BDO Workers are NPC characters you can hire that will help you progress in game.

Worker Benefits:

  • gather materials from nodes, saving you time gathering manually
  • build items in workshops, such as gear, ships, horse gear, furniture, trade crates, and more
  • level, promote, and fire workers
  • train and exchange helpful skills that cater to your game goals
  • tend your farms for you by pruning and killing insects, so that plants grow faster
  • choose fast workers that require more feeding and maintainence, or less powerful, but more slow and easy

Workers are a huge benefit to players because they are mostly a passive way to get materials and gear.

Passive AFK Income:

Workers require periodic feeding and management, but the rewards are well worth the time and cost. They work in the background making you money, while you play the game or sleep/work.

BDO Worker: Artisan Human



Worker Requirements

Start hiring workers as soon as you enter Velia. You get 1 free Worker Lodging per city <Work Supervisor>.

Find a <Work Supervisor> by using your Find NPC button on the top right of your screen.

When you have enough Contribution from questing, you can invest in a node that can help you feed your worker. (Or purchase worker food on the Marketplace.)

Worker Management:

Access the “All Worker List” window by clicking the Pickaxe icon in the user interface.

BDO Worker List Button

You will need more Worker Lodging, if you would like more workers in Velia.

BDO Worker: Find Work Supervisor NPC


BDO Workers

There are 9 different worker races. Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are only obtainable in a specific region.



Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★★
● Movement Speed: ★★★
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★☆☆

Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★☆
● Movement Speed: ★☆☆
● Luck: ★★★
● Stamina: ★★☆

Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★☆☆
● Movement Speed: ★☆☆
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★★★


—- Land of Morning Light Workers —-


Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★★
● Movement Speed: ★★★
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★☆☆

Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★☆
● Movement Speed: ★☆☆
● Luck: ★★★
● Stamina: ★★☆

Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★☆☆
● Movement Speed: ★☆☆
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★★★



——— Kamasylvia Workers ———


Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★★
● Movement Speed: ★★★
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★☆☆

Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★☆
● Movement Speed: ★☆☆
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★★★



——— O’dyllita Worker (Humans & Giants also) ———


Stats Overview
● Work Speed: ★★★
● Movement Speed: ★★★
● Luck: ★☆☆
● Stamina: ★☆☆


Worker Stats: Speed, Luck, & Stamina

Work Speed:

Work Speed is an important stat because this number determines if a job can be done in 1 tick or more. 1 tick is equal to 10 minutes (Crates are 5 minutes). Work Speed stat is heavily reliant on the node’s Workload however, so you have to pay close attention to the node detail window visible before you give a work command.

Basically, you are trying to cover the node’s Workload with your worker’s Work Speed. If a node’s Workload is 200, and a worker’s Work Speed is 100, then he will do the job in 2 ticks (20 minutes) plus the distance calculation.

  • Work Time = roundup(Workload/Workspeed)*10
  • When Workspeed equals or is higher than Workload = 10 minute job completion
  • When Workspeed is between 50% and 99% of the Workload = 20 minute job completion
  • When Workspeed is between 33% and 49% of the Workload = 30 minute job completion


  • Worst Work Speed: Shellfolk, Giant, Fadus.
  • Best Work Speed: Goblin, Papu, Dokkebi, Dwarf.

Movement Speed:

Movement Time = Distance/Movement speed * 2

Speed is important for nodes located far away. It’s added after the ticks are counted. For closer nodes, you can use slower moving workers if that’s all you have left.

  • Worst Movement Speed: Shellfolk, Giant, Fadus.
  • Best Movement Speed: Goblin, Papu, Dokkebi, Dwarf.


Stamina (aka Action Points):

Allows workers to work for longer periods without being fed. 1 job uses up 1 Stamina.

Stamina isn’t so important if you have plenty of family inventory, which allows you to auto-feed workers.

BDO Worker: Hire a Professional Giant

Worker Luck:

Luck gives a better chance for obtaining a greater quantity of goods from nodes. Luck also improves your chances of having that worker obtain the rares from a node. For example, Red Tree Lump is often a rare from timber nodes.

Luck Improvements:

In patch May 31 2023, the Luck stat got some major changes.

  • Humans were given a +3 boost to Luck.
  • Luck procs give lucky sacks with rare goodies.
  • Two nodes give special luck proc rewards.

