BDO Hunting a Giant Wolf while doing Daily Hunting Quests

Here is a screenshot of my sister brandishing her Bobble Bobble Matchlock… Lucky girl! We enjoyed the Hunting content that was added in the 18th April 2018 patch, which focused on adding hunting content tied to the Balenos Islands. Who doesn’t love sailing the salty seas to conquer untamed lands and saving mankind from ferocious wild beasts!?

This Hunting guide will attempt to help you level the Hunting Profession. I have included a hunting location map and quest lists to aid you along the way.

HAPPY journeying!!

BDO Hunting Leveling

Leveling the Hunting Profession has gotten easier with the new hunting content added in Balenos Islands. Having wild animals grouped together on islands is nice for BDO Hunting enthusiasts.

HUH? What about Leveling my Character’s Level?
This Hunting guide is all about the Hunting Life Skill (Hunting Profession), which is a Life Skill found under the Profile tab. Are you looking for a guide on leveling your character through Combat EXP? Then never fear, our precious BDO Leveling Guide is here! 🙂

BDO Hunting XP drop from Hedgehog pet

Life XP & Hunting XP Buffs?
Hunting Skill is listed under Life Skills in the character profile window. However, because of the Hunting exp mechanics, there is debate upon exactly how much Life and Hunting XP buffs help in leveling Hunting skill. It’s agreed that there are two ways to level Hunting skill: butchering a <wild> mob corpse and obtaining a Hunting xp item drop and through hunting quests. I haven’t personally tested how buffs effect Hunting skill, however, I can confirm that the Hedgehog does help, as it sometimes procs two Hunting XP drops like shown in the image.

BDO Hunter's Clothes Quick Hunting/Life XP Item List:
  • Hunter’s Clothes – Challenge reward, Skilled 10 Hunter’s Clothes: 10% Hunting XP, (optional conversion into a Costume, using tailoring coupon, costs 1,500 Pearls) Hunter’s Clothes are also sold at Luxury Vendor
  • Time Elixirs – 8 or 10% Life EXP (5 to 15 minutes)
  • Perfume of Swiftness – 20% Life XP (stacks with Elixir of Flowing Time or Verdure Draught)
  • Verdure Draught – 20% Life XP for 15 minutes
  • Whale Meat Salad – 10% Life EXP for 75 minutes (crit: 15% for 90 minutes)
  • Seafood Cron Meal – 10% Life EXP for 2 hours
  • Loyalty Life Exp Scroll +50% Life Exp (300 Loyalties)
  • Life Mastery/Hunting Mastery Gear – Read the details in our Hunting Mastery Guide
  • Guild Buff (Experienced Cry) – 10% Life XP
  • GM’s Blessing or other event buff – 10% to 15% Life XP
  • Villa Life EXP Buff – 10% (via Tent or traveling to Valencia)
  • Pearl Shop Items
    • Value pack +10% Life Exp
    • PETS: Choppy, Hedgehog, Penguin, Marmot, Shadow Wolf, Little Lamb, Ferret, and most cat pets +1% Life Exp per Tier (up to +20% for 5 pets) and has a chance to learn a Hunting EXP buff (up to +25% for 5 pets)
    • Secret Book of Old Moon +50% Life Exp (1,250 Pearls)
    • Extra Life EXP Scroll +50% Life Exp for 1 hour (50 Pearls)

Conservative, Easily-Obtainable Total: +78% (Verdure Draught, Sute Tea, Scroll)

Detailed Hunting/Life Skill XP Item List

Hunting XP ItemHunting XP BuffDurationIngredientsAcquisition
Elixir of Time
Elixir of Time
Life Skill +10%
Life Skill +15%
5 min.
[10 min.]
8 min
[15 min.]
1x Weeds
1x Salt
1x Sunrise Herb
Processing » Filtering
Bottle of River or Turbid Water (gathered with an Empty Bottle)
 1x Monk’s Branch
 1x Trace of Ascension
 2x Blood 3:
Weasel Blood
Fox Blood
Raccoon Blood
Cobra Blood
 2x Powder of Time
 6x Fire Flake Flower
 5x Maple Sap

Processing » Simple Alchemy
1x Aal’s Tear (at Material Vendor for 22k)
Processing » Simple Alchemy
1x Blue Reagent (at Material Vendor for 50k)
● Marketplace (Current Price: 8.9k) Crit: 98k, [Party] 159k
● Alchemy Tool (Apprentice 1, Crit: Professional 1)
Verdure Draught
Verdure Draught
Life Skill +20%
Movement Speed +3
+200 LT
15 min.Simple Alchemy:
Worker’s Elixir x3, Elixir of Time x3, Elixir of Swiftness x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1

