Land of Morning Light is the newest zone under development in Black Desert Online.


Land of Morning Light Highlights:


  • Experience ancient Korea during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 AD)
  • More freedom in questing instead of a linear questline.
  • New Animal Races: tortoise, hare, and tiger race called “Horang”.
  • “Boss Rush” for solo or guild play instead of traditional grinding spots.
  • New BIS red grade crystals
  • Unlock 4 extra crystal slots
  • Dahn’s Gloves – another piece of the Slumbering Origin Armor Set?


Land of Morning Lights is still in development so all of this is speculative and can change or be in error. But, from what little I know so far it looks very exciting!

When can I play a tigress Guardian? (Probably never, but I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

bonghwang tear

Land of Morning Light News Release

Source: Calpheon Ball 2022 Recap (Text and images are copied below and slightly edited with headings.)



Land of Morning Light Video



Land of Morning Light Joseon Experience

The Land of the Morning Light was modeled after the Joseon Dynasty, the last dynastic kingdom of Korea.
The setting of the Land of the Morning Light is based off various folktales and legends passed down from ancient times to modern times.



Port Ratt Turned Into Nampo Harbor

The location formerly known as Port Ratt has now been transformed into Nampo Harbor.
The Haso region, which represented the eastern region of Black Desert, has been completely revamped



Land of the Morning Light Quests

The Land of the Morning Light splits off into its own story, giving a break from the main plot of Ancient Relics and Illezra the White Witch.

Adventurers will find themselves swept up into an incident with Dolswe, leading you to be under the watchful eye of Lee Duksoo, Warden of the Donghae Province.


Through this pursuit, you will stumble upon Dalbeol village, where the real adventure starts.

Unlike previous regions with linear stories, Adventurers will be searching for information on their own and deciding where to explore based on those findings.



For example, Adventurers will gather information from the town regarding a monster that eats peoples livers, and follow that information to discover who the Gumiho is, and how to solve that case.



For this questline, there will be two endings, and each ending you discover will be logged in your “Story Book”



Striped Sentries, specialized units that catch tigers



Hwajeon farmers that cultivate the land after burning the forests



Followers of Yongam



Hare and Tortoise Folk



New Race: Horang

The narrative these new races will follow will be based on Korean fairy tales and folklore.

To our adventurers who already have heard of these tales, we hope these new races will feel like a welcome and familiar addition. To those who’ve had no exposure to these tales whatsoever, we hope that these new races will serve to provide a fresh, never-before-experienced sense of mysticism and awe.



Land of the Morning Light Boss Rush

In the Land of the Morning Light, there are many bosses such as the Gumiho, Songakshi, Duoksini, the Bamboo Legion and the Changui.

These bosses, each with their own unique characteristics, will be the main content of the Land of the Morning Light. There will be no monster zone, but major content is designed around the “Boss Rush” idea.

These bosses can be taken down through solo play, but some monsters will also be created as Guild bosses as well.

We hope that Adventurers find the content to be enjoyable and fulfilling, and whether it’s a solo or a guild boss.



Land of Morning Light Crystal & Gloves

In the Land of the Morning Light, new best in slot crystals and the highest grade of gloves, Dahn’s Gloves, will also be added to Black Desert.

The Land of the Morning Light is currently being developed with the goal of launching it in Korea in February, 2023.



Crystals Slots from Land of the Morning Light

· Development of Crystal Presets ·

New Crystal Presets will be updated to the Black Desert Global Labs on December 16.

Once applied, Crystals which were traditionally equipped into weapon and armor slots will now be equipped directly into a new dedicated UI, removing the equipment constraints of Crystals.

Additionally, there are additional locked crystal slots that can be seen on the UI shown above, and will become available through the Land of the Morning Light!