Two specific nodes have special luck rewards:

Special Luck Rewards

Node: Erdal →
Silk Thread

Node: Zvier Highlands →
Cooking Honey


Node Type Worker Luck Reward

Some Farmer’s Sack:

Use to obtain Fruit of Crimson Flame, Abundance, Nature, Sun, Enchantment, Magic Power, Perfection, or Destruction x1

Lumbering Spirit’s Leaf, Old Tree Bark, Monk’s Branch, Bloody Tree Knot, Red Tree Lump

Some Miner’s Sack:

Use to obtain Rough Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Diamond, or Opal x1


Some Archaeologist’s Sack:

Use to obtain Trace of Chaos, Despair, Wave, Earth, Ascension, Savagery, Origin,  Battle, Forest, Violence, Death, or Memory x1

Fish Drying

Coral Piece, Some Fisher’s Sack:

Use to obtain Green, Gold, White, Red, or Blue Coral x1


Lucky Sacks

Some Farmer’s Sack

Some Fisherman’s Sack

Some Miner’s Sack

Some Archaeologist’s Sack



Worker's Lucky Sack Miner's
Worker Lucky Sack Fisherman's

Worker Ranks (Grade or Tiers)

Workers have 5 different grades that show us their rarity and strength. Worker grades are shown by the color of their name. In BDO, the best worker grade of Artisan is colored orange/red.

  1. Artisan – the best worker tier and most difficult to obtain. Keep this fella if you get lucky on seeing one! Normally you have to go through the Promotion process to get an Artisan worker. You can sometimes get lucky at the Worker Exchange. (Work Supervisor’s Worker Exchange button). Reportedly, it takes about 1.8k energy (360 rolls) to obtain one. (less than 1% chance.)
  2. Professional – more common than Artisan, but still requires a very lucky roll. I like to roll new workers at the Work Supervisor until I get at least this grade. (Last try cost me 1040 energy, but then got the next one with 100 energy. RNG!)
  3. Skilled – try not to hire anyone below this grade. Skilled grade is where you really start to see big improvement in worker stats at level 30. Skilled workers and above can be sold at the Work Supervisor. (Click Worker Exchange then Register.)
  4. Normal – most common tier, but has significantly lower stats than Skilled workers. Until you gain more Knowledge, which increases your energy, you might have to settle for this at first. You can also check out our guide on Professional Amity Workers, which are low cost, but not a long term option.
  5. Naive – poor stats! Click View Another button.
worker grades

Artisan Chances?
So how many times do you have to roll to get an Artisan?!
For the lucky few: 1 time.
For the rest of us…


9176 Worker Rolls from 2 players…

  • Naive Workers: 1326 (14.45%)
  • Normal Workers: 6403 (69.77%)
  • Skilled Workers: 1286 (14.01%)
  • Professional Workers: 137 (1.49%)
  • Artisan Workers: 124 (0.26%)

Ryu and Yollar!
Two generous BDO players (ryu1313 and Yollar) posted their dogged attempts to attain the unattainable… the rare Artisan worker. They posted their findings to Reddit, which helps us see the chances that you might get a particular tier. View the Reddit post.


Increased Probability of Hiring Professional/Skilled workers

UPDATE from patch notes 2-22-23:

The probability of workers appearing in each city and village upon hiring a worker via Work Supervisor NPC has been adjusted for each level.

  • Increased the probability of professional level workers appearing by approximately 2 times.
  • Increased the probability of skilled level workers appearing by appoximately 1.4 times.
  • With the increased probability of professional and skilled workers appearing, the probability of normal level workers appearing has been reduced.
  • Unified the appearing probability of same level workers (Giant, Human, Goblin, etc.) to be equal.

However, the appearing probability of workers hired via Work Supervisor NPC of Old Wisdom per level remain the same.



Goblin Worker Stats (Level 1)

Grade Work Speed Movement Speed Luck Stamina
Skilled 65 4 5 8
Professional 90 4.5 5.5 10
Artisan 115 5 6 15

Work speed growth per level 0.1 ~ 1.39
Movement Speed growth per level 0.1 ~ 0.25
Luck growth per level 0.05 ~ 0.3


Look at that handsome blue grade goblin! Unfortunately, I had to pass on him, because I only hire Professionals!

BDO Worker: Hire a Skilled Goblin

Worker Skills

Worker Skills can greatly influce a workers performance. With the correct skills, you can potentially turn a 20 minute job into a 10 minute job.

Workers Gain 1 skill per 5 levels:

  • 1 Skill at Level 1
  • 2 Skills at Level 5
  • 3 Skills at Level 10
  • 4 Skills at Level 15
  • 5 Skills at Level 20
  • 6 Skills at Level 25
  • 7 Skills at Level 30
  • 8 Skills at Level 35
  • 9 Skills at Level 40
  • Permanent Delivery Skill at level 40

    TOTAL SKILLS: 10  (Named Amity workers have 1 extra skill.)

    A skill can be swapped out periodically, after your worker reaches level 30. This costs 20% worker exp and you are given a random skill in exchange.

    To learn more, please visit our Worker Skills list, with filter and sort capability.

    Worker Skills help the worker with Movement Speed, Work Speed, and have other special abillities that can really help you speed up work time.


