BDO Yar is a card game similar to Yahtzee that rewards up to 8 fun titles.

You can play an NPC or a real life person of your very own! To love with Yar Huggins win they lose! 🙂

The object of the game is to draw and choose five cards to create sets.

A set is a combination of cards that give a score. BDO calls these sets “hands”.

The player with the best sets, gets the highest total score and wins the game.

  • Time Limit: You get 45 seconds and 3 to 4 card draws to obtain the set you desire.


What Do You Think of Yar?

Yar How To

Yar can be complex, especially if you have never enjoyed playing Yacht (dice game) or Poker (card game).


Yar Step by Step:

  • Click “Start Game”, which starts the 45 second timer.
  • Available hand categories appear on the left.
  • Click “Draw 3/3” or “Draw 4/4” button to get 5 random cards.
  • Select the points for the current hand in the upper left column at any time to accept the hand and end your turn.
  • Optional Card Draws:
    • Click on the cards you want to keep. A lock icon indicates any card you selected.
    • Click “Draw 2/3” or “Draw 3/4” button to replace the cards you didn’t select.
    • Click any new cards you want to keep.
    • You can keep clicking “Draw” again until the maximum is reached. (You get 3 to 4 Draws.)

Yar Score Sheet

Your scores are recorded on a score sheet in the upper left corner.

After every card draw, you have the option of selecting the points for your current hand.

The score sheet shows all available options.

Click a number beside a hand to accept that hand’s points.

This will end your turn and you will forfeit any remaining card draws.

Each hand can be filled in only once.

Yar Score Card

Click any of the numbers (hand points) underneath your avatar to accept that score for the current turn.

Yar Timer

You have 45 seconds to draw all your cards and choose your hand.

If the timer runs out, before you click a score for a hand, BDO will choose one for you.

In some cases, you may want to click to accept a “0” in one category.

Yar Timer

Yar Card Game Point Rules

Each hand rewards from 0 to 50 points.


Traditional Term BDO Term Points How to Score
Ones Bit o’ Ones 0 to 5 Add only Aces (“A” Cards)
Twos Bunch o’ Twos 0 to 10 Add only Twos
Threes Lump o’ Threes 0 to 15 Add only Threes
Fours Nest o’ Fours 0 to 20 Add only Fours
Fives Clump o’ Fives 0 to 25 Add only Fives
Sixes Stack o’ Sixes 0 to 30 Add only Sixes
2 of a Kind Mates 0 to 12 With 2 cards of the same number, add those cards. Ex. 6,1,2,6,5)
3 of a Kind Peak 0 to 18 With 3 cards of the same number, add those cards. Ex. 3,1,1,2,1)
4 of a Kind Dragon Claw 0 to 20 With 4 cards of the same number, add those cards. Ex. 1,1,1,2,1)
2 Pair Double Trouble 0 or 15 2 cards of the same number + 2 cards of the same number
(The two sets must be different numbers. Ex. 3,3,5,5,1)
Full House Den of Wolves 0 or 25 3 cards with the same number + 2 cards of the same number
(The two sets must be different numbers. Ex. 3,3,3,5,5)
Yacht Yar! 0 or 50 5 cards of the same number
Short Straight Broken Arrow 0 or 30 4 cards are numbered sequentially. (Ex. 3,4,5,6,1)
Long Straight Straight Shot 0 or 40 5 cards are numbered sequentially. (Ex. 2,3,4,5,6)
Chance Chance 5 to 30 Count and add all cards


Yar Card Game with NPCs

Yar Card Game can be played with 4 different NPCs located in Velia, Balenos Territory.

  • Igor Bartali (beginner friendly)
  • Eileen
  • Islin Bartali
  • Crio

Interact with the NPC, then select the Yar icon.

Yar NPC Menu

The 45 second timer starts, when you select the START GAME button.

Yar Card Game with Igor

Igor is a beginner friendly NPC because he only has a few high level cards.

Igor Bartali Location Map

Igor Bartali <Chief>


Turns: 5 to 6

Card Draws: 4

Location: central Velia

Yar Card Game with Eileen

Eileen Location Map

Eileen <General Goods Vendor>


Turns: 5 to 6

Card Draws: 3

Location: SW area of Velia

Yar Card Game with Crio

Crio Location Map

Crio <Fish Vendor>


Turns: 5 to 7

Card Draws: 3 to 4

Location: NW area of Velia

Yar Card Game with Islin Bartali

Islin Bartali Location Map

Islin Bartali <Innkeeper>


Turns: 5

Card Draws: 3

Location: central Velia, inside Inn


Yar can be played with a friend (or enemy) that is on the same server channel.

Press Esc → Community (F9) → Yar!

Enter the player’s Family Name to invite.

Yar PVP Menu
Yar PVP Invitation

Accepting a Yar Invite

When another player invites you to a Yar game, a window will alert you.

It is located on the bottom right of your screen.

