Groovekebi is a “grooving Dokkebi” NPC located in Land of the Morning Light. Find all 5 Groovekebi at night to complete volume 9 of “The Eyes of Adventure” within the Adventure Log Bookshelf.

This guide details the locations of all 5 grooving Dokkebi to obtain 5 different knowledges (Dokkebi in Hiding) for volume 9 of The Eyes of Adventure – Dokkebi’s Hobbies.


Volume 9 Requirements:

  • Eyes of Adventure volumes 5 through 8 completed.


Adventure Log Basics:

  • View LoML Adventure Log Menu: press Esc → Adventure → Adventure Log Bookshelf → The Eyes of Adventure → Volume 9
  • When The Eyes of Adventure → Volume 9 page is completed, it will receive a sparkly highlight. Click it to receive your reward.
  • A completion stamp will cover the reward, if you have already received it.
  • Groovekebi knowledge can be completed in any order within Volume 9.

———— The Eyes of Adventure Reward TOTALS (Volumes 1 to 9) ———–

  • LoML housing furniture x20
  • Family Wide Character Stats:
    • +300 Max Stamina
    • +100 Max HP
    • +1 All DP
    • +2 Max Energy
  • 3x Artisan Dokkebi Worker (1 for each village)
  • 800x Sangpyeong Coins (LoML currency)
  • LoML Crafting Materials:
    • Mysterious Powder x100 (craft LoML furniture, Marni Sniper Rifle, Miraculous Herbal Medicine, and Miracle-Imbued Stone)
    • Forest Crystal x1 (need 1 to make 1 Life Skill Crystal)
    • Crystal of Harmony x1 (need 1 to make 1 Ultimate Combined Magic Crystal)
  • LoML Consumables:
    • Miraculous Nourishing Soup x2
    • Miraculous Tteokguk x2
    • Iridescent Maehwa Liquor x2
    • Miraculous Herbal Medicine x2


Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi

Find a total of 5 hidden Groovekebi throughout Land of Morning Light.

Goal: Look for a grooving Dokkebi


  • Page 1: Artisan Dokkebi Worker (Dalbeol Village)
  • Page 2: Artisan Dokkebi Worker (Moodle Village)
  • Page 3: Artisan Dokkebi Worker (Byeot County)
  • Page 4: Max HP +50 (Family-wide)
  • Page 5: All DP +1 (Family-wide)

+1 Max Energy for all 5

Groovekebi have a blue glow-in-the-dark color.

groovekebi dancing

Nightime Groovekebi Window

In-game night begins at 10PM. Game time is 6x faster than normal time.

I’m unsure of the exact window of when Groovekebi spawns, as I was able to speak to him beyond the nighttime window. of 10PM to 7AM.

in game time in bdo

Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi 9-1

Nearby Node: NE of Hanji County

Details: Travel to the southern edge of the bigger island in the middle of the river. Look down and you can faintly see the blue glow of the Groovekebi down below on a ledge near the bottom of the waterfall. Carefully drop down to him. There are very small ledges to drop down to step by step as you fall down the cliff.

groovekebi 9 1 map


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groovekebi 9 1 map bdolytics
groovekebi 9 1 a
groovekebi 9 1 b
groovekebi 9 1 c
groovekebi 9 1 d

Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi 9-2

Nearby Node: Haemo Island

Details: sail a bit north of the watery roadway between the two parts of the island.

groovekebi 9 2 map


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groovekebi 9 2 map bdolytics
groovekebi 9 2

Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi 9-3

Nearby Node: west of Bari Forest

Details: drop down from the top of a waterfall to a ledge below.

groovekebi 9 3 map


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groovekebi 9 3 map bdolytics
groovekebi 9 3 a
groovekebi 9 3 b

Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi 9-4

Nearby Node: south of Nopsae’s Byeot County

Details: go to a cliff edge on the island that is SE of the village.

groovekebi 9 4 map


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groovekebi 9 4 map bdolytics
groovekebi 9 4

Groovekebi: Grooving Dokkebi 9-5

Nearby Node: Cheongsan Institute

Details: travel to the node manager of Cheongsan Institute. Go uphill to the cliffs to the NW of the node manager.

groovekebi 9 5 map


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groovekebi 9 5 map bdolytics
groovekebi 9 5 a
groovekebi 9 5 b

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