2 other Simple Alchemy recipes on
● Marketplace (Current Price: 243k)
● Simple Alchemy
Sute Tea
Sute Tea
Life XP +8%90 min.
110 min.
Tea With Fine Scent x2 + Milk x3 + Salt x1 + Butter x2

view recipe on
● Marketplace (Current Price: 9.1k, Crit: 71k)
● Cooking Utensil: Skilled Lv.1 (Crit: Professional Lv.7)
Value Pack
Value Pack
Life XP +10%1-90 DaysPurchase Pearls with real $$$ or obtain via Loyalties (you earn 100 Loyalties per day for logging in). Rarely through events, rewards, etc.● Marketplace (Current Price: 88 mil. lucky pre-order required)
● Loyalties: 1,400 (14 Days)
● Pearls: 1,500 (30 Days, $15)
Pearl Bear Pet
Life XP
Hunting XP 0-25%
permanent● Hunting XP 0-25% (random chance)
● Hedgehog: 1 extra Hunter XP gather (rng)
● Cats: Life XP 1-4% each
● Purchase Pearls with real $$$. Pets are rarely obtained through events, rewards, etc.
● Marketplace (Marketplace Price: 53 mil. lucky pre-order required)
● Challenge Reward: 5000 hours play time
● Pearls: 1,100 ($11)
[Costume] Hunter’s Clothes
Costume Hunter's Clothes
Hunting EXP +10%
Vision Range +10m
Fall Damage -50%
Armor, Gloves, Shoes, Helmet
Costume (Appearance) with Pearls
Requires: Hunting Skilled 10

When equipped, both Exploration Point Discovery Range and Vision Range increases. In addition, damage from falling off high places reduced.
Challenge reward for obtaining Professional Hunting skill, or purchase Hunter’s Clothes at the Luxury Vendor. To convert into a costume for appearance slots, purchase Pearls with real $$$ and buy an Equipment Tailoring Coupon: 1500 Pearls ($15) – pre-order at Market (Current Price: 72.5 mil.)
[Villa] Turning Gates
Villa Buff: Turning Gates
Life EXP +10%90
3x Gold Bar 1G (300k)
9x Gold Bar 1G (900k)
Villa Rental (7 Days):
1x Villa Invitation
1x Gold Bar 100G (10 mil.)
Villa Buff Locations: Karashu, Shakatu, Kiyak, Muna, Marzana, Talia
Perfume of Swiftness
Perfume of Swiftness
Life Skill +20%
Movement Speed +5
+200 LT
20 min.  1x Blue Whale Oil
1x Weeds
1x Salt
1x Sunrise Herb
Processing » Filtering
Bottle of River or Turbid Water (gathered with an Empty Bottle)
 4x Powder of Time
 6x Everlasting Herb
Processing » Filtering
Bottle of River or Turbid Water (gathered with an Empty Bottle)
● Market (Current Price: 7.4 mil.)
● Alchemy Tool (Skilled 1)
Blue Whale Oil: (Market: 4.4 mil.) or butcher Blue Whale with a butcher knife (requires group matchlock hunting) Dulfy’s Blue Whale Guide
Extra Life EXP Scroll
Extra Life EXP Scroll
Life XP +50%60 min.Earn 100 Loyalties per day for logging in.
Life scrolls are rarely obtained through events, Challenge rewards, etc.
● Loyalties: cost 300
● Pearls: cost 50

BDO Prerequisite Hunting Story Quests

Before you can get to the daily hunting quests, that give good hunting xp, you will need to complete a long series of hunting story quests. But don’t worry, they are fun and help make the hunting skill more interesting. This is where you get the chance to tremble before an innocent-looking killer owl hiding in the trees! BDO Hunting Owls

Short & Sweet Hunting Quest List:
This is a short and sweet list of the story quests required to obtain the hunting dailies. However, if you would like a more detailed guide of these beginner hunting quests, with screenshots, who to talk to, etc, please visit our other hunting guide, which goes into detail about how the Hunting skill works, which matchlocks you should use and enhance, etc. You will also find a land based rotation you can do to level hunting.

