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Mythical Arduanatt is a T10 Dream Horse that flew into BDO on 28th October, 2020.

The greatest benefit to Mythical Arduanatt is its unique skills that give even better flight over rough terrain.


Obtaining Mythical Arduanatt

  • Mythical Arduanatt is challenging to obtain, requiring the breeding of two tier 9 Arduanatt Dream Horses.
  • Mythical Arduanatt is one of 3 tier 10 Dream Horses available. The other two are Mythical Dine and Mythical Doom, which can be obtained in a similar manner.
  • Mythical Arduanatt has a silver value based upon skills and level, but can’t be purchased or sold at the Horse Market. Perhaps in the future?

Mythical Arduanatt is also known as T10 Pegasus.

mythical T10 arduanatt


Mythical Arduanatt Comparison

The Stamina, Speed, Acceleration, Turn, Brake, and HP of T10 Arduanatt are the same as the T9 Arduanatt. For AFK and mountain travel, Arduanatt is the best choice. This Dream Horse has superior glide and flight capability to help traverse rough terrain. (Mythical Dine has a protected fall skill.) Active travel speed for all Dream Horses is very similar on smooth land, but difficult terrain is much easier on a T10 Arduanatt.

Mythical Doom
BDO Dream Horse: Mythical Doom

  • Best offensive PVP/combat
  • Temporary travel for 5 allies
  • Slowest AFK travel.
  • Speed/Accel: 130%
  • Turn/Brake: 139.8%

Mythical Arduanatt
BDO Dream Horse: Mythical Arduanatt

  • Best mountain travel.
  • Best air glide ability.
  • Best AFK travel.
  • Speed/Accel: 137.5%
  • Turn/Brake: 122.5%

Mythical Dine
BDO Dream Horse: T10 Dine

  • Water walking & desert travel.
  • Best defense.
  • HP/MP heal for party.
  • Speed/Accel: 133%
  • Turn/Brake: 127%

Mythical Arduanatt Skills

Mythical Arduanatt has three unique and exclusive T10 horse skills learned upon birth:


Dash forward by pressing Q key while using Wings of Freedom skill.

  • However, this action can only be used while having the Wings of Swiftness, which is a default skill of Mythical Arduanatt.

Icon Skill Name Keyboard Description
Courser’s Spirit Auto-activated while unmounted
  • Horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when idle.
  • T9/10 Dream Horse only. (100% Chance to learn.)
Double Jump SpaceBar while Jumping
  • Jump a second time in the air.
  • Requires Streak Leap & High Jump
  • T9/10 Dream Horse only. (100% Chance to learn.)
BDO Horse Skill Wings of Freedom Wings of Freedom Wings of Wind ← or →
also during descent after using Leap
S to quickly descend
  • Turn sideways while using Wings of Wind
  • Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only. (100% Chance to learn.)
BDO Horse Skill Wings of Wind Wings of Wind E while Double Jump
also during descent after using Leap
S to quickly descend

Glide after Double Jump/Leap. Reduces fall damage by 100% when Arduanatt uses Double Jump, Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only. (100% Chance to learn.)

  • E while Double Jump
  • Spreads its wings to glide downward while using Double Jump.It can be used to glide down from high grounds.
  • Required Stamina: 200 upon first use
  • Fall damage reduced by 100% for 5 sec during the skill.
BDO Horse Skill Mighty Leap Mighty Leap E during Instant Accel
  • Requirements: Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, High Jump, Streak Leap, Double Jump
  • E while using Instant Accel or S: Instant Accel
  • Soar with the wind after using S: Instant Accel or Instant Accel.
  • Required Stamina: 400 upon use
  • Exclusive skill for Mythical Arduanatt.
  • Cannot use in combat stance.
BDO Horse Skill: Wings of Swiftness Wings of Swiftness F or Q during Wings of Freedom
  • Requirements: Wings of Wind, Wings of Freedom
  • F or Q while using Wings of Freedom
  • Cut through the wind and charge forward or glide down swiftly while using Wings of Freedom.
  • Fall Damage Reduction +100% for 5 sec during the skill.
  • Exclusive skill for Mythical Arduanatt.
BDO Horse Skill Mighty Leap Soaring Wings ↑ + E while idle or E after raising forelegs with Space
  • Requirements: Start Accel
  • ↑+E on standby OR E after lifting front legs with SPACE
  • Soar up into the sky from standby mode.
  • Required Stamina: 400 upon use
  • Consumes 400 Stamina while holding
  • Fall Damage Reduction +100% for 5 sec during the skill.
  • Exclusive skill for Mythical Arduanatt.
  • Cannot use in combat stance.


Mythical Arduanatt has a chance to learn most other horse skills as it levels up. For more info on horse skills, please view our Horse Skill Guide.

How to Obtain Mythical Arduanatt

  • Mythical Arduannat requires one male and one female Arduanatt.

