Naval Fame is a PVP point system that can limit your access to sea-related content.

Defeating sea creatures will increase your Naval Fame, while attacking other adventurers and their ships will reduce your Naval Fame.



Naval Fame UI

View Naval Fame: Profile (P) β†’ Status

Naval Fame

  • Naval Fame is shared by family, and measures the adventurer’s Karma at sea.
  • Naval Fame begins at 0 and can be increased up to 300,000 or drop to -1,000,000.
  • If your Naval Fame is greater than 0, you’ll become a “Marine”, and if lower than 0, a “Pirate.”
    • Maximum Marine Fame: 300,000
    • Maximum Pirate Fame: -1,000,000
  • Attacking other Adventurers with a character on big ships:
    • Karma: Drops by 3,000 on first attack. Drops by 50,000 when defeating a character
    • Naval Fame: Drops by 50,000 on first attack. Drops by 200,000 when defeating a character.
  • Naval Fame or Karma drops by 3,000 on first attack of Monsterbane Cannon and 30,000 if it is destroyed. (Naval Fame: on big ship. Karma: no big ship.)


Pirate Penalties

  • While in pirate status, your ship will be marked in red, allowing you to be attacked by the ships of adventurers without activating PvP mode.
  • You can no longer ride the Guild Galley if your Naval Fame is in pirate mode.
  • While in pirate status, you won’t be able to interact with, repair or supply your ship through normal wharf managers. You will only be able to repair and resupply your ship through Gafur, the wharf manager of the pirate-ridden Kuit Islands.
  • Ship items have a chance to drop an enhancement level when the ship is destroyed while the character is a Pirate with less than 0 Naval Fame.
  • Ships can only equip/unequip items in safe zones if the character is a Pirate with less than 0 Naval Fame.


Pearl Abyss has stated they are currently preparing future contents so that different roles can be played by adventurers in Naval Fame without being unfair to one particular side over the other.


Restoring Naval Fame

  • You can restore your Naval Fame by defeating Sea Creatures.
  • Hans of Velia restores Naval Fame to Adventurers who bring him supplies hidden at the Coastal Cave. Quest: β€˜[Repeat] Hidden Item’
  • Your Naval Fame is affected by Guild Skills, Pet Skills, Tear of Repentance, and other Karma Recovery effects. However, your Naval Fame is not affected by the Book of Repentance.


Sea Monster Naval Fame Rewards

Thanks so much to Soovery for the Naval Fame data gathering! view source

  • Lekrashkhan : 5300
  • Large Battlehip : 1800
  • Saltwater Crocodile : 1700
  • Violent Sea Monsters : 1700
  • Candidum : 1450
  • Nine Shark : 1450
  • Black Rust : 1450
  • Medium Battleship : 1000
  • Sea of Silence Ghost Ship : 1000
  • Ocean Stalkers : 850
  • Hekaru : 850
  • Nineshark/Young Candidum/Black Rust : 850
  • Small Battleship : 350
  • Hungry Monster : 280
  • Young OS/Hekaru : 280
  • Margoria Phantom Ship : 0
  • Cursed Pirate Ship : 0


Unwanted PVP During PVE Sailing & Barter

Forced and unwanted PVP can happen in BDO, but there are a few measures you can do to prevent it.

  • PVP is disabled on certain servers like Olvia and Season.
  • Level 49 characters and below can’t be killed in PVP, however they also can’t fire cannons on a ship in order to complete sailing quests.
  • Try to avoid blocking busy ports, like Barter NPC and Wharf Managers. This won’t hinder perma red players, but it helps keep the peace at sea.
sailing pvp death resurrect

What to Do When PVP Happens

If you are killed by someone who enabled PVP, there are several unfortunate events…

  • All Barter Trade Items inside your ship’s inventory are destroyed.
    • Normal goods will still be left inside your ship’s inventory.
  • When a ship is destroyed, sailors have a chance of becoming sick and require recovering.
  • You will incur no normal PVE death penalties like combat exp loss.
  • Travel Back to a Wharf Manager to restore your ship.
    • You will be left stranded in the water wherever the PVP happened.
    • Press Escape β†’ Emergency Escape to go to the nearest safe area.
    • Use a Traveler’s Map which can be purchased on the marketplace.
    • If you were killed also after your ship, your corpse will be left in the water. Resurrect to closest safe area or town.
  • Repair Ship: It will cost a bit of silver at the Wharf Manager to repair your ship back to working order.
traveler's map

Helping Karma Along

Feelings enrages and seekings a pirates heads nows? πŸ™‚

View a PVP event by pressing P β†’ Journal tab.


TIP: Pirates can only use the Wharf Manager at Kuit Islands.

Stalkings creeps muches?

pvp sailing view player



Red Player Info

For more PVP and red player info, please visit Muiquun’s detailed Red Player Guide. Nice job explaining everything!