Before you Begin the Hunting Story Line…
Note: when you look up some of these hunting quests on the database sites, it will only list a level requirement. This isn’t correct. For example, I tried to go straight to Chuck Laurie with a level 49 character to start the hunting story chain and was unable to. I also tried visiting Daphne Laurie for her Shoot and Help quest to start there and was unable to.

Hunting Quest Problems Anyone?
Another issue I encountered while doing the hunting story quest line, was that the quest didn’t appear unless I had a rented Practice Matchlock from the correct NPC. Some of these quests, you can’t even kill the mob without using a Practice Matchlock. So, if you’re encountering errors/problems, try returning the Matchlock you currently own, or renting one.

Patch Notes – January 30th 2019: Your character can now use either a Practice Matchlock (which can be rented with Contribution Points) or a Hunting Matchlock to kill seagulls.

It can be a bit confusing to know exactly where you should go. So follow the quest order listed here step by step. It won’t be exact for every character you have. If you do encounter an NPC that doesn’t have the quest listed, try talking to the NPC with and without a rented Matchlock. If they still dont have the quest, then skip to the next in the list to see if you can bypass it.

Congrats! You have now obtained the title “Balenos’ Best Hunter”! Your hunting prowess will now allow you to obtain hunting xp and Hunter’s Tokens by completing repeatable quests for wild animals. There are a total of 13 daily quests around Balenos Islands, as well as two possible boss quests if you have saved up 90 Hunter’s Tokens. (45 tokens each) The 13 quests will provide 65 Hunter’s Tokens each day. (5 for each quest)

Daily/Repeatable Hunting Quests (Balenos Islands)

Here is a map of the location of wild mobs in the Balenos Islands. It shows the route I take to complete all the daily hunting quests. The quest giver’s names are numbered to show the matching quest in the list below the map. It also shows the locations of 3 different repair NPCs in the area. You will definitely need these unless you plan on packing allot of Matchlocks. Make sure you have butcher knives and enough silver in your inventory for repairs before you take off from Velia! (Repair price: 3,125 for a Skilled Matchlock)

BDO Hunting Locations & Daily/Repeatable Hunting Quests
  1. [Daily] Relaxing Fishing (Purio, Luivano Island)
  2. [Daily] Protect the Herbs! (Andes, Duch Island)
  3. [Daily] Impatiently Waiting (Ronde Greyfang, Eveto Island)
  4. [Daily] Problematic Raccoon (Anaki, Angie Island)
  5. [Daily] Retired Life and Hunting Life (Jango, Marka Island)
  6. [Daily] For the Future (Bilao, Louruve Island)
  7. [Daily] Narvo Island’s Unwanted Guests (Fabian, Narvo Island)
  8. [Daily] Narvo Island’s Important Guest (Fabian, Narvo Island)
  9. [Daily] Prominent Hunter (Tarima, Invernen Island)
  10. [Daily] Island Safety Manager (Tarima, Invernen Island)
  11. [Daily] Where Seagulls Fly (Arens, Orffs Island)
  12. [Daily] Lack of Will (Arens, Orffs Island)
  13. [Daily] Carefully Considered Decision (Sidimin, Baremi Island)
Main-Land Repeatables:
Boss Scrolls: White Wolf & King Brown Bear
  • [Daily] White Wolf Boss Subjugation (Agris Steppe, W of Velia)
  • [Daily] King Brown Bear Boss Subjugation (Fleme Hills, SW of Velia)
  • Chuck Laurie (S of Olvia):
  • [Daily] Easy Game
  • [Daily] The Reckless One
  • [Daily] Hunter’s Honor
  • Balenos Island Daily Hunting XP Quests:
    The daily Balenos Islands hunting quests can be completed once you have done the Hunting story quest line. All take place around Balenos Islands, so you will need a boat. Start from Velia and sail to the first island NW, called Luivano Island. To save travel time, do the hunting quests in the order they are numbered.