Male Arduanatt
Level 30+
skills don’t matter

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt




Female Arduanatt
Level 30+
skills don’t matter

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt

  • Arduanatt must be level 30+ each!
  • Horse Market Prices for Arduanatt
    • Male Arduanatt: 10 billion silver
    • Female Arduanatt: 12 billion silver

View Dream Horse guide for info on how to obtain Arduanatt.


Stable two Arduanatts with Gula <Stable Keeper> of Stonetail Horse Ranch. (or Melabee at Grana Stable)

BDO Stonetail Horse Ranch Map

Gula <Stable Keeper>

Location: Stonetail Horse Ranch

Mythical Arduanatt Success Chance

Mythical Arduanatt requires 1 Mythical Censer for each attempt.

The chances of obtaining a Mythical Arduanatt are low. Expect to awaken/breed your Arduanatts several times before success!

  • Base Success Chance: 3% (Increases by 0.2% upon failure.)
    • Each time the awakening fails, the success rate increases by 0.2%.
    • Success Chance is shared with family and it’s applied to other Mythical horses as well.
  • Awakening Success:
    • Your original Arduanatts are consumed.
    • 1 Mythical Censer is consumed.
  • Awakening Failure:
    • Each failure consumes 1 Mythical Censer.
    • Your original Arduanatts are returned to you.
mythical dream horse awakening success chance

Mythical Arduanatt Recipe with Mythical Censer

Mythical Arduanatt requires 1 Mythical Censer each time you try to exchange two Arduanatts.


Mythical Censer x1 per attempt


Mythical Censer Recipe:


Processing (L) → Manufacture:


Old Moon Censer Mold

You will need 1 Old Moon Censer Mold for each awakening attempt.

Silver Cost: 20,000,000 each

Purchase Old Moon Censer Mold at any <Old Moon Manager>.

Old Moon Manager Locations:

Old Moon Manager Location
Jak <Old Moon Manager> Altinova
Klau <Old Moon Manager> Veila
Lajee <Old Moon Manager> Calpheon City
Stee <Old Moon Manager> Heidel
Zya <Old Moon Manager> Grana
Taya <Old Moon Manager> Duvencrune
Sahin <Old Moon Manager> Valencia City
Mene <Old Moon Manager> O’draxxia
Ploux <Old Moon Manager> Eilton

<Old Moon Manager>
Location: major cities


Flower of Oblivion

You will need 100 Flower of Oblivion for each awakening attempt.

Flower of Oblivion can be obtained via Imperial Horse Delivery.

Imperial Horse Delivery How-To:  Check in your level 15+ horse at any <Stable Keeper>, then click the button that says “Imperial Horse Delivery”. You will get 50% of the horse market value in silver and imperial training seals.

Horse Tier Flower of Oblivion
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20


BDO Flower of Oblivion

Royal Fern Root

You will need 100 Royal Fern Root for each awakening attempt.

Complete repeatable quests at Liana or Stonetail Horse Ranch:

  • Weekly Quest: 50 Roots (Can be completed with 1 daily.)
  • Daily Quest: 1-7 Roots depending on Training level.
Fern Root Repeatable Quest
[Weekly] Fly Like the Wind or
[Weekly] [Training] Horse Taming
Catch a Wild Horse
[Beginner] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Apprentice] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Skilled] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Professional] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Artisan] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Master] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse
[Guru] No Worries for the Prepared
Catch a Wild Horse




※ Weekly quest will reset every Thursday after midnight.
※ Daily quests reset at 00:00 UTC.
※ The daily quest depends on the Training level (Apprentice, etc.) After accepting and completing one quest, you won’t be able to proceed with quests of different Training levels.

Liana <Valentine’s Apprentice>
Location: major cities

Wapra <Material Vendor>
AKA: Mr Cutie Pie
Location: Stonetail Horse Ranch, Mediah

How to Obtain Mythical Feather

Mythical Feather is obtained in many different ways.

1. Marketplace: Mythical Feather may be purchased or pre-ordered.

2. Gathering Lakiaro:

  • Mythical Feather has a very low chance to drop from Primitive, Lush Primitive, Old, and Lush Old Lakiaro Sacks.

3. Exchange Fairies: give Brilliant/Radiant Fairy Wings to Herawen <Kamasylve Temple Chancellor> at Kamasylve Temple

  • T3 fairy – 1 Mythical Feather
  • T4 fairy – 2 Mythical Feathers

4. Weekly Quests: Obtain up to 4 Mythical Feather each week.

  • Gathering with a tanning knife (or marketplace + Imperial Horse Delivery).
  • Giving Carrot Confit x600~800, or giving Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1.

5. Imperial Steed: obtain 10 after leveling and selling an Imperial Steed at Imperial Horse Delivery.

6. Season Seal: Up to 6 Mythical Feathers per Season or 1 time per family Mythical Censor.

7. Boss Drop: Defeat specific world and field bosses. Hunt field boss Rawr-rawr with a mathclock.

8. Patrigio Secret Shop: Exchange 50 Energy to Patrigio Night Vendor.

9. Dark Rift: Dark Rift boss Ferrid, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, and Ahib Griffon

10. Horse Races: Participate in Old Moon Grand Prix to obtain Seals to exchange for 3 Mythical Feathers each week.


Fairy Exchange NPC:
Herawen <Kama Temple Chancellor>
Location: Kamasylve Temple, Mediah

Patrigio <Black Market>
Location: major cities


Mythical Arduanatt Appearance Change

You can change the appearance of the Mythical Arduanatt to have a “pure white” look.

