Epheria Sailboat is the best T2 barter and trade ship because it has more inventory slots and Weight Limit than the other T2 ship, Epheria Frigate. It is easier to craft than the battle ready Epheria Frigate, but still takes a bit of planning and time to create yourself.

Why Epheria Sailboat Matters:

  • Epheria Sailboat is the easiest T2 ship to obtain.
  • Its cheaper than the Epheria Frigate in every way.  In materials, silver, or seals cost.
  • Most materials for Epheria Sailboat can be obtained via having workers gather at nodes. Logs will probably have to be gathered yourself, since they are usually a bottleneck item.
  • Epheria Sailboat can be used for battle and sea monster hunting, but keep in mind it has half the cannons and 10% less manuverability. Epheria Frigate is a better choice if you have more fun sea monster hunting.

For a detailed T2 ship comparison, view our Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate guide.

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat (T3) or Epheria Caravel (T4).

Ship Stat Epheria Sailboat
Durability 1,000,000
Ration 1,000,000
LT Limit 5,000LT
Speed 100%
Accel 100%
Turn 110%
Brake 110%
Inventory 25
Cabins 10
Cannon Reload 17s
Cannons 2 (1 per side)
Player mountable

Epheria Sailboat Acquisition

4 Ways to Obtain Epheria Sailboat:

  • Craft at Port Epheria Shipyard (With patch 9-26-23, materials cost for Epheria Sailboat/Frigate were cut in half.)
  • Upgrade from a Bartali Sailboat (more expensive, but no build time)
  • 20x Shakatu’s Seals (see details below)
  • Marketplace – easiest option but limited by supply and demand and fails at appeasing poor folks!


Epheria Sailboat from Shakatu’s Seals

The easiest way to obtain an Epheria Sailboat (besides buying at the Marketplace) is by exchanging Shakatu’s Seals in Shakatu city.

Radiant Shakatu’s Seal x20 = 1x Ship License: Epheria Sailboat

 Level 56+


Shakatu’s Seals are obtained over a period of time via Attendance Rewards.

2 months = 1 Epheria Sailboat

With 10 Shakatu Seals per month from “Loyal” Attendance Reward, it would take 2 months to obtain an Epheria Sailboat.

This assumes you log in every day to obtain the Attendance Reward. (You can catch up on the weekends, Friday and Saturday after reset, if you get behind. Up to 2 Attendance Rewards per day.)

You can have more than one Attendance Reward tab, depending on your choices. For example, you can have one Attendance Reward for “Loyal”, one for “Returning”, and one for “Guild” all at the same time.

Special events can also give Shakatu Seals.

The old Shining Shakatu’s Seals were phased out. (They had a higher cost requirement of 30.)


Event Radiant Shakatu's Seal

Epheria Sailboat from Crafting at Port Epheria Shipyard

You can craft an Epheria Sailboat at the Port Epheria Shipyard. (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5).

Shipyard Contribution Cost:

  • 5 pre-requisite buildings (9 CP)
  • 1 Shipyard building: Port Epheria 3-5 2F (3 CP)
  • Worker Lodging (1+ CP)

You will need to free up at least 12 Contribution Points. (Or more depending on Lodging cost for workers.)

You can assign multiple workers to build your Epheria Sailboat.

More workers = faster build time.

Workers can come from any town, as long as the nodes are connected to Port Epheria. Nearby Calpheon City has very cheap lodging, often just 1 CP per worker, but the CP cost in the nodes from Calpheon City to Port Epheria alone is 8 CP for the cheapest route. Only do this if you are already invested those nodes for other reasons.

Epheria Sailboat Materials



Materials & Design for Epheria Sailboat:

NOTE: The base amounts listed in the third materials column below assumes each Processing craft will yield an average of 2.5.