    13 Daily Hunting Quest Totals:
    BDO Hunter's Token 65 Hunter’s Tokens
    BDO Gold Bar 26 Gold Bars 1G (2.6 million silver)
    BDO Contribution Points 1,950 Contribution Points
    BDO Hunting XP 130,000 Hunting Skill XP
    BDO Boss Scrolls for Hunting 1 Boss Scroll (wolf or bear costs 45 tokens)
    BDO Hunting Skill XP20k Hunting Skill XP
    BDO Gold Bar 10GGold Bar 10G x 3 (3 million)
    BDO 300 CP300 CP

    Boss Rare Drops (Butchering):
    BDO Stuffed White Wolf Head Stuffed White Wolf Head
    (All AP +9 for 1 hr. upon use)
    BDO King Brown Bear Head King Brown Bear Head
    (All Accuracy +20 for 1 hr. upon use)

    <Wild> Monster Hunting Locations (Balenos Islands)

    Are you having trouble viewing the map above that shows all the locations for wild mobs? Then please view the ordered list below for wild mobs that you can hunt with a Matchlock. The locations are in order of convenience, which is the order you would probably travel if you were going sailing for the repeatable hunting quests.

    1. Luivano Island: Weasel
    2. Duch Island: Weasel, Raccoon
    3. Eveto Island: Giant Fox, Raccoon
    4. Angie Island: Racoon, Mischievous Raccoon
    5. Marka Island: Giant Fox, Giant Wolf
    6. Louruve Island: Giant Fox, Giant Wolf
    7. Narvo Island: Giant Brown Bear, Giant Wolf
    8. Invernen Island: Racoon, Giant Fox, Giant Wolf, Boss White Wolf, Seagull
    9. Orffs Island: Seagull, Small Humpback Whale
    10. Baremi Island: Weasel, Giant Brown Bear

    Hunting Advancement Quests

    Hunting advancement quests can only be done once on each character, however they often give a nice chunk of xp: sometimes 90% of your hunting level.

    Hunting Advancement QuestHunting
    % of
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 10]
    Shooting Practice
    Beginner 10109,50090%Daphne DelLucci
    Balenos Forest
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 15]
    Starting Point
    Apprentice 51512,70050%Daphne DelLucci
    Balenos Forest
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 20]
    Humpback Whale Hunt
    Apprentice 102041,50090%Hans
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 25]
    In Search of Freshwater Crocodiles…
    Skilled 52540,10050%Hans
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 30]
    Blue Whale I
    Skilled 1030118,10090%Hans
    [Hunting Advancement Lv. 34]
    Blue Whale II
    Professional 43473,50030%Hans
    [Hunting Level 37]
    Fugitive Khalk I
    Professional 737135,80030%Illen
    Hasrah Cliff
    [Hunting Level 40]
    Fugitive Khalk II
    Professional 1040524,20060%Illen
    Hasrah Cliff
    [Hunting Level 44]
    The Precious Molar
    Artisan 444597,30030%Illen
    Hasrah Cliff
    [Hunting Level 47]
    The Best Booty
    Artisan 7471,098,90030%Illen
    Hasrah Cliff
    [Hunting Level 50]
    An Absolute Hunter
    Artisan 10503,255,60050%Adam Berney

    Hunting XP Per Level

    The Xp table below will help you determine how many quests or wild animals you need, to obtain your next Hunting level/grade.

