Krogdalo’s Sanctuary allows trainers who have all three Mythical Horses to summon any of them anywhere.

With this item, you can summon any Mythical Horse without going to a Stable Keeper.



How to Obtain Krogdalo’s Sanctuary

While mounted on one of the three Mythical Horses, visit [Eldest Spirit] Merindora in Grána to accept the Krogdalo’s Sanctuary questline.

BDO Merindora Location Map

Quest Start NPC:

Merindora <Eldest Spirit>
Location: Grana, Kamasylvia

Krogdalo’s Sanctuary Questline

Krogdalo’s Sanctuary questline is simple, requiring you to talk to NPCs while mounted on the 3 different Mythical Horses.


1.  [Krogdalo’s Sanctuary] Krogdalo’s Seeds – Speak to the Node Manager of Krogdalo’s Trace

2.  [Krogdalo’s Sanctuary] The First, Wind – Talk to Krogdalo’s Trace while mounted on Mythical Arduanatt

3.  [Krogdalo’s Sanctuary] The Second, Earth  – Talk to Krogdalo’s Trace while mounted on Mythical Diné

4.  [Krogdalo’s Sanctuary] The Third, Flame – Talk to Krogdalo’s Trace while mounted on Mythical Doom

5.  [Krogdalo’s Sanctuary] Krogdalo’s Gift – Talk to Krogdalo’s Trace. You will get Krogdalo’s Cloud, which contains Krogdalo’s Sactuary.

Krogdalo’s Sanctuary Title

You will obtain a golden yellow colored title, Celestial Pathfinder after finishing the Krogdalo’s Sanctuary questline.

celestial pathfinder title from krogdalo sanctuary

Using Krogdalo’s Sanctuary

  • Click one of the 3 Mythical Horse icons in the upper left corner of the screen while idle.
  • You can summon or change to a different Mythical Horse.






Krogdalo’s Sanctuary Info

  • You cannot retrieve Mythical Horses where mounts cannot be used like in the Red Battlefield or Battle Arena.
  • Mythical Horses cannot be stored in Krogdalo’s Sanctuary if they have trade goods in their inventory.
  • Once a Mythical Horse is removed from Krogdalo’s Sanctuary, the Stall cannot be stored.
  • Lore: A mythical sanctuary of Krogdalo, the king of the Celestial Horses. Legend has it that it harbors a special power that connects the paths of wind, earth, and flame into one.