Ship Upgrade Mats Obtained By Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x400

Processing (L) → Chopping:

  • Log → Usable Scantling

Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (1850)
    • Log (7400)
Steel x300

Processing (L) → Heating:

  • Iron Ore → Melted Iron Shard + Coal

Base Amounts:

  • Melted Iron Shard (610)
    • Iron Ore (1220)
  • Coal (610)
Pine Plywood x750

Processing (L) → Chopping:

  • Pine Timber → Pine Plank

Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plank (2800)
    • Pine Timber (5600)
Flax Fabric x150

Processing (L) → Grinding:

  • Flax → Flax Thread

Base Amounts:

  • Flax Thread (620)
    • Flax (1240)
icon Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat x20 Philaberto Falasi
Pavino Greko

Rewards x5 Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat

Quest Chain starting at

– I Knew This Day Would Come

Epheria Sailboat Cost Analysis

Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

The processed materials for Epheria Sailboat can usually be purchased on the marketplace, except for Standardized Timber Square. (Processing logs lessens its value in BDO, unless you make something profitable with it.)

MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Standardized Timber Square149,00040059,600,00002,824
Pine Plywood28,60075021,450,00034,316102,286
Flax Fabric11,0001501,650,000551,72931,360
Rough Ruby3,860200772,00035,50064,423
TOTAL Silver89,862,000


Base Materials Cost

Lets see what it would cost if we purchased all the base materials from the market and processed it ourselves.

At the time of this writing, the cost sink of processing logs is really hurting our silver bags. But don’t hope for ever purchasing any on the market.

MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Iron Ore2,5201,2203,074,400101,6121,816,550
Pine Timber1,5205,6008,512,00018,900988,770
Rough Ruby3,860200772,00035,50064,423
TOTAL Silver118,154,300


Other Price Comparisons

Traditionally, Epheria Sailboat is on preorder. But it’s not as bad as the preorder on Logs and its processed forms.

MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
Ship License: Epheria Sailboat530,000,0001530,000,00005
Ship License: Epheria Frigate2,780,000,00012,780,000,0002310
Rough Emerald8,4502001,690,0005,13753,282
Rough Diamond4,830200966,0009,05236,463
Rough Topaz4,820200964,00012,36940,485
Rough Sapphire4,480200896,00012,23541,460

Epheria Sailboat Materials

All of the materials for crafting the Epheria Sailboat in the shipyard can be obtained with the gathering life skill. (Except for the Epheria Blueprint, which requires quests.)

Epheria Sailboat mats are available for purchase on the marketplace, but high demand items, like Logs (or its processed parts), may be hard to purchase.

Standardized Timber Square

You will need 400 Standardized Timber Squares to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Craft Standardized Timber Squares via Processing (L) → Chopping Logs all the way to tier 3.

Processing (L) Chopping Logs
T1 T2 T3
Log - BDO
Usable Scantling
Usable Scantling - BDO
Standardized Timber Square
Standardized Timber Square - BDO


400 Standardized Timber Square Processing

Thanks bdolytics.com for Standardized Timber Square processing calculator!

Gathering Logs for Epheria Sailboat

The base Log amount required is about 7,400, if you have Artisan 6 Processing.

Logs are often considered a bottleneck item, because they can’t be obtained via worker nodes. Usually they are obtained via gathering with a lumbering axe. Unless there is a special event or similar going on, you can expect these to be in low supply/high price.

Also, Standardized Timber Square is one of the least profitable items to process for silver, so only make them if you have to.

Time to equip an axe and get started gathering trees! (Pine trees may be your best option, since you will need Pine Plywood as well.)

bdo log

Pine Plywood

You will need 750 Pine Plywood to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Craft Pine Plywood via Processing (L) → Chopping Pine Timber all the way to tier 3.

Processing (L) Chopping Pine
T1 T2 T3
Pine Timber
Pine Plank
Pine Plywood
750 Pine Plywood Processing

Thanks bdolytics.com for Pine Plywood processing calculator!

Getting Pine Timber for Epheria Sailboat

The base Pine Timber amount required is about 5,600, if you have Artisan 6 Processing.

Pine Timber is not as difficult to obtain as Logs, but it can be in high demand since the nodes to obtain Pine Timber can be tricky to purchase for new players. There are two very nice and cheap ones in Land of the Morning Light.

