Wacky Toshi sells Marni Stones that you can fill up with monster kills to exchange for Combat Exp or Elvia items. The stones require a certain amount of monster kills in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Elvia, and Drieghan.

3 Marni Stone Types:

Tier 1: cost 60k silver → 250 Mob Kills
Tier 2: cost 110k silver → 500 Mob Kills
Tier 3 Great: rare drop → 40k to 80k Mob Kills


Level Requirement: 57+
Elvia Level Requirement: 61+

marni stone t1 bashim

Marni Stone Facts

  • Right click the stone and select ‘Item Count’ to have the kill count displayed on your UI.
  • 2x 250 Marni Stones give slightly more Combat Exp than 1x 500 Stone
  • Buy as many Marni Stones as you like. When one is filled, the next will automatically start filling. Turn in multiple stones at one time.
  • You must get the last hit on the monster to get credit.
  • Marni Stones must be kept in your inventory and will not work on your mount, Storage, etc.
  • Marni Stones are bound and can’t be transfered to an alt.
  • The Combat Exp you get is based upon your level and the Marni Stone used.
  • Marni Stones have the name of the monster you must kill on them: Ex: Marni’s Stone (Bashim)
  • Marni Stones have no weight, but do take 1 inventory space.

NOTE: Marni Stones give much less Combat Exp after level 62.

Marni Stone Colors

BDO Marni Stones in an Inventory

  • Yellow Marni Stones  → Empty
  • Blue Marni Stones → Partially Full
  • Red Marni Stones → Full
marni stone desert fogan t2

Great Marni’s Stone T3

Great Marni’s Stone is a rare drop from grinding in most of the Marni Stone grinding spots, except for Elvia.

After it is filled, take it to NPC Wacky Toshi.

You will get a Great Marni’s Supply Box in exchange for the Great Marni’s Stone.

It doesn’t give Combat Exp, like a normal Marni’s Stone.


NOTE: Great Marni Stones are not bound to character like normal stones.

Great Marni Stone

Great Marni’s Stone Locations

Great Marni Stone Kill #
Bashim 20k
Cadry 15k
Desert Naga 20k
Desert Fogans 20k
Gahaz Bandits 20k
Crescent Shrine 20k
Basilisk 10k
Centaurus 10k
Roud Sulfur Mine 20k
Pila Ku 20k


Great Marni Stone Kill #
Manshaum 10k
Fadus 20k
Polly’s Forest 20k
Forest Ronaros 10k
Tshira Ruins 20k
Kagtum 20k
Sherekhan – Day 15k
Sycraia Upper Zone 15k
Protty Cave 15k


Great Marni’s Supply Box

After exchanginng a Great Marni’s Stone to Wacky Toshi, you will get a Great Marni’s Supply Box.

Great Marni’s Supply Box

Press RMB to obtain one rare accessory that is PRI or DUO level.

Marni’s Stone Titles

20 titles can be obtained via Great Marni’s Stones.

Slayvior of Bashim
Slayvior of Cadry
Slayvior of Desert Naga
Slayvior of Desert Fogans
Slayvior of Gahaz
Slayvior of Argos
Slayvior of Basilisk
Slayvior of Taphtar
Slayvior of Roud Sulfur Mine
Slayvior of Pila Ku
Slayvior of Manshaum
Slayvior of Fadus
Slayvior of Polly’s Forest
Slayvior of Forest Ronaros
Slayvior of Ruins
  • The 19 titles above can only be acquired through quests, acceptable once per Family, upon having collected all of the required monster samples for each “Great Marni’s Stone.”
    • Make sure Combat quest filter is toggled on in the Quests (O) window.
  • Obtain the “Great Marni’s Assistant” title via Wacky Toshi after obtaining all 19 titles.

Marni Stone Combat Exp

Normal Marni Stones (T1 and T2) give a set amount of Combat Exp, which changes depending upon your character level.

The Marni Stone tier and grind location also affect how much Combat Exp each stone gives. Tier 2 Marni Stones give more Exp, but give less exp when compared to 2x Tier 1 stones.

NOTE: Patch notes stated you get “120% to 160% of Combat Exp for defeating monsters excluding Combat Exp Boost can be given”.

Marni Stone Exp Chart

Click image to enlarge.

Thank you to Jannanomana for sharing this Marni Stone Combat Exp image!

Marni Stone NPC: Wacky Toshi

Wacky Toshi is found all over the BDO world, usually near Node Managers.

You can use the NPC search button to locate Wacky Toshi.

See maps below.

Wacky Toshi <Marni’s Top Assistant>

Marni Stone NPC Wacky Toshi Locations

Purchase Marni Stones at Wacky Toshi, usually located next to Node Managers.

  • City Locations:
    • Valencia City
    • Old Wisdom Tree
    • Duvencrune
    • Sand Grain Bazaar
    • Ibellab Oasis
    • Shakatu
    • Glish
  • Valencia
    • Bashims – Bashim Base.
    • Cadry – Cadry Ruins
    • Desert Nagas – Desert Naga Temple
    • Desert Fogans – Titium Valley
    • Bandits – Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
    • Centaurus – Taphtar Plain
    • Lavas – Sulfur Mine
    • Basilisks – Basilisk Den
    • Prisoners – Pila Ku Jail
    • Crescents – Crescent Shrine
    • Aakman Temple
    • Hystria
  • Kamasylvia
    • Forest Ronaros – Tooth Fairy Forest
    • Fadus – Tooth Fairy Forest
    • Mushrooms – Krogdalo’s Trace
    • Navarn Steppe – Old Wisdom Tree
    • Manshaums – Manshaum Forest
    • Trees (Mirumok) – Manshaum Forest
  • Drieghan
    • Tshira mobs – Tshira Ruins
    • Bloodwolves – Blood Wolf Settlement
    • Sherekhans – Sherekhan Necropolis
  • Water Areas
    • Sycraia Upper – North coast of Iliya Island
    • Protty Cave – cave entrance on Weita Island

Wacky Toshi Location Maps

Thank you to bdocodex.com for the Wacky Toshi location maps below. View source on bdocodex.com

Marni Stones for Elvia

Elvia Marni Stones give Elvia loot instead of Combat Exp.


  • Level 61+
  • Kills are counted only if you make the last hit.
  • Costs 110,000 silver per Elvia Marni Stone.

Closest Wacky Toshi location to Serendia Elvia is Glish.

Elvia Marni’s Stone Kill Quantity Reward Item
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Northern Plain of Serendia) 1,100 Shard of the Tearful Night
Okiara’s Tide
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Biraghi Den) 1,700 Shard of the Drained Night
Narc’s Lightning
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Southern Cienaga – Swamp Fogan) 1,100 Shard of the Tearful Night
Okiara’s Tide
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Glish Swamp – Swamp Naga) 1,400 Shard of the Drained Night
Narc’s Lightning
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Castle Ruins) 1,500 Heart of the Arid Forest
Shard of the Furious Night
Valtarra’s Flame
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Orc Camp) 1,300 Heart of the Arid Forest
Shard of the Furious Night
Valtarra’s Flame
Elvia Marni’s Stone (Bloody Monastery) 1,300 Narc’s Lightning
Shard of the Drained Night



    Are Marni Stones Worth It?

    Marni Stones are easy and really help for faster leveling. I think they are well worth the price. They do take up pack space, especially if you choose the higher Exp, 250 stones.

    In Valencia, rent a close-by Villa for 10 million silver and use your camel for speedy travel over the sand. Sell your trash to the Villa NPC, where you can also repair.

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