Magical Shards are used to upgrade Jetina PEN Boss Gear and Jetina PEN Accessory. They are also used to craft other items like Manos gear and crystals.

Magical Shards are primarily obtained by heating Sealed Black Magic Crystals and certain yellow-grade Black Magic Crystals.

As of patch 5/25/2022, yellow-grade Black Magic Crystals now drop as Sealed Black Magic Crystals. Sealed Black Magic Crystals are stackable in your inventory, making them easier to store and process.

Jetina insists on using up all Magical Shards! Perhaps a little fire from my BMC melting will warm up her cold greedy heart! haha! 🙂

BDO Magical Shard

Magical Shard via Black Magic Crystals

Magical Shard Recipe:

Processing (L) ➔ Heating Sealed Black Magic Crystal or certain yellow-grade Black Magic Crystal.

  • Most of the time you get 1 Magical Shard for each Sealed Black Magic Crystal you heat.
  • Sometimes you get 2 Magical Shards. Ratio seems to be 1 out of every 10 processed. (Master 3 Processing)
Heating Black Magic Crystal for Magical Shard

Black Magic Crystals to Heat for Magical Shards

Lets see the current marketplace price, stock, and demand for Black Magic Crystals we can process to create Magical Shards.

Marketplace data is updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

BMCBase PriceInstockDaily Volume
Sealed Black Magic Crystal1,400,000697138,846
Black Magic Crystal - Sturdiness1,800,000391513
Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation1,710,00012560
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness1,810,000394552
Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness1,810,000394552
Black Magic Crystal - Assault1,770,000238538
Black Magic Crystal - Ensnare1,690,000206435
Black Magic Crystal - Descent1,800,000242488
Black Magic Crystal - Agility1,850,000828469
Black Magic Crystal - Memory1,780,000102518
Black Magic Crystal - Memory1,780,000102518
Black Magic Crystal - Ascension1,830,000403525
Black Magic Crystal - Vigor1,850,000569553
Black Magic Crystal - Armor1,850,000667592
Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine1,840,000258573
Black Magic Crystal - Valor2,060,000576510
Black Magic Crystal - Precision4,870,000231977
  1. Sealed Black Magic Crystal
  2. Black Magic Crystal – Sturdiness
  3. Black Magic Crystal – Intimidation
  4. Black Magic Crystal – Swiftness
  5. Black Magic Crystal – Swiftness
  6. Black Magic Crystal – Assault
  7. Black Magic Crystal – Ensnare
  8. Black Magic Crystal – Descent
  9. Black Magic Crystal – Agility
  10. Black Magic Crystal – Memory
  11. Black Magic Crystal – Memory
  12. Black Magic Crystal – Ascension
  13. Black Magic Crystal – Vigor
  14. Black Magic Crystal – Armor
  15. Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine
  16. Black Magic Crystal – Valor
  17. Black Magic Crystal – Precision

Magical Shard via Grinding Spots

Many grinding spots drop Sealed Black Magic Crystal, which can be heated to obtain Magical Shards.

Since Sealed Black Magic Crystal is a rare drop, don’t forget to buff Item Drop Rate. For example, use an Item Collection Increase Scroll.

Centaurus Herd (Lower AP)

Centaurus Herd is one of the best grinding spots for Magical Shard for those with around 180 AP because it has an above average drop rate for Sealed Black Magic Crystals, which you can melt for Magical Shards. But it also has other desirable traits.

  • Sealed Black Magic Crystal: 17 / hour
  • Yona’s Fragments: 9 / hour (3 Yona’s + 1 Centaurus Belt)
  • Scroll Written in Ancient Language: 16 / hour
  • Black Stone: 84 / hour
  • Caphras Stone: 24 / hour

Unfortunately, Centaurus Herd does not drop Atanis Element, the pity drop for Infinite Pots. However, it makes up for this by having other decent drops and good silver per hour for its difficulty level.

Centaurus Herd

AP: 180
DP: 200

Location: Taphtar Plain, Valencia
W of Sand Grain Bazaar

View node map.

Primal Giant Outpost (Mid AP)

Primal Giant Post is the best grinding spot for Magical Shards if you have around 280 AP. But it also has other desirable traits.

  • Sealed Black Magic Crystal: 20 / hour
  • Crystallized Despair: 6 / hour
  • Scroching Sun Shard: 8 / hour
  • Black Distortion Earring: 1 / 3 hours
  • Black Stone: 204 / hour

Primal Giant Outpost offers good silver per hour just from the trash loot. Crystalized Despair is used to upgrade top tier Alchemy Stones like Vell’s Heart. Scorching Sun Shard is used to upgrade Godr-Ayed Weapons and Marni Sniper Rifle.

Primal Giant Post
Location: Elvia Calpheon

AP: 280
DP: 380

Cyclops Land (High AP Dehkia)

Cyclops Land is the best grinding spot for Magical Shards. However, this location requires high AP and DP.

  • Sealed Black Magic Crystal: 28 / hour
  • Dawn Earring: 1.5 / hour
  • Black Stone: 192 / hour

The greatest benefit to Cyclops Land is the Dawn Earring that drops here, which really boosts its silver per hour. This is one of the best places to grind for silver.


Cyclops Land [Dehkia’s Lantern]
Location: Calpheon

AP: 310
DP: 400

PEN (V) Acc. Enhancement Kit

PEN (V) Acc Enhancement Kit gives 180 Magical Shards and other mats required for Jetina PEN Accessory.

PEN (V) Acc Enhancement Kit is given as a reward for giving 70 Season Seal of Journey.

Does it give 100% Materials for PEN Accessory?

  • 5.5% of 18,000 Blackstones required for base to PEN.
  • 33% of 180 Yona’s Fragment required for base to PEN.
  • 33% of 540 Magical Shards required for base to PEN.

PEN (V) Acc Enhancement Kit gives enough Blackstones to get Jetina Accessory to PRI level only.

  • However, you get 1/3 of the Yona’s Fragments and Magical Shards you need to obtain 0 to PEN.
  • You will still need to do plenty of Blackstone grinding even if you purchase this with 70 Seal of Journey.
  • You’ll also need 2300 Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst at a cost of 3.5 million silver each. (8,050,000,000 silver to upgrade from 0 to PEN.)
PEN Accessory 100% Enhancement Kit quest

Coelacanth Exchange

You can obtain 5 Magical Shard each week for exchanging Plump Coelacanth.

Obtain them by fishing in the designated fishing area in many major cites like Velia and Heidel.

To find the nearest location, equip a fishing rod and click the fising spot alert icon by the mini-map.

Plump Coelacanth Fish

Magical Shards in Imperial Alchemy

Every 40 Imperial Alchemy Boxes you turn in rewards 1 Magical Shard.

1 Medicine Box = 1 Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy]

x40 Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] =  Magical Shard - BDOx1 Magical Shard


  • Imperial Alchemy is restricted by your Contribution Points, mats, and skill.
  • You can turn in 1 Medicine Box for every 2 CP you have.
  • Every 80 CP will allow you to obtain 1 Magical Shard every day.
    • 80 CP: 1 Magical Shard
    • 160 CP: 2 Magical Shards
    • 240 CP: 3 Magical Shards
    • 320 CP: 4 Magical Shards
    • 400 CP: 5 Magical Shards
processing medicine box alchemy

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