Pine Timber Worker Nodes:

  • Honglim Base → Dalbeol Village – 2 CP
  • Bomnae County → Nopsae’s Byeot County – 3 CP
  • Serendia Shrine → Glish – 6 CP
  • Marie Cave → Keplan – 8 CP
  • Khimut Lumber Camp → Tarif – 8 CP
pine timber

Pine Tree Map

You will need lots of Pine Timber and Logs. So it only makes sense to gather Pine Trees.

bdolytics.com has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Trees, then check Pine Tree option.

Notice the dense clusters of Pine all around Trent and SW Calpheon territory. I like this location because west of Trent there isn’t any mobs to bother you while you gather.

If Trent is too far to travel, Pine trees are also plentiful in southern Serendia territory. There’s a good patch of Pine SW of Castle Ruins.

pine tree location map

Logging Minigame

You can use the Green Artisan gathering skill to gather more Pine Timber and Logs in a shorter amount of time.

Get this ability by reaching Artisan level gathering and obtaining Green Thumb knowledge in Land of the Morning Light.


Press SPACE when the yellow bar is within the blue target area.

Each successful strike, makes the target area smaller and more difficult to hit.

Sometimes the yellow bar moves faster than other times.

If you press SPACE outside the blue target too many times the minigame ends in failure.

lumbering axe mini game

My Gathering Minigame Gear Set

The images below show the minigame loot from a Season Character on a Season Server who can’t use Manos Gear.

  • Low gathering skill – skilled to professional level
  • Yawning Hedgehog Lightstone Combo
  • T4 Hedgehog well fed and chubby with cuteness 🙂
  • Season Server +100% more basic resources.
  • Demihar gathering tool
demihar life tool box
lumbering axe mini game loot
gathering lightstone combo
logging trees with lumbering axe mini game loot
logging trees with lumbering axe mini game loot


You will need 300 Steel to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Steel is usually in stock for us to purchase on the marketplace, but it’s fairly easy to obtain the mats and craft it yourself. This is one of the processing recipes that is usually profitable in silver per hour.

Processing (L) → Heating:

5x Coal
 5x Melted Iron Shard

300 Steel Processing

Thanks bdolytics.com for Steel processing calculator!

Getting Coal for Epheria Sailboat

The base Coal amount required is about 610, if you have Master Processing.

Coal is not as difficult to obtain as Logs, but it can be in high demand since there is really only one good cheap node near Keplan that gives it.

Coal Worker Nodes:

  • Keplan Quarry → Keplan – 2 CP
  • Omar Lava Cave → Tarif – 7 CP
  • Glutoni Cave→ Keplan – 8 CP

Coal Map

Coal can be gathered with a pickaxe around Keplan in Calpheon. You can also find coal objects to gather around Omar Lava Cave in Mediah, but I don’t recommend this location because it lacks iron objects, which you’ll also need.

bdolytics.com has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Ore, then check Coal option.

coal location map


Find Resources is a talent on certain pets to help you spot coal to gather.

Blank Stare…

bdo coal for gathering life skill

Getting Iron Ore for Epheria Sailboat

The base Iron Ore amount required is about 1220, if you have Master Processing. Processing (L) → Heating this will produce about 610 Melted Iron Shard.

Iron Ore is easy to obtain usually since there are many cheap, beginner friendly nodes for it.

Iron Ore Worker Nodes:

  • Coastal Cave → Velia – 2 CP
  • Coastal Cliff → Velia – 3 CP
  • Southern Swamp → Glish – 2 CP
  • Pilgrim’s Haven → Sand Grain Bazaar – 4 CP
  • Abandoned Iron Mine → Altinova – 4 CP
  • Northern Heidel Quarry → Heidel – 5 CP

There are many more, but they get more expensive in CP cost.

iron ore

Iron Ore Map

Iron Ore can be gathered with a pickaxe in Calpheon around Keplan. You can’t find much iron objects around Omar Lava Cave, so it’s better to gather around Keplan, where coal can also be found.

bdolytics.com has a helpful resource map. Click on Gathering, then Ore, then check Iron option.

iron ore location map

Flax Fabric

You will need 150 Flax Fabric to craft an Epheria Sailboat.

