Urugon is a boss that is highly desirable because he drops Urugon’s Latent Aura, Concentrated Urugon Crystal, and Urugon’s Shoes.

Urugon is available only via scrolls from Loyalties, repeatable quests, and events.


Urugon Scroll Quest Requirements:

  • Level 58+ (higher recommended)
  • Kamasylvia main quest line (most of it)
  • Ability to stay alive or have friends for Gyfin Rhasia, Kamasylvia
    • Optimal AP: 270+
    • Map Recommends Party of 5

Urugon <Boss>
AKA: Handsome Fella

*keeping the dev candles burning for more Urugon options*

Urugon Scrolls

Urugon is the Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain.


Urugon Scroll

Urugon Scroll Details

  • You cannot attack the summoned boss on servers with Node/Conquest Wars in progress.
  • In order to summon the boss, you must be able to accept a new Quest.
  • If you are unable to defeat the boss, you can attempt to complete the Quest again after joining another adventurer’s party.
  • Another Summon Scroll can’t be used while a boss is present.
  • A party cannot be formed while summoning a boss.
  • Only the party leader can summon the boss.
  • The party leader can’t be delegated if the boss has already been summoned.
  • If you fail to defeat the boss in 30 min, it will disappear.
  • The boss will also vanish if not engaged in combat for a span of 2 min at any point after being summoned.
  • There’s no penalty for death while fighting the boss.

Urugon Scroll via Quest

Obtain the ability to collect an Urugon Scroll weekly, by completing quests.

Start with the Kamasylvia main quest line. (Level 58+)


  • Press O key → Main → [Lv. 58 Kamasylvia] The Light of Kamasylve 0/90

This specific quest is required:

[Kamasylvia] Until the Fields Turn Golden

Kamasylvia Main Quest Line

Urugon Knowledge Quest

After completing the main Kamasylvia quest line, complete a quest to obtain knowledge and a scroll for Urugon.

Black Spirit (,) → Recurring → [Special VI] The Mightiest Warrior (1/W)

Select 1 Quest Reward:

Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain Summon Scroll

Awakened Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain Summon Scroll Piece

Urugon Scroll Pattern

3 pieces make an Awakened Urugon Scroll

Urugon Quest

Quest location is south of Grana, Kamasylvia.

Urugon's Quest: Mightiest Warrior

Gyfin Rhasia (or Ouchyfin Painia 🙂

For this quest, you must defeat 20 of the mobs at Gyfin Rhasia.

These are party mobs with high HP and DP, so come prepared.


Me @ Gyfin Rhasia (Solo):

  • Level 61 Awakened Guardian
  • 264 Awakening AP (using Kutum)
  • 313 DP
  • can handle 1 or 2 at a time.
  • Block is a life saver many times.
  • Suddenly killed when a third spawned on top of me.

Gyfin Rhasia is possible solo to get the 20 needed for the quest, but I don’t recommend it, unless you have much better gear. Ouch!


Gyfin Rhasia

Urugon Scroll Quest Each Week

When you have completed all the above, you will have the option to obtain an Urugon Scroll once every week from Black Spirit.

Black Spirit (,) → Recurring → [Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W)

Resets every Thursday after midnight.

Urugon Scroll via Loyalties

You also have the option of spending Loyalties.

x3,600 Loyalties = 1x Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain Summon Scroll

Press F3 → Loyalties tab

Estimated Time Cost: 18 days @ 200 Loyalties/day


Darkened Boss Scroll II

You can also collect other specific boss scrolls in order to spawn Urugon.

He is the 3rd and final boss from using a Darkened Boss Scroll II.

Darkened Parchment II

  • Awakened Monastery Boss Summon Scroll
  • Awakened Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll
  • Awakened Frightening Witch Summon Scroll
  • Awakened King of Navarn Steppe Summon Scroll
  • Awakened Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain Summon Scroll

Collect 10 of one of the above scrolls.

Urugon Boss Battle & Loot

I completed several normal Urugon Scrolls solo on my guardian.

I had more trouble fighting the party mobs at Gyfin solo. I was able to block most of Urugon’s CC and attacks.

For loot, you will usually get 1 Urugon’s Latent Aura and 5 Urugon’s Concentrated Crystal.

He also drops 1 to 3 Black Stones, silver, and 1 to 3 Hunter’s Seal.

You also get a chest from the Black Spirit quest each time you defeat Urugon.

Concentrated Urugon Crystal

Urugon’s Shoes

Urugon’s Shoes is a rare drop from defeating Urugon. You can also obtain it as an option for Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear.

Urugon’s Shoes is a yellow grade boss gear often compared to Muskan’s Shoes.

— Urguon’s vs Muskan’s —

PEN Stats:

Boss Shoes DP Evasion DR
Muskan’s Shoes
77 43 (+90)
34 (+14)
Urugon’s Shoes
79 43 (+45)
36 (+41)

Muskan’s trades 2 Sheet DP and 29 DR for 45 more Evasion.

TET Muskan's Shoes
TET Urugon's Shoes

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