Magical Shard is a highly desirable material used to upgrade Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear and PEN Accessory. It is also used to craft other items like Manos gear and crystals.

Magical Shards are primarily obtained via Black Magic Crystals and Imperial Alchemy.


Jetina insists on using up all Magical Shards! Perhaps a little fire from my BMC melting will warm up her cold greedy heart! haha! 🙂

BDO Magical Shard

Magical Shard via Black Magic Crystals

Magical Shard Recipe:

Processing (L) ➔ Heating any Black Magic Crystal of yellow grade.

  • Most of the time you get 1 Magical Shard for each Black Magic Crystal you melt.
  • Sometimes you get 2 Magical Shards. Ratio seems to be 1 out of every 10 processed. (Master 3 Processing)


Magical Shard is often called a “bottleneck” item because Black Magic Crystals are pre-ordered on the Marketplace.


Note: “Black Magic Crystal” must be yellow grade and not just the “Magic Crystal” of yellow grade. Also the higher grade Ancient Magic Crystals and lower grade crystals do not produce Magical Shards.

Heating Black Magic Crystal for Magical Shard

Black Magic Crystal Farming

Black Magic Crystals seem to drop better in some grinding spots.


Top BMC Grinding Spots:

  • Valencia (140 to 245 AP)
    • Taphtar Plain (Centaurs)
    • Roud Sulfur Mine
    • See player polls below
  • Elvia Grinding Spots (240+ AP)
Crescent Shrine Item Drops

Player Voting

Which grinding spots are the best for Magical Shards?


Choose up to 4 locations per poll.

Past Poll Results Here



#1 Taphtar Plain (Centaurs)

“Optimal AP” 190+


Notable Drops:

  • Centaurus Belt
  • Black Magic Crystal (5 different types)
  • Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Valencia Territory
W of Sand Grain Bazaar


Centuars won the polls last month for the best place to grind for BMCs.

Taphtar Plain: Centaur

Thanks somethinglovely for map! View location there.

Roud Sulfur Mine

“Optimal AP” 210+


Notable Drops:

  • Sicil’s Necklace
  • Manos Craftsman’s Clothes
  • Black Magic Crystal – Intimidation
  • Map of Unknown Piece

Valencia Territory
NE of Valencia City


roud sulfur

Thanks somethinglovely for map! View location there.

Crescent Shrine

“Optimal AP” 140+

Crescent Chief Gatekeeper has increased BMC drop rate

Notable Drops:

  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine
  • Scroll Written in Ancient Language


Valencia Territory (SW section of Great Desert)
SE of Sand Grain Bazaar


More Valencia Grinding Spot Goodness: Duodecil’s (thanks Duo! 🙂

BDO Crescents Location Map

Thanks somethinglovely for map! View location there.

BMC Drop Rate Changes

Copied from patch notes Dec 1, 2021 Patch.

Increased the Black Magic Crystal item drop rate in the following monster zones. Changed Black Magic Crystals to also drop from monsters that didn’t drop them previously. Thus, the drop rates in the following monsters zones have been adjusted accordingly.

Monster Zones Increased Chance
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Approx. +750%
Waragon Nest Approx. +180%
Bashim Base Approx. +600%
Aakman Temple Approx. +240%
Roud Sulfur Mine Approx. +15,000%
Crescent Shrine Approx. +1,500%
Cadry Ruins Approx. +750%
Pila Ku Jail Approx. +1,000%
Hystria Ruins Approx. +120%

Black Magic Crystals via World/Field Boss

Bosses have a higher chance of dropping Black Magic Crystals. They also drop up to 5 Boss Crystals and up to 5 Latent Aura.

Example loot from Karanda spawns:

Stormbringer Karanda:

Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal and Aura
Karanda Loot: Black Magic Crystals

Normal Karanda:

Normal Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal & Aura
Normal Karanda Loot


Gatekeepers are elite mobs in Valencia made for parties.

You can get 1 Black Magic Crystal every 10 or 20 minutes by farming gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers are shown on the mini map as a red ⭐ star icon.

Cadry Chief Gatekeeper

Desert Naga Chief Gatekeeper

Desert Fogan Chief Gatekeeper

Crescent Chief Gatekeeper

Imperial Alchemy

x40 Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy] = x1 Magical Shard


1 Medicine Box = 1 Golden Seal – [Imperial Alchemy]


  • Imperial Alchemy is restricted by your Contribution Points, mats, and skill.
  • You can turn in 1 Medicine Box for every 2 CP you have.
  • Every 80 CP will allow you to obtain 1 Magical Shard every day.
    • 80 CP: 1 Magical Shard
    • 160 CP: 2 Magical Shards
    • 240 CP: 3 Magical Shards
    • 320 CP: 4 Magical Shards
    • 400 CP: 5 Magical Shards
processing medicine box alchemy

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