Milk is one of the most sought after Cooking Ingredients in BDO, but it is often called a “bottlenecked” item! What’s a poor Cook to do? Lets see what we can discover about BDO milk. 🙂


  • Obtain Milk:
    • Nodes: no nodes produce milk!!! (Where’s my Mama Bessi node?)
    • Cow Milking Minigame: requires player Energy and active time
    • Farming Haystacks: restricted by growth time, Haystacks, and CP, but mostly AFK
    • Marketplace: The easiest way to obtain Milk, is to order it on the Marketplace, but it may be sold out or too expensive
    • Witch’s Delicacy: a cooking byproduct—exchange 10 for 120 Milk
  • Milk is required for many of our favorite Cooking Recipes.

Cow Milking Yields

The amount of milk you obtain from milking a cow increases with Professional+ level of Gathering Life Skill.

Gathering Level Milk
Beginner 1 to Skilled 10 25 to 40
Professional 1 to Artisan 10 35 to 55
Master 1 to Guru 50 50 to 65


Price EachIn Stock

Price and availability updated every 30 minutes.

Cooking with Milk

Milk Recipes Cooking Level EXP
White Sauce Beginner 1 400
Aloe Yogurt Beginner 6 400
Sute Tea Skilled 1 1000
Fruit Pudding Beginner 6 400
Soft Bread Beginner 6 400
Oatmeal Apprentice 1 700
Milk Tea Skilled 1 1000


Milk Recipes Cooking Level EXP
Honeycomb Cookie Apprentice 6 1000
Borscht Apprentice 1 700
Honeycomb Cookie Apprentice 6 1000
Ghormeh Sabzi Professional 1 800
Chowder Professional 1 0
Delotia Milk Tea Skilled 1 0
Delotia Tart Skilled 1 0


Cow Locations

There are 6 locations where you will find milking cows.

Cow Locations: (click links for bdolytics maps) 

BDO Cow Farm Milk Location Map

Cow Milking Minigame

Cow Milking Minigame costs 10 Energy for each attempt.

You have 30 Seconds to fill the Milk jar to 100%.

  • Walk up to a cow and press the R button.
  • Click the Left mouse button to begin
  • Press and hold down the correct mouse button to empty the udder with the most milk.
  • Dont let the milk level touch the red of the udder, or you will fail!

TIP: it’s NOT a race to see how quickly you can click back and forth between the left and right mouse buttons. Watch the milk level and carefuly time your clicks. Being too quick will make it more difficult.

BDO Milking Minigame

Look for a Daily Milking quest NPC at each of the Cow Farms.

Cow Farming for Milk, Beef, & Hide

The Farming Life Skill is also a decent source of Milk, with a bit of  Beef (Meat) and Ox Hide (Tough Hide).

Cow Farming Requirements:

  • Contribution to rent a Fence (3 CP for a 4 slot Small Fence)
  • Fence with at least 4 slots for each Haystack
  • 1 Haystack (aka Cow Feed)
    • Processing > Drying > Weed x50

Magical Haystack Average Yield:

Ox Hide
96 10 6.7


Obtain Magical Haystacks by breeding Special or Magical Haystacks using the Farming Life Skill.

Grow time is 4hr 37m. Fertilizer is ineffective.

BDO Haystacks on the Marketplace

It usually isn’t too difficult to find Cow Feed on the Markeplace.

Special Haystack = for the Rich and Crafty Haystack 🙂


Milk Rewarded for Cooking

When cooking, there is a chance you can obtain a rare byproduct called, “Witch’s Delicacy“.


Witch’s Delicacy Highlights

  • players report a drop rate of about 2.3%
    • get about 2 Witch’s Delicacy for every 100 crafts
  • exchange for Milk, Beer, or Contribution Points + Cooking Exp
    • note that 30 Cooking Exp = 30,000 Cooking Exp


BDO Witch's Delicacy

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