The Eternal Winter zone, released on 4/6/22, introduced BDO players to a network of nodes and sub-nodes. Click on the maps below to see how the new nodes in Eternal Winter (Everfrost) are connected to each other. Use the table to see how many Contribution Points each node and sub-node costs and plan your new node empire in the chilly winter-land of ferocious frost beasts and frostbites!

But don’t worry! You can chase that nasty chill away by sipping hot teas made from Citron fruit and Mesima mushrooms. Consider investing in the Citron Orchard node and the Pilgrim’s End node for Mesima mushrooms.

Mountain of Eternal Winter Everfrost Map: North

Nodes & CP Costs north of Eilton into Duvencrune.

Node Tree from O’draxxia to Murrowak’s Labyrinth.

Mountain of Eternal Winter Everfrost Map

Nodes & CP Costs south of Eilton.

Nodes and Contribution Cost in Mountain of Eternal Winter Zone

There are several new materials in the Eternal Winter zone, including mushrooms for cooking and alchemy, ice for making Fruit Sherbet, and Snowfield Cedar timber for crafting new furniture for residences and manors. The table below shows each Eternal Winter node, it’s Contribution Point (CP) cost, the production subnodes, and their Contribution Point cost.

Hiring Workers in Eternal Winter

If you’re looking for cheap, unskilled laborers to work your new nodes in Everfrost, you’ll have to look elsewhere!  I suspect the Sherekhans are enslaving the naive fools and forcing them to work in their dark iron mine without beer! So, be smart and insist that Montene, the Work Supervisor of Eilton, microchip your workers.

Only skilled workers or better can be hired in Eilton City and most of them are human. Come prepared with loads of energy if you’re in search of the ever elusive professional or artisan worker. 

Worker Lodging in Eilton

A total of 7 workers can be lodged in Eilton City and 4 workers in Camp Balacs. The tables below show the available lodging and storage for each house in Eilton and Camp Balacs and their Contribution Point (CP) cost.

House CP cost Lodging Storage
Eilton 1 2 0 16
Eilton 2 2 1 16
Eilton 3 3 0 16
Eilton 4 4 2 16
Eilton 5 5 4 16
House CP cost Lodging Storage
Balacs 1 3 2 16
Balacs 2 3 2 16

Each house in Eilton also has 16 available storage slots, so if you purchase all possible lodging in Eilton, you can still have an extra 32 storage from Eilton House 1 and Eilton House 3. A total of 16 Contribution Points would be required to puchase all houses currently available in Eilton. Then, if you’re desperate for extra storage or lodging you can buy up the 2 available houses in Camp Balacs.

Thanks to the AWESOME BDO player below for tipping us to the available houses in Camp Balacs!