Flax Fabric is usually in stock for us to purchase on the marketplace, but it’s fairly easy to obtain the mats and craft it yourself. This is one of the processing recipes that is usually NOT profitable in silver per hour because there is not enough demand for it on the marketplace.

Step 1: Processing (L) → Grinding:

5 Flax

Step 2: Processing (L) → Heating:

10 Flax Thread

150 Flax Fabric Processing

Thanks bdolytics.com for Flax Fabric processing calculator!

Getting Flax for Epheria Sailboat

The base Flax amount required is about 1240, if you have Artisan 1 Processing. Processing (L) → Grinding this will produce about 620 Flax Thread. Then Heat the threads to make Flax Fabric.

Flax is easy to obtain usually since there are a few beginner friendly nodes for it and not much demand for its use.

Flax Worker Nodes:

  • Costa Farm → Heidel – 3 CP
  • Moretti Plantation → Heidel – 3 CP
  • Kamasylve Temple →  Tarif – 6 CP

Gathering with Gathering Pet

BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored whiteHedgehog and Llama pets give a chance to obtain an extra gather. They also give Life Skill EXP +1-5%, depending on Tier.

Gathering Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2: 30% proc chance
  • T3: 40% proc chance
  • T4: 50% proc chance

If you aren’t familiar with other ways to speed up Gathering, view this Gathering Guide.

Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat

You will need 20 Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat in order to craft the Epheria Sailboat.

You can obtain the amount you need in a day as long as you have enough Rough Gemstones.

Epheria Sailboat Blueprint Quests:

epheria sailboat quest

Falasi Family’s Kindness Walkthrough

Pick up Falasi Family’s Kindness from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

Press R key to pick up a box near Philiberto Falasi.

epheria ship quest box pick up


Carry the box down to the wharf.

Go down some steps nearby, or the auto-path will take you the longest route possible to Epheria Otterland and back. Really!

You can walk over the ropes here and fall down safely:

Be assured, the box will be clutched tightly as you fall! 🙂

epheria ship quest box drop down


Press R key again to put the box down at the feet of Sebastian <Guild Wharf Manager>.

Chat with him to let him know you <3 him and give him the box.

Then carry another box down the steps to him, then speak to Falasi to get your Blueprint: Epheria Sailboat or Frigate.

epheria ship quest box drop sebastion

Rough Gemstones for Epheria Blueprint Quest

Complete [Repeat] Philaberto Falasi’s Request 15 times, and get 15 Blueprints. Total cost will be 150 Rough Gemstones.

The Rough Gemstones you can use are listed below.

Worker's Lucky Sack Miner's

Some Miner’s Sack can be obtained from sending workers to ore mining nodes. Cheap iron and copper mining nodes are located around Velia.


Rough Gemstone Gathering

Gathering with a pickaxe at Pilgrim’s Haven is a great way to more quickly obtain Rough Gemstones.

Pilgrim’s Haven is a well-known location for mining because it’s one of the most profitable gathering spots listed on bdolytics.com.

gathering profit and items at pilgrim's haven


Gathering at Pilgrim’s Haven

Pilgrim’s Haven is the best place to gather Rough Stone and Rough Gemstones.

Mudstone nodes are heaped one on top of another and you barely have to move to gather. Just jump on top of a Mudstone tower and press the R key multiple times.

Great Desert Prepare: This location is in the Great Desert of Valencia, so be sure to have Purified Water and Star Anise Tea. Otherwise, it’s safe enough to take even low level characters.

bdolytics.com has an excellent tool that lets you select and view gatherable nodes:

Exchange Epheria Blueprints

Exchange an Epheria Sailboat Blueprint for an Epheria Frigate Blueprint or vice versa at Philaberto Falasi of Port Epheria. Click his “Exchange” option.

If you need to see a man about a ship, Falasi is the man to sea–I mean SEE! He’s located in Port Epheria in Northern Calpheon Territory.

