Ice Fishing is here! Shai can now hug a cute Alpaca mount!

Ice Fishing was a tricky business for most players to learn due to a few bugs, but I’m happy to report they seem to be fixed now!

The poll was reset on 1-5-22 with their fixes, so we can see how ice fishing has changed in the minds of players.

I’m looking forward to ice fishing in Mountain of Eternal Winter!


Ice Fishing Highlights:

  • requires special 1 time use Ice Fishing Rods (obtain 30 at a time from NPC)
  • requires travel to Ice Fishing lake SE of Velia (now a safe zone)
  • ice fishing quests reward Spirit Dust and an Alpaca


Ice Fishing Rods

The first step is to obtain ice fishing rods.

Go to Crio or Abelin in Velia. (Abelin is a little boy fishing off the dock by the Storage Keeper.)

Click the “Chat” option.

You will get 30x ice fishing rods.

[Event] Splat Fisher’s Fishing Rod

Ice Fishing Rod

A boy fishing off the dock in Velia

Get Ice Fishing Rod

You can get 30 more ice fishing rods from Abelin/Crio, if you don’t have any in your inventory already.

The maximum rods you can have in your inventory is 30.

Ice Fishing How To

  • Go to the Ice Fishing area. (SE of Velia at Serene Spring)
  • Put Ice Fishing Rods on your hot bar or right click in inventory.
  • After a few seconds you will be able to press your SPACE BAR to begin
  • Keep the fish in the blue bar in the middle.
  • Fish swims up: make circles that turn clockwise (circle mouse cursor right)
  • Fish swims down: make circles that turn counter clockwise (circle mouse cursor left)
  • When Fish HP bar is low (red) and he is located in the blue bar, the game will notify you to hit SPACE to catch.


Ice Fishing: Tuckered Out

Hit SPACE when the UI tells you.

Ice Fishing Mouse Movements

Move your mouse so that its laser moves in a circle on your mouse pad.

Ice Fishing: Give Slack

Fish is pointed up: circle mouse RIGHT.

Ice Fishing: Circle Mouse Right

Slackens the line and allows fish to swim down.

Ice Fishing: Reel In

Fish is pointed down: circle mouse LEFT.

Ice Fishing: Circle Mouse Left

Reels in the line and brings the fish up.

Ice Fishing Detailed Explanation

The required mouse movements confused me at first.

Think of small circles with your mouse cursor.

Like stiring soup in a pot, but much faster!

When the fish is swimming down to the bottom, you need to make circles with your cursor in a counter clockwise direction.

The game will state, “Hook, line, and sinker! Reel it in for the win!”

When the fish is swimming up to the top, you need to make circles with your cursor in a clockwise direction.

The game will state, “We’ve got a fighter on our hands! Give the line some slack!”

When you have successfully wrangled the fish inside the middle blue bar and the “Fish HP” bar is red, get ready to press SPACE.

The game will state, “Its all tuckered out. SPACE to bring ’em home!”

Ice Fishing Location

Ice Fishing can only occur at Serene Spring, SE of Velia.

You can see it as a lake on the world map.

Ice Fishing Quests from Crio

Crio has 3 weekly quests to turn in 3 types of Frosty Fish, 2 of each kind.

You can also pick up ice fishing rods from him as well.


Weekly Quest Name Give to Crio Rewards
[Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt, Queek! [Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt x2 Ancient Spirit Dust x50
[Event] Frosty Smelt, Queek! [Event] Frosty Smelt x2 Ancient Spirit Dust x50
[Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon, Queek! [Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon x2 Ancient Spirit Dust x50

Available until Feb 23, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance.

Ice Fishing Quest from Abelin

This quest will give you an Alpaca mount that only Shai can use.

Quest Name: [Event] Fwuzzy

Quest Objective:

– Hand over [Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt x2 to Abelin
– Hand over [Event] Frosty Smelt x2 to Abelin
– Hand over [Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon x2 to Abelin

NOTE: Fwuzzy Alpaca will be removed during the maintenance on February 23, 2022 (Wed).

BDO Alpaca Mount
BDO Alpaca Mount
BDO Alpaca

Alpaca mount is very easy to level, but he has not learned any skills at level 11.

Alpaca moves like the mini elephant, with slow turns and speed, and is probably best used in the upcoming winter zone, Mountain of Eternal Winter.

BDO Alpaca Stats at level 11

Frosty Ice Fish

You will need 4 each of 3 different types of Frosty Fish.


Frosty Fish Qty
[Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt 4
[Event] Frosty Smelt 4
[Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon 4
[Event] Frosty Yvrug
worth 10 million each

Ice Fish Catch Rate Change

—- 1-5-22 patch notes copy —-

Changed the probability of the fish catchable via ice fishing.


Ice Fish Probability Change
[Event] Frosty Yvrug Approx. +84%
[Event] Frosty Smelt Approx. +82%
[Event] Frosty Cherry Salmon Approx. +21%
[Event] Fatty Frosty Smelt Approx. -40%
Frosty Smelt
Fatty Frosty Smelt
Frosty Cherry Salmon

My Ice Fishing Experience

Did I have fun ice fishing? Yes, but I need a break. LOL! 🙂

I won’t embarrass myself by telling you the rotations my mouse went through as I tried to get a Frosty Fish! ROFL!!!

In my first 30 rods, trying to learn the minigame, I failed more than I won. Oops!

Fish RNG Behavior:

  • Some had crazy fast changes in swimming up or down
  • Some were super easy and quick to catch – didn’t even need to press space bar
  • Others seemed to suddenly end in failure
  • Some just didn’t seem to respond at all to even vigorous mouse movements.
  • Some fish are very responsive to the slightest mouse movements.
BDO Fish from Ice Fishing

30x Ice Fishing Rods:

  • 7x Fatty Frosty Smelt
  • 2x Frosty Smelt
  • 5x Frosty Cherry Salmon
  • 0x 10 mil fish
  • 16x FAILURE!! 🙁

Ice Fishing Attempt 2

I feel like I’m getting the hang of ice fishing, but some fish still seemed doomed to failure.

Failure Rate: about 50% still.

Is this normal for you too?

Frosty Fish from Ice Fishing

30x Ice Fishing Rods:

  • 10x Fatty Frosty Smelt
  • 2x Frosty Smelt
  • 5x Frosty Cherry Salmon
  • 0x 10 mil fish
  • 13x FAILURE

Ice Fishing After Bug Fix

The failure rate is greatly improved and I had much more fun ice fishing this time!

I had one weird fish that just wouldn’t budge in HP. I wonder if lag can interfere?

Failure Rate: 1 out of 30.

30x Ice Fishing Rods:

  • 13x Fatty Frosty Smelt
  • 2x Frosty Smelt
  • 12x Frosty Cherry Salmon
  • 0x 10 mil fish
  • 3x FAILURE (2 was because I got distracted)

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