Purchase and feed Quturan’s Fruit to your mythical steed to change its appearance.

Quturan’s Fruit is available for purchase through Francia, librarian of O’dyllita, for 100 million Silver each.

Feed the Quturan’s Fruit to your stabled Mythical Arduanatt and it shall be reborn with a new appearance and all previous skills and stats intact.











Mythical Arduanatt Screenshots

Thank you to Discord user Aastrid#0447 for sharing the Dark Arduanatt images!


Official Screenshots from update page.


Krogdalo’s Sanctuary

Krogdalo’s Sanctuary allows trainers who have all three Mythical Horses to summon any of them anywhere.

With this item, you can summon Mythical ArduanattMythical Doom. and Mythical Dine, without going to a Stable Keeper.


Krogdalo's Sanctuary


Sources & Additional Info


Mythical Arduanatt Patch Notes

Source: October 28th, 2020


  • Mythical Arduanatt
    • Added a new dream horse available through Mythical Awakening, the Mythical Arduanatt.
      • Stable your Arduanatt with Gula, stable keeper of Stonetail Horse Ranch, to attempt Mythical Awakening.
      • You will need 1 male and 1 female Lv. 30 Arduanatts.
      • Use the Mythical Censer to attempt Mythical Awakening, which has a fixed success rate of 3%.
      • Successfully breeding the 2 Arduanatts will lead to 1 awakened Mythical Arduanatt.
      • If failed, the 2 Arduanatts can be recovered at any time, and use the Mythical Censer to try again.
      • Newly born Mythical Arduanatts have all the skills the Arduanatts were born with along with Mythical Arduanatt skills they’ve known from birth.
      • Arduanatt’s skill from birth will be at 100% mastery, and will not disappear even if you reset their growth.
      • The base price of the Mythical Arduanatt will be higher than the combined prices of the male and female Lv. 30 Arduanatts. However, due to its unique nature, it cannot be registered in the horse market.
      • Mythical Arduanatt is a legendary dream horse born from Mythical Awakening and does not specify a gender.


  • Details on Mythical Arduanatt skills are as follows.
Skill Name Preceding Skill(s) How to Use Stamina Consumed Description Other
Mighty Leap Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, High Jump, Double Jump Press E during Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel 400 Swiftly ride the winds to leap mightily into the air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed.
Flight Start Accel ↑ (W) + E while idle or E after raising forelegs with Space 400 continuously After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed.
Wings of Swiftness Wings of Wind, WIngs of Freedom Press F during Wings of Freedom n/a Having learned the ways to read the wind currents, the Mythical Arduanatt pierces through the winds during Wings of Freedom to descend at even faster speeds.



  • To craft the “‘Mythical Censer,” you will need the following materials.


Item Crafting Method Materials
Mythical Censer Manufacture Old Moon Censer x1 + Mythical Powder x10 + Mythical Feather x10 + Fire Horn x10 + Powder of Flame x10
Old Moon Censer Manufacture Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Pure Platinum Crystal x100 + Pure Copper Crystal x100 + Pure Tin Crystal x100 + Moonlight Opal x100
Mythical Powder Grinding Flower of Oblivion x10 + Royal Fern Root x10 + Everlasting Herb x10 + Fruit of Enchantment x10 + Black Stone Powder x10



Item Where to Obtain
Old Moon Censer Mold Purchase from Old Moon Manager’s Shop
Flower of Oblivion

Supplying horses to the Imperial House

※ You cannot get Flower of Oblivion by supplying a Dream Horse

Royal Fern Root Stonetail Horse Ranch’s Material Vendor Wapra, Complete Quest [Weekly] Fly Like the Wind
Mythical Feather

Exchange Radiant Fairy Wings, Brilliant Fairy Wings with “Herawen”

Obtained from Lush Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Lush Old Lakiaro Sack, and Old Lakiaro Sack at a low chance



  • The higher the tier of the horse supplied to the imperial house, the greater amount of “Flower of Oblivion” you will obtain.


Tier Flower(s) of Oblivion obtained
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20


Arduanatt reigns over the skies, Diné rides the desert dunes, and Doom conquers on land. The beauty and power of these dream horses, especially their unique skills, have been longed by many adventurers over the years. However, over the years, many adventurers have been able to tame them and a greater number of adventurers have sought for a new type of dream horse. Thus, we present before you a dream horse of even greater magnitude in both power and beauty. We hope this provides a new goal for adventurers who enjoy horse training and dream horse content. We particularly hope this is also a more meaningful endeavor for those high-leveled trainers as well. While we only have the Mythical Arduanatt to show for today, we are currently preparing to release an upgraded Diné and Doom as well.