Scorching Sun Shard is an ingredient used to craft and upgrade Godr Weapons.

Godr Weapons provide an alternative way to upgrade TET Blackstar weapons to PEN. Instead of one big upgrade from TET to PEN, Godr-Ayed Weapons provide 5 tiers to get from TET to PEN.



Scorching Sun Shard:


  • 10 are required to obtain 1 Godr Weapon
  • 1 is required for each Godr Weapon upgrade attempt
  • obtained in Elvia Calpheon
    • daily, weekly, and other quests
    • rare drop from all Calpheon Elvia grinding spots

Scorching Sun Shard

Ingredient in Scorching Sun Crystal

You will need 10 Scorching Sun Shards for each Godr Weapon.

This will allow you to craft 1 Scorching Sun Crystal, to obtain 1 Godr Weapon.


Processing (L) → Heating:

30- Magical Shard

10- Scorching Sun Shard (rare drop from mobs in Elvia Calpheon)

100- Black Stone (Weapon)


Scorching Sun Crystal

Ingredient in Scorching Sun Gemstone

You need 1 Scorching Sun Shard for each each Godr Weapon upgrade attempt.

1 Scorching Sun Shard is part of a recipe to craft 1 Scorching Sun Gemstone.


Processing (L) → Heating:

Hard Black Crystal Shard
Sharp Black Crystal Shard
Scorching Sun Shard
Mass of Pure Magic


— OR —


Processing (L) → Heating:

Scorching Sun Shard
Flawless Magical Black Stone


Blackstone Powder can be used to make batches of 10.

Scorching Sun Gemstone

Obtaining Scorching Sun Shard

Scorching Sun Shard is obtained by quest and grinding mobs in Elvia Calpheon.

  • Rare Drop from Mobs
  • Daily or weekly kill quests
  • one-time once per family quest


Scorching Sun Shards via Quest

2 quests are available only once per Family.

Requires level 60 or higher character on an Elvia server.

  • Quest Name: “[Elvia] Darkness Upon the Saunil Battlefield”
  • Quest NPC: Trina Knights Scout Henley, the Saunil Camp node manager
  • Quest Reward: Scorching Sun Shard x20

There is also a quest line that gives 1. See details below.





Trina Knights Scout Henley
<Node Management>
Location: Saunil Camp

Calpheon Elvia Quest Line

The Calpheon Elvia quest line starts with Black Spirit. It requires the Elvia Serendia quest line completion to obtain.


  1. [Elvia] What’s A-happening with the Ahib?
  2. [Elvia] Trembling Leaves
  3. [Elvia] Prelude to Corruption
  4. [Elvia] Darkness Cast Over Keplan
  5. [Elvia] Stolen Hopes and Joy
  6. [Elvia] Minions of Hadum
  7. [Elvia] Rift of Despair
  8. [Elvia] Cause of Calamity
  9. [Elvia] Never Ganelle Give You Up
  10. [Elvia] Unwelcome Aid

Completing this quest line will open up two weekly quests for Scorching Sun Shards.

For more details on this questline, please see my Elvia Calpheon page.

Scorching Sun Shard Daily Quests

Repeatable daily quests in Elvia Calpheon will reward 1 to 5 Powder of Nightmare. of Nightmare x5 = Scorching Sun Shard x1


Also visit the city of Keplan, where there are two weekly quests that will reward 10 Powder of Nightmare each. (Requires main Elvia Calpheon quest line completion.)