He sells green grade ship gear, ship upgrade permits, Sailor Contract Certificates, and offers daily repeatable ship building quests for the Epheria Sailboat and Frigate.

Epheria Frigate Sailboat Blueprint Exchange Quest Philaberto Falasi

Upgrading Epheria Sailboat

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Caravel. Epheria Caravel is a much stronger ship, but the materials are more difficult.

Crafting an Epheria Sailboat requires careful planning and time, but it’s well worth the effort.

As the best T2 barter and trade ship in Black Desert Online, the Epheria Sailboat offers more inventory slots and weight limit than the battle line of ships.

Epheria Sailboat is a gateway ship to the most powereful barter ships available.


Epheria Sailboat Upgrade Comparison Chart
T2 T3 T4
Ship Stat Epheria Sailboat Improved Sailboat Epheria Caravel
HP 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Rations 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,100,000
LT Limit 5,000 5,000 10,000
Speed/Accel 100% 100% 100%
Turn/Brake 110% 110% 110%
Inventory 25 25 30
Cabins 10 10 30
Cannons per Side 1 (player) 2 (captain) 2 (captain)
Reload Speed 17s 15s 15s

Epheria Sailboat Gear

Epheria Sailboat has both green grade and blue grade ship gear available.

Epheria Old ship gear of green grade were introduced with The Great Expedition Update on 23 October 2019.

The green grade Epheria ship gear is important for one major reason:

  • +10 Epheria Old ship parts are required to upgrade to a Caravel.

Ship Parts Increase Ship Stats:

  • Cannon: Damage & Durability
  • Plating: Weight Limit & Defense
  • Figurehead: Speed & Defense
  • Sail: Turn & Rations
Old Ship Gear Set Totals
+10 Enhancement
Defense (DP): 30
Damage Reduction: 30
Weight Limit: +100 LT
Max Rations: +300
Movement Speed: +3%
Max Durability: +3,000
Turn: +1.5%
Brake: none 🙁
Sea Monster Damage: +6,000 x1 hit
Enemy Ship Damage: +3,425 x1 hits


Epheria Old Ship Parts (Green Grade)
+10 Enhancement
Old Figurehead Old Plating Epheria Old Cannon
Old Wind Sail
Defense (DP): 15
Damage Reduction: 15
Movement Speed +3%
Defense (DP): 15
Damage Reduction: 15
Weight Limit +100LT
Max Durability +3000
Sea Monster Damage +6000 x1 hit
Ships Damage +3425 x1 hits
Max Rations +300
Turn +1.5%



Purchase Epheria Ship Gear from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

Price ranges from 3 to 4 million Silver for each part.

Enhancement is fairly easy, although they do require special Black Stones called Verdant Black Stone.

Epheria Old Ship Part Enhancement

Enhancement for Epheria Old ship parts is straight forward. There is no RNG. Enhancement is 100% chance to succeed at all enhancement levels.

Black Stone Enhancement Durability
Verdant Black Stone +1 to +10 10

The enhancement level does NOT drop and never fails.

You will need Memory Fragments or the same gear to repair Max Durability of your ship gear. If you want to save on silver cost, you can use an optional pearl shop item called Artisan’s Memory.

  • Each same gear repairs 10 Max Durability or 50 Max Durability using Artisan’s Memory.
  • Each Memory Fragment repairs 5 Max Durability or 25 Max Durability using Artisan’s Memory.

Max Durability cost for each enhancement level is always 10. Total Max Durability you will need to repair is 100 for each ship part.

Enhancement (100% Chance)
Lv Durability Cost Black Stones
+1 10 1
+2 10 2
+3 10 3
+4 10 4
+5 10 5
+6 10 6
+7 10 7
+8 10 8
+9 10 9
+10 10 10
100 55


If you would like to upgrade to a Galleass or Caravel ship, you will need a total of 220 Verdant Black Stones.

You can obtain almost half of the materials you need for upgrading to the Caravel by completing a 7 day questline from Ravinia. (once per family)

Sources & Additional Info