    Exp Needed to
    complete level
    Total XP
    Beginner 11400400
    Beginner 226001,000
    Beginner 331,2002,200
    Beginner 441,9004,100
    Beginner 552,9007,000
    Beginner 664,00011,000
    Beginner 775,40016,400
    Beginner 886,90023,300
    Beginner 998,60031,900
    Beginner 101010,60042,500
    Apprentice 11113,10055,600
    Apprentice 21215,90071,500
    Apprentice 31318,80090,300
    Apprentice 41422,000112,300
    Apprentice 51525,400137,700
    Apprentice 61629,100166,800
    Apprentice 71733,000199,800
    Apprentice 81837,100236,900
    Apprentice 91941,500278,400
    Apprentice 102046,100324,500
    Skilled 121104,600429,100
    Skilled 222117,600546,700
    Skilled 323131,200677,900
    Skilled 424145,400823,300
    Skilled 525160,200983,500
    Skilled 626175,6001,159,100
    Skilled 727191,6001,350,700
    Skilled 828208,2001,558,900
    Skilled 929234,8001,793,700
    Skilled 1030262,4002,056,100
    Professional 131300,4002,356,500
    Professional 232349,2002,705,700
    Professional 333409,2003,114,900
    Professional 434490,2003,605,100
    Professional 535593,0004,198,100
    Professional 636727,8004,925,900
    Professional 737905,2005,831,100
    Professional 8381,136,2006,967,300
    Professional 9391,441,6008,408,900
    Professional 10401,747,20010,156,100
    Artisan 1412,148,80012,304,900
    Artisan 2422,678,20014,983,100
    Artisan 3433,282,00018,265,100
    Artisan 4443,981,80022,246,900
    Artisan 5454,905,20027,152,100
    Artisan 6466,030,60033,182,700
    Artisan 7477,326,20040,508,900
    Artisan 8488,941,20049,450,100
    Artisan 94910,981,60060,431,700
    Artisan 105013,022,20073,453,900
    Master 15115,073,00088,526,900
    Master 25217,134,200105,661,100
    Master 35319,206,000124,867,100
    Master 45421,288,600146,155,700
    Master 55523,382,200169,537,900
    Master 65625,487,000195,024,900
    Master 75727,603,200222,628,100
    Master 85829,731,000252,359,100
    Master 95931,870,600284,229,700
    Master 106034,022,200318,251,900
    Master 116136,186,000354,437,900
    Master 126238,362,200392,800,100
    Master 136340,551,000433,351,100
    Master 146442,752,600476,103,700
    Master 156544,967,200521,070,900
    Master 166647,195,000568,265,900
    Master 176749,436,200617,702,100
    Master 186851,691,000669,393,100
    Master 196953,959,600723,352,700
    Master 207056,242,200779,594,900
    Master 217158,539,000838,133,900
    Master 227260,850,200898,984,100
    Master 237363,176,000962,160,100
    Master 247465,516,6001,027,676,700
    Master 257567,872,2001,095,548,900
    Master 267670,243,0001,165,791,900
    Master 277772,629,2001,238,421,100
    Master 287875,031,0001,313,452,100
    Master 297977,448,6001,390,900,700
    Master 308079,882,2001,470,782,900
    Guru 18182,332,0001,553,114,900
    Guru 28284,798,2001,637,913,100
    Guru 38387,281,0001,725,194,100
    Guru 48489,780,6001,814,974,700
    Guru 58592,297,2001,907,271,900
    Guru 68694,831,0002,002,102,900
    Guru 78797,382,2002,099,485,100
    Guru 88899,951,0002,199,436,100
    Guru 989102,537,6002,301,973,700
    Guru 1090105,142,2002,407,115,900
    Guru 1191107,765,0002,514,880,900
    Guru 1292110,406,2002,625,287,100
    Guru 1393113,066,0002,738,353,100
    Guru 1494115,744,6002,854,097,700
    Guru 1595118,442,2002,972,539,900
    Guru 1696121,159,0003,093,698,900
    Guru 1797123,895,2003,217,594,100
    Guru 1898126,651,0003,344,245,100
    Guru 1999129,426,6003,473,671,700
    Guru 20100132,202,2003,605,873,900
    Guru 21101
    Guru 22102
    Guru 23103
    Guru 24104
    Guru 25105
    Guru 26106
    Guru 27107
    Guru 28108
    Guru 29109
    Guru 30110
    Guru 31111
    Guru 32112
    Guru 33113
    Guru 34114
    Guru 35115
    Guru 36116
    Guru 37117
    Guru 38118
    Guru 39119
    Guru 40120
    Guru 41121
    Guru 42122
    Guru 43123
    Guru 44124
    Guru 45125
    Guru 46126
    Guru 47127
    Guru 48128
    Guru 49129
    Guru 50130

    Life Skill XP Changes on April 30th 2019

    Patch Notes – April 30th 2019 Source

    • In order to alleviate the difference among Life Skill levels, the required EXP and obtained EXP have been readjusted for Hunting, Training, Farming, and Sailing.
      (However, Life Skill EXP obtained from quests will not change.)

      • We have decided to make adjustments for the 4 Life Skills above in order to alleviate the difference among Life Skills Levels. Therefore, we reduced required EXP for Sailing and increased obtainable EXP for Hunting, Training and Farming. We’ll bring our best to preserve the value of every Adventurer’s efforts.

        • Required EXP decreased – Sailing

        • Obtainable EXP increased – Hunting, Training, Farming, Sailing, Fishing, Trade

      • With the change of the obtainable and required EXP amount, Life Skill Level for Hunting, Training, Farming and Sailing will also increase proportional to the adjustment made.

    Patch Notes – May 8th 2019: Source

    • Life Skill Level has been expanded.

      • While there are adventurers who have reached the Guru level in certain Life Skills, there are also certain Life Skills where adventurers are remaining at a relatively lower level.

      • Last week, we adjusted the amount of EXP required for each Life Skill in order to adjust for the amount of effort put into each Life Skill.

