Cloud Accessories were given away during the Winter 2022 season.


Cloud Accessory Highlights:

  • obtain 1 via Challenge Reward (Y)
  • upgrade via a daily challenge (Y) for 21 “Dreamy Cloud Stone”.
  • equivalent stats to Capotia Accessories
  • beginner friendly PEN accessory
  • equip on both Season and normal characters
  • converts to normal Capotia Feb 22.
Cloud Accessory: TRI Ring
Cloud Accessory: PEN Belt
Cloud Accessory: PEN Necklace
Cloud Accessory: PEN Ring
Cloud Accessory: PEN Earring

Cloud Accessory Stats

Cloud Ring

  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10

Cloud Earring

  • TRI: AP 13 Accuracy 11 DP 2
  • TET: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 3
  • PEN: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 4


Cloud Belt  +80LT

  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10

Cloud Necklace

  • TRI: AP 28 Accuracy 18
  • TET: AP 29 Accuracy 19
  • PEN: AP 30 Accuracy 20

Cloud Accessory Enhancement

1 Cloud Accessory is given to you at TRI level.

Upgrade it to PEN with 21 “Dreamy Cloud Stone”.

Obtain a total of 21 stones this Winter Season via the Challenge menu (Y).

  • 1 each day for 21 days.
dreamy cloud stone

Dreamy Cloud Stone Costs

You will be given enough Cloud Stones for 1 PEN Cloud Accessory.


    TRI (III) to TET (IV) → 7 Cloud Stones

TET (IV) to PEN (V) →  14 Cloud Stones

    TOTAL COST for 1 PEN 21 Cloud Stones

Which Cloud Accessory Should I Pick?

This will depend upon the Capotia accessories you currently own.

If you are a new player and have no Capotia accessories currently, I recommend the necklace. If you already own a PEN Capotia Necklace, I recommend the ring or belt.

  • The Cloud ring, necklace, and belt gain 1 AP each enhancement level.
  • The Cloud Earring gains 1 DP per level. The earing is for those players who are more concerned with DP or who already own good PEN Capotia rings, belt, and necklace.

You can obtain an additional PEN Capotia accessory of your choice at the end of Season as a “Special Gift.” See details below.

Cloud Accessory: TRI Necklace

Conversion of Cloud Accessories & Stones

This was a time limited event!

Cloud Accessories were available for both Season and Regular characters during the Winter Season.


Cloud Accessories that could be obtained via “[GM Notes] Strong Support Arrives on a Cloud!” will be exchanged for Capotia Acessories of the same enhancement level on Feb 22 (Wed) maintenance.

Dreamy Cloud Stones, which were used to enhance Cloud Accessories will be exchangeable with enhancement material for Capotia Accessories.

Cloud Accessory Exchange

Changed Your Mind?

You can change your Cloud Accessory into a different Cloud Accessory with a daily quest.

Visit Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager> located in any major city to change your Cloud Accessory to a different accessory.

Limited to one quest per day.

 You get the base accessory and all your Cloud Stones returned to you.

Cloud Accessory Exchange Quest
 [EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Cloud accessory
 [EXC] A New Choice: TET (IV) Cloud Accessory
 [EXC] A New Choice: TRI (III) Cloud Accessory


Capotia Accessory Exchange

Changed your mind?

You can change your Capotia Accessory into a different Capotia Accessory once each day with a quest.

It must be PEN level of enhancement.

Visit Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager> located in any major city to change your PEN Capotia Accessory to a different Capotia Accessory.

You get a TET Capotia Accessory and enough Dreamy Crystals of Balance to upgrade it to PEN again.

Limited to one quest per day.

[EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory

Quest Reward:
Dreamy Crystal of Balance x14

▼ Choose one of the following:
TET (IV) Capotia

  • You can complete the quest only when you have a PEN Capotia Accessory required for the quest in your inventory.
  • If you have reformed the Capotia Accessory, you need to extract the reform stone to progress and complete the quest.


Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>

Cloud Accessory News Release

Official News Page