Powder of Nightmare



Quest NPC Quest Name Defeat Monsters
Saunil Camp
– Trina Knights Scout Henley
[Elvia Daily] Preemptive Strike Saunil Fighter x150 1
[Elvia Daily] Saunils Armed to the Teeth Saunil Armored Warrior x100 1
[Elvia Daily] Anomalies at Saunil Camp Saunil x1350 5
Rhutum Sentry Post
– Elinke Visamin
[Elvia Daily] Raving Rhutums Rhutum Soldier x500 1
[Elvia Daily] Shining Rhutum Flag Rhutum Fighter x300 1
[Elvia Daily] Magic-wielding Rhutum? Rhutum x1650 5
Gehaku Plain
– Naku Davi
[Elvia Daily] Flickering Flame Giant Brawler x150 1
[Elvia Daily] Stranger Noises Giant Combatant x400 1
[Elvia Daily] Giant Brutality Giant x1600 5
Hexe Sanctuary
– Becker
[Elvia Daily] Trail Gone Deathly Cold Skeleton x150 1
[Elvia Daily] Nightly Howls Skeleton Wolf x200 1
[Elvia Daily] Darkened Sanctuary Skeleton x1600 5
Anti-Troll Fortification
– Andre Vidal
[Elvia Daily] Stoned Trolls Ancient Troll Warrior x5 1
[Elvia Daily] Hideous Odor Risen Troll Warrior x40 1
[Elvia Daily] Darkened Sanctuary Troll x200 5
– Brolina’s Guard
[Elvia Weekly] Gigagord Shadow of Nightmares Gigagord x1 10
[Elvia Weekly] Minions of Nightmares Shadow of Nightmares monsters x20 10

Grinding Spots for Scorching Sun Shard

The following grinding spots give Scorched Sun Shard. Mechanics courtesy of patch notes.


Calpheon Elvia Spot Grinding Spot Mechanics

Saunil Camp
270 AP
330 DP


  • Defeat Hadum-infested Saunils and the Saunils will charge with siege towers to take down the flags of Calpheon.
  • Defeat the Saunil Siege Towers and enraged Saunil soldiers will rush in to attack Adventurers and Calpheon’s soldiers.
  • Defeat all of the enraged Saunils to obtain a buff near the flag that greatly increases your damage.

Rhutum Outstation
280 AP
360 DP


  • Defeat all the Glorious Rhutum guarding the Rhutum flag and Rhutum warriors will rush in.
  • Defeat all the Rhutum warriors and the Rhutum will retreat after burning the supply boxes. Destroy these boxes before they burn down to obtain their loot.
  • Destroy the three Rhutum watchtowers installed near Rhutum flags to summon the Rhutum Wizard, untouched by Hadum’s corruption, who will cast a barrier buff to reduce damage taken from monsters for Adventurers.
  • Defeat Rhutum for a low chance to summon the Grand Rhutum Chief.

Gehaku Plain
290 AP
370 DP


  • Defeat Giants and “World-weary Souls” will appear. The more souls gather, the more powerful Giants will rush in.
  • Once enough souls have gathered, Ravening Giants will rush in to steal the souls, which ultimately ends with the Giant Fighter appearing.
  • Defeat the Giant Fighter to free the souls who grant an attack/cast speed buff and also has a low chance to summon Gehaku.

Hexe Sanctuary
300 AP
390 DP


  • Defeat the Hexe undead and “Soul of the Dead” will appear where they fall. Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth will collect these souls.
  • You cannot attack Skeleton Witmirth if it hasn’t harvested enough souls.
  • Once Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth has harvested enough “Souls of the Dead,” it will crave the soul of Adventurers and attack.
  • Souls harvested by the Soul Harvester Skeleton Witmirth will summon forth even more undead.
  • Defeat Unstable Soul Green Orc Skeleton Warriors and their souls will explode to deal much damage to undead nearby.   Once enough deathly energy has gathered, Hexe Marie will appear herself to mercilessly attack Adventurers.
  • “Hexe Marie” will demand “Skeleton Soldiers” nearby to sacrifice themselves for her. – The souls of these “Skeleton Soldiers” will explode dealing powerful damage to Adventurers and undead alike.

Quint Hill
310 AP
400 DP


  • Once an Ancient Troll’s HP goes below a certain point, it will unleash its HP to charge its Stamina.
  • Petrified Trolls nearby hit by this burst will awaken. Awakened Ancient Trolls will also gain a powerful DP buff for a short time immediately after their resurrection.
  • Sealed Troll Shamans remain dormant but if destroyed, will petrify all Trolls nearby, applying a DP Reduction debuff as well.
  • Once risen, Ancient Trolls will not return to a petrified state, but a paralyzed one.