      • Also, in order to provide a target goal for adventurers who have already reached the top level, we have expanded all Life Skill levels up to “Guru 50”.

      • Due to the increase in Life Skill levels, you can now receive more benefits from the higher levels, and we will also continue to provide various updates to enhance the Life Skill content.

    Hunter’s Tokens & Daily Boss Scrolls

    There are two possible boss scrolls that you can do each day, which require the hunting skill to complete. The scrolls are obtained by turning in BDO Hunter's Token Hunter’s Tokens to Igor Bartali, the chief of Velia. You get 5 Hunter’s Tokens for any Hunting quest you complete. (Please don’t confuse these with Hunter’s Seals.) Here is a list of the items you can obtain for Hunting Tokens.

    Pre-patch (May 8th 2019) Exchanges:

    10 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] Beginner Matchlock
    20 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] Apprentice Matchlock
    30 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] Skilled Matchlock
    50 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] Professional Matchlock
    60 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] White Wolf Boss Subjugation Scroll
    60 Hunter’s Tokens: [Hunting] King Brown Bear Boss Subjugation Scroll

    Hunter’s Token Reward Details
    Hunting MatchlockHunter’s TokensExtra Damage+10 Enhancement DamageHunting SkillCraftedCrafted Matchlock Ingredients
    Beginner Matchlock
    Beginner Matchlock
    BDO Hunter's Token47502250Beginner 1Level 1 Tool WorkshopFir Timber X 1, Steel X 4 Bronze Ingot X 1, Blackstone Powder X1
    Apprentice Matchlock
    Apprentice Matchlock
    BDO Hunter's Token59002700Beginner 10Level 2 Tool WorkshopFir Timber X 1, Steel X 4 Brass Ingot X 1, Blackstone Powder X3
    Skilled Matchlock
    Skilled Matchlock
    BDO Hunter's Token810503150Apprentice 10Level 2 Tool WorkshopFir Timber X 1, Steel X 5 Silver Ingot X1, Blackstone Powder X5
    Professional Matchlock
    Professional Matchlock
    BDO Hunter's Token1512003600Skilled 10Level 3 Tool WorkshopFir Timber X 1, Steel X 5 Gold Ingot X1, Blackstone Powder X5
    Boss Scrolls
    Wolf & Bear Boss Boss Scroll for Hunting
    BDO Hunter's Token45
    BDO King Brown Bear DropsBDO King Brown Bear Drops
    BDO Hunting Skill XP20k Hunting Skill XP
    BDO Gold Bar 10GGold Bar 10G x 3 (3 mil.)
    BDO 300 CP300 CP

    Boss Rare Drops (Butchering):
    BDO Stuffed White Wolf Head Stuffed White Wolf Head
    (All AP +9 for 1 hr. upon use)
    BDO King Brown Bear Head King Brown Bear Head
    (All Accuracy +20 for 1 hr. upon use)

    Creating a Hunting Boss Scroll

    As you can see, besides being rewarded with Matchlocks, you have the option to purchase two different Boss Hunting Scroll Boss Scrolls:

    [Hunting] King Brown Bear Boss Subjugation Scroll
    [Hunting] White Wolf Boss Subjugation Scroll

    Hunting Boss Scroll Requirements:
    • Give Igor Bartali 45 BDO Hunter's TokenHunter’s Seals for each scroll
    • Level 50+
    • Right-click the scroll to receive the Boss kill quest.
    • BDO Boss Lure Trap Craft a Trap through Processing (L) and select Manufacture
      • Purchase Animal Trap for 20k silver from Material Vendors
        • Olvia Material Vendor: Sady
        • Velia Material Vendor: Zaaira
      • Boss White Wolf Lure Trap:
        Bird Meat x10 + Weasel/Raccoon Meat x10 + Animal Trap
      • Boss King Brown Bear Lure Trap:
        Bird Meat x10 + Deer/Fox Meat x10 + Animal Trap
      • Obtain meats through butchering corpses with a butcher knife: Seagulls for Bird Meat, Foxes for Fox Meat, etc.
      • right click to create an auto-path to where to place the trap
    • complete once per day and quest resets at midnight

    King Brown Bear Boss Subjugation Video:
    Thank you to Cheeky Black’s Youtube channel!

    White Wolf Boss Subjugation Video:
    Thank you to DR4TiNYMOUS’s Youtube channel!