You have 1 minute to accept.

Yar PVP Invitation

Yar PVP Difficulty Modes


Yar PVP Difficulty Modes
Difficulty Card
★☆☆☆☆ 3 The most basic mode.
For casual Yar! players.
★★☆☆☆ 3 A mode with only odd-numbered hands.
Enjoy Yar! with only odd numbers.
★★☆☆☆ 3 A mode with only even-numbered hands.
Enjoy Yar! with only even numbers.
★★★☆☆ 3 A mode with numbered hands, Double
Trouble, Den of Wolves. Play with care.
★★★☆☆ 3 A mode that values low-numbered hands.
Commit to hands of low-numbered cards.
★★★★☆ 4 A mode with numbered hands, Broken Arrow,
and Straight Shot. Commit to cards in a row.
★★★★☆ 4 A mode without single-numbered hands.
“Chance” will determine the victor.
★★★★★ 4 A mode with all Yar! hands available.
Select this mode to play with all hands.


Yar Titles

Earn Yar titles from battling friends and NPCs.

NPC Match Victories How to Obtain
Welcome to Yar Win 1 Game
Heart of Yar Cards ?
Yar Outta Time ?
Yar Arena Master ?
PVP Match Victories How to Obtain
Gettin’ Yar Feet Wet Win 1 Game
Looking for Yar Players ?
Yar-mageddon ?
Yar Incarnate ?

Yar Hands

A Yar Hand is a combination of cards based upon their numbers.

You can ignore the colors and icons and focus only on the numbers of the cards.

Double Trouble (2 Pair)

Points: 15

Yar Double Trouble - Two Pair

2 cards of the same number with 2 matching cards of a different number. Examples: 3,5,2,3,5, or A,4,6,4,6, or A,2,2,A 6 and many more variations.

Broken Arrow (Small Straight)

Points: 30

Yar Broken Arrow - Small Straight

A small straight is 4 cards numbered in a sequential order. Examples: 6,A,2,3,4 or 3,2,3,4,5 or 3,4,6,5,6 or 3,A,2,4,6 etc.

Note that straights can be tricky to spot, like in the image above. This is because the cards are not 1-2-3-4 in a row and the A card stands for 1.

Straight Shot (Long Straight)

Points: 40

Yar Straight Shot - Long Straight

A long straight is 5 cards sequentially numbered. Examples: A,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6 or A,3,2,5,4 etc.

Note that some straights are tricky to spot, like in the image above. This is because the cards are not in a row.

Peak (3 of a Kind)

Highest Possible Points: 18

Yar Bit o’ Ones Peak

Three 6 cards is the best hand for 3 of a Kind. If it were 3 fives it would only be 15 points.

Den of Wolves (Full House)

Points: 25

Yar Den of Wolves - Full House

Full house is 3 cards of one number and 2 cards of another number.

Sources & Additional Info


Dec 1, 2021 Event Page Copied Below:


① Find the “Yar!” option in the New Menu (ESC) under Community (F9) to begin.


② Select a game mode (based on available Hands), then enter the Family Name of an Adventurer you wish to invite!

* You can also face off against Eileen, Islin Bartali, and Crio in Velia.


What’s a “Hand”? A hand here refers to a category of points made up by the types and/or number of cards face up in front of you.

└ E.g. – The ”Nest o’ Fours” hand is worth ”the sum of all 4s in points.”

So, if you have 4 / 4 / 1 / 2 / 6 displayed in front of you, those two 4s would earn you 8 points if you committed to the “Nest o’ Fours” hand.

Hand Description
Bit o’ Ones Gain the sum of all 1s (A) in points.
Bunch o’ Twos Gain the sum of all 2s in points.
Lump o’ Threes Gain the sum of all 3s in points.
Nest o’ Fours Gain the sum of all 4s in points.
Clump o’ Fives Gain the sum of all 5s in points.
Stack o’ Sixes Gain the sum of all 6s in points.
Mates Two of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Peak Three of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Dragon Claw Four of a kind. Gain their sum in points.
Double Trouble

Two pairs. Gain 15 points.

(Each pair must be different.)

Den of Wolves

One pair and three of a kind. Gain 25 points.

(Each set must be different.)

Yar! Five of a kind. Gain 50 points.
Broken Arrow Small straight (four in a row). Gain 30 points.
Straight Shot Large straight (five in a row). Gain 40 points.
Chance Gain the sum of all cards on the board in points.


Have you memorized all available Yar! hands yet, Adventurer?


③ When it’s your turn, use the “Draw!” button to draw up to five cards up to a set number of times!

– Any cards you choose to “Keep” by clicking on them will not be re-drawn when you press the “Draw!” button.


④ Any possible hands will display their scoreable points on the left-hand portion of the game window.

– You can commit to a specific hand by clicking on the points displayed next to that hand.


⑤ You will alternate in turn until all available hands have been committed to, and the Adventurer with the highest score wins!