Nouver Outfit is an elite costume for wealthy players, costing over 30 billion silver and many Bloodstorm Nouver battles. After you obtain the Nouver Costume, you will also be rewarded with a baby Nouver pet, called Nouvermon.


Nouver Helmet Stats:

  • Vision Range +10m

Nouver Armor Stats:

  • Death Penalty Resistance +10%
  • Amity +10%
  • Jump Height Up

Shared Pearl Costume Set Effects:

  • Outfit Slot Equip Effects:
    • (4 Parts): Combat EXP +10%
    • (6 Parts): Skill EXP +10%
    • (8 Parts): Death Penalty Resistance, Reduce Weapon Durability Consumption +10%

Nouver Costume Requirements

Nouver Outfit Item List:

  • 42,000 Black Stone
  • 30 billion silver for 60x Cantarnia’s Crystal @ 500m each
  • 6 boss gear to melt for 6 Concentrated Boss’s Aura
  • Bloodstorm Nouver Drops:
    • 1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Ragged Wing (for Armor Piece)
    • 1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Split Horn (for Helmet Piece)
    • 60 Latent Boss Aura
    • 420 Bloodlit Eye of the Desert (get 1 for 1 Wing or Horn)

Nouver Costume Cost:

You could obtain the Nouver Armor or Helmet only, which reduces the quantities needed by half.

Each costume piece will cost about 18 billion silver, if you have to purchase everything from the Marketplace. But even if you gather everything yourself, it will still cost you at least 15 billion silver to purchase the NPC items to craft one piece of the set.

TIP: The armor will share the Pearl Costume buff with costume helmets. (Helmets are sometimes obtained via events.)

Nouver Outfit NPC

After fighting Bloodstorm Nouver, and obtaining all the drops you need, talk to NPC named, “Guest from Everfrost” in Valencia City. View codex map.


Nouver NPC Quest or Exchange Reward
1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Ragged Wing Dormant Nouverikant Armor (need 1)
1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Split Horn Dormant Nouverikant Helmet (need 1)
Equip both the Nouverikant Armor and Nouverikant Helmet to accept her quest T4 Nouvermon (*hugs*)


  • 1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Ragged Wing
  • or 1 Bloodstorm Nouver’s Split Horn
1 Bloodlit Eye of the Desert (need 420)



ATTENTION: the NPC you need wanders around the following NPC:

Manmehan Nesser <History of Laws Manager>
Location: Valencia City

BDO Manmehan Nesser Location Map

Nouver Outfit Enhancement

In order to wear the Nouver Outfit pieces, the “Dormant” pieces must be enhanced to PEN level.

210 Bloodstorm Black Stone are required to ugrade each piece. Total Needed for the set is 420.


Bloodstorm Black Stone Recipe:


Processing (L) > Heating:

  • 1 Bloodlit Eye of the Desert
  • 100 Black Stone



  • 42,000 Black Stone
  • 420 Bloodlit Eye of the Desert
BDO Nouver Outfit Enhancement

Cantarnia’s Crystal from Francia

Travel to O’dyllita and find Francia, the Chief Librarian of O’draxxia Library.

She is located in the eastern part of O’draxxia.

Purchase 60: (30 if only making 1 piece)

Cantarnia’s Crystal

Total Price: 30 billion silver. (15b for each costume piece)


Francia <Verti Chief Librarian>
Location: O’draxxia City (Library)

BDO Francia Location Map

Nouver Armor & Helmet Recipes

After enhancing to PEN, and gathering the last two materials, you can finally craft the outfit.

Processing (L) > Manufacture:

Nouver Costume Recipe Nouver Costume
PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Helmet
Cantarnia’s Crystal x30
Unstable Nouver Core x3
Nouverikant Helmet
PEN (V) Dormant Nouverikant Armor
Cantarnia’s Crystal x30
Unstable Nouver Core x3
Nouverikant Armor


Craft 6 Unstable Nouver Core:


Processing (L) > Heating:

  • Concentrated Boss’s Aura x6
  • ย Latent Boss Aura x60

Nouver Pet: Nouvermon

T4 pet that is of the Special type.

  • Pick up loot every 2.5 seconds
  • Talent: Skill Exp 1% per tier
  • Special: Hostility Detection
  • Exchange Restriction: Cannot be exchanged with a Wizard Gosphy.

NOTE: very few pets are of “Special” type, limiting exchange options for the purpose of rerolling pet skills.


Nouver Pet

Nouver Outfit Title Reward

The “Nouverikant” title can be obtained if you have both Nouverikant Armor and Nouverikant Helmet.

Title Requirements:

  • Completed the “Nouvermon” quest by talking to “Guest from Everfrost” with both the Nouverikant Armor and Helmet equipped.
  • Talk to the Black Spirit (,) to obtain the title.


Other Nouver Related Titles:

  • NuuuvAaannng! โ†’ make the last killing blow on Nouver
  • Now or Nouver โ†’ took part in the account transfer from Kakao Games to Pearl Abyss.
Nouverikant Outfit & Title

Nouverikant Appearance

Nouverikant outfits can be dyed. View the animations, courtesy of Pearl Abyss, to see which sections can have their colors changed.

Nouverikant Helmet (3 parts)

Nouverikant Armor (12 parts)

Change Nouverikant Outfit Class

The following quests revert your Nouverikant outfits into outfit boxes so you can wear them on another character.


Quest Objectives Quest Reward
[Daily] Sealed Nouverikant Helmet Hand over Cantarnia’s Crystal x2
Hand over Nouverikant Helmet
Sealed Nouverikant Helmet x1
[Daily] Sealed Nouverikant Armor Hand over Cantarnia’s Crystal x2
Hand over Nouverikant Armor
Sealed Nouverikant Armor x1


These are daily quests that revert the Nouverikant Helmet/Armor back to its sealed state.

The quest can be accepted if you equipped Nouverikant Helmet/Armor, or have it in your Pearl Inventory.


You also need to purchase Cantarnia’s Crystal from Francia in O’draxxia.

TOTAL COST for BOTH QUESTS: 2 billion silver

Francia <Verti Chief Librarian>
Location: O’draxxia, O’dyllita
View location on


Take the Nouver outfit and required items to Burt Bedmountain, located in O’draxxia.

Burt Bedmountain <Prophet of the Black Sun>
Location: O’draxxia, O’dyllita
View location on

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