    Worker Skill Example:

    The image below is a good example of how worker skills make a difference. Look at the node info window and you can see that it shows a Workspeed of 151. This is the Workpeed of the Goblin with his worker skills applied. The Goblin’s base Workspeed is shown as 143 and it is not enough to cover the node’s full Workload of 298. But with his skills, he is able to trim off 10 minutes. Without his skills, the job would have taken another tick for him to complete. (or 39 minutes)

    BDO Worker: Artisian Goblin & Node Work Info



    Worker Promotion

    Workers earn a promotion chance every 10 levels.

    Promotion chances do stack, but there isn’t any benefit to stacking them and waiting for workers to level. Since patch May 25, 2023 worker level no longer improves a worker’s promotion chance.

    To learn more about gaining ranks and leveling workers, please view our Worker Promotion & Rank Guide.


    BDO Worker Promotion



    Worker Stamina & Worker Food

    Workers use one stamina per work cycle.

    If you have many low tier and low Stamina goblins, this can keep you busy feeding workers throughout the day, unless you have auto feed enabled. For example, you have to feed a Skilled Goblin every 40 minutes, if they are on quick 5 minute crafting jobs in town. They only have 8 stamina.

    A Skilled Giant, however, has the most Stamina and would last 125 hours on 5 minute jobs because he has 25 Stamina. As you can see, Giants are Stamina kings, but their workspeed and movement is slower.

    • Beer and Grilled Bird Meat are the cheapest to make.
    • Beer replenishes 2 Stamina, and Grilled Bird Meat replenishes 3 Stamina.

    Please visit this Beer Guide, for more details making these foods, with a step by step how-to.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: You can auto feed workers for many hours, depending on the weight limit of your family inventory.


    Beer Recipe

    5x Grain
    6x Mineral Water
    1x Sugar
    2x Leavening Agent



    Grilled Bird Meat

    2x Chicken Meat
    6x Deep Frying Oil
    2x Cooking Wine
    1x Salt


    Auto Feed Workers

    One of the great benefits of Family Inventory is it allows you to automatically feed workers to recover their stamina.

    Activate this feature by pressing the Recover All button from the Worker list.

    The automatic recovery feature prioritizes the workers’ stamina when it reaches 3 and by the sorting order of recovery items within the Family inventory.

    A notification will display when there are no worker recovery items in your Family Inventory.

    Image Source: patch notes

    bdo family inventory worker food
    bdo worker food auto recovery

    Best Worker

    Goblins, Papu, Dokkebi, and Dwarf truly excel at working on your nodes, especially if they are far away from town. In my work on the BDO Node Investment Calculator, I discovered that Goblins and Papu always produce more.

    Often times this means they produce in less time, what a Human can produce. This amount is usually like 10 minutes, but for other nodes it can make a much bigger difference.

    I always use a goblin on my excavation nodes. Their work loads are so long that every other slow worker can’t compete.

    Luck has seen recent improvements and I’m unsure yet how this will impact workers. Studies done and published by Balzor and other players in the past concluded that a Human’s high Luck can’t outpace Goblin/Papu/Dwarf Movement Speed and Workspeed except if the node is very close to the town. View Balzor’s Worker Guide


    Choosing the Best Worker:

    • Giants, Fadus, Shellfolk: highest Stamina (less feedings), but slow speed
      • Unique Talent: Production Increase obtains an additional 68.4% of the basic harvest amount when harvesting at production nodes.
      • Use if you don’t have good Family Inventory.
      • Use if you frequently forget to feed the workers you have.
      • Use if you frequently have to work in real life.
      • Use if you don’t like checking your workers more than once a day.
      • Use on close nodes with low workload.
      • Works very well on timber nodes.
      • Use if the node distance isn’t too great and the Workload isn’t high.
    • Goblin, Papu, Dwarf, Dokkebi: best speed, but more feedings
      • Use if you have plenty of Family Inventory and use Auto Feeding.
      • Use if you play often night and day.
      • Use if real life doesn’t prevent you from logging in to feed workers.
      • Use if you don’t mind keeping an eye on workers and possibly having to log in an Alt to feed them.
      • Use on excavation nodes.
    • Human, Dolswe: middle ground
      • Greatest Luck of all workers. (Get more lucky sacks with rare goods.)
      • Lower speed than goblin, and lower Stamina and production than giant.
      • For some nodes, it makes little work time difference between a Goblin & Human.
      • Use if you are having trouble finding those hard to obtain and rare items in lucky sacks.
    BDO Worker Artisan Giant

    It’s important to consider your play style and Family Inventory when choosing workers. Do you AFK for long periods and don’t have good Family Inventory? Then Giants, Shellfolk, and Fadus are the best. Are you constantly at the keyboard, ready to check your worker’s Stamina when they tucker out? Then Goblin, Dokkebi, or Papu is often the best man! ..err I mean species!

    Humans are a sort of middle ground. I often use Humans when smaller cuts in Work Speed don’t make a big difference. (where it takes a few minutes more per work cycle.) If you visit our BDO Node Investment Calculator, you will see that many nodes have a default worker selection of Human because the decrease in silver value was small enough for my play style.