainer’s Flute has a horse summon range of 500. With a Celestial Horn, you can summon your horse, no matter how far away it is.


Celestial Horn Step by Step:

  1. Gather Materials for exchange. (see item list below)
  2. Complete quest, “Celestial Horse Calling Horn”, from Erfianso at Atanis Pond, Kamasylvia
  3. Exchange items to obtain 1 or 2 Atanis Confection (get 2 with higher Training level)
  4. Repeat exchange quests daily until you obtain 30 Atanis Confection
  5. Pick up one time per family quest, “Celestial Horse’s Tears” from Erfianso to give Atanis Confection x30 to Krogdalo’s Trace.
  6. Use Manufacture from the Processing window (L) on Celestial Horse’s Tears x1 and Trainer’s Flute (Permanent) x1 to craft a Celestial Horse Calling Horn (Permanent) x1.

Erfianso <Blessing of Atanis>
Location: Atanis Pond, Kamasylvia

NOTE: you will need Trainer’s Flute (Permanent), which is only available in the Pearl Shop. (1500 Pearls) Or you can skip the quest line and purchase the Celestial Horn directly for 2250 Pearls.


Celestial Horn Daily Quests

The Daily quests for Celestial Horse Calling Horn give more if you have Artisan 1 Training level. For Artisan Trainers, you get 2 Atanis Confection instead of 1.

Daily Quest resets at midnight and is available once per family per day.

Daily Quest Atanis Confection
Quest Requirement
[Daily] Atanis Confection
requires Artisan 1 Training
 2 Exchange ALL below per quest to Erfianso:
Sweet Honey Wine x1
Oil of Fortitude x10
Fruit of Nature x30
Energy Potion (Extra Large) x1
[Daily] Atanis Confection 1



Celestial Horn Quest Pre-Quest

To obtain the repeatable exchange quests, travel to Kamasylvia and visit Erfianso at the Atanis Pond connection node.

Atanis Pond is located NE of Old Wisdom Tree and south of Behr, Calpheon.

Pick up a quest from Erfianso called, “Celestial Horse Calling Horn” It is a simple quest to talk with her.

This will open up the repeatable [Daily] exchange quests for the items detailed above.

  • NOTE: You may want to gather the required exchange items before taking off to Kama
  • Exchange items are usually available for purchase at the Markeplace.
Erfianso Map

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Give Atanis Confection

Pick up the quest, “Celestial Horse’s Tears”, from Erfianso at Atanis Pond.

She will have you take 30 Atanis Confection to Krogdalo’s Trace <Node Management> .

Krogdalo’s Trace connection node is located in the western part of Kamasylvia, NW of Grana.


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Krogdalo's Trace Location Map


Celestial Horse Calling Horn Manufacture

Purchase a Trainer’s Flute (Permanent) x1 from the Pearl Shop (F3). Full price is 1500 Pearls.

You will obtain a Celestial Horse’s Tears from the final quest. Then process the following recipe:

Manufacture (L):

Celestial Horse’s Tears x1
+  Trainer’s Flute (Permanent) x1                         
=  Celestial Horse Calling Horn (Permanent) x1


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can do this quest for Celestial Horse’s Tears only once per family.


Celestial Horn Restrictions

  • Can’t use in places you can’t have mounts
    • Red Battlefield
    • Battle Arena
    • Team Battle
    • Aakman Temple
    • Hystria Ruins
    • Old Moon Grand Prix
  • Can’t summon a horse with Trade items in its inventory
  • Can’t share with family. (Bound to character)
  • Can’t be used on wagons or boats, but can be used on donkey, horse, camel, or miniature elephant



Celestial Horn Official Patch Notes

Source: official patch notes


It is said that Celestial Horse’s Tears can be found in Krogdalo’s Trace. Celestial Horse’s Tears are resplendent embodiments of the sorrow and yearning roared about by Krogdalo when the three Krogdalo children Arduanatt, Diné, and Doom left Kamasylvia.

– You can get Celestial Horse Calling Horn by processing (L) Trainer’s Flute (Permanent) and Celestial Horse’s Tears.
– Celestial Horse Calling Horn is imbued with the roar of Krogdalo, and can summon horses at any location, with a few exceptions.
– You cannot use Celestial Horse Calling Horn in locations where you cannot summon mounts.


Examples of Areas Where You Cannot Summon Mounts
Red Battlefield, Battle Arena, Team Battle, Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins, Old Moon Grand Prix, etc.


– Celestial Horse Calling Horn is a character-bound item.
– Celestial Horse Calling Horn cannot be used if the mount you are summoning is carrying Trade items.
– Added a daily quest that resets at midnight and a quest available once per family that rewards you with Celestial Horse’s Tears.


Quest Name Quest Acceptance Requirements Quest Objectives Reward(s)
Celestial Horse Calling Horn None Talk to Erfianso Contribution EXP
[Daily] Atanis Confection Must be under Training Level Artisan 1

Hand over Sweet Honey Wine x1

Oil of Fortitude x10

Fruit of Nature x30

Energy Potion (Extra Large) x1

Contribution EXP

Atanis Confection x1

[Daily] Atanis Confection Must be over Training Level Artisan 1

Hand over Sweet Honey Wine x1

Oil of Fortitude x10

Fruit of Nature x30

Energy Potion (Extra Large) x1

Contribution EXP

Atanis Confection x2

Celestial Horse’s Tears Talk to Erfianso with Atanis Confection x30 in your inventory Place Atanis Confection in Krogdalo’s Trace Celestial Horse’s Tear x1


– Erfianso, the node manager of Atanis Pond, values the bond between Adventurers and horses. In the [Daily] Atanis Confection quests, she will reward more Atanis Confections to Adventurers with more training experience.

– You can choose one of the two [Daily] Atanis Confection quests according to your training level, and you may only complete one.


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