BDO Epheria Sailboat is known as the best T2 Barter and Trade ship. It isn’t top tier anymore, since the Great Expedition update, but it still beats many beginner tier ships. It is the easiest T2 ship to obtain, but still takes plenty of planning and work/cost to obtain one!

Epheria Sailboat is best at trading and barter because it has more Inventory slots and Weight Limit than the other T2 ship, Epheria Frigate.

Epheria Sailboat is the easiest T2 ship to obtain. It is also the cheapest to buy on the Marketplace. Everything, except for Logs, can be obtained via having your workers gather at nodes. Logs are not as bottlenecked as they used to be. At the time of this writing, there are about 40k up for sale. With events, supply, and demand, the market can change quickly.

Epheria Sailboat can be used for battle and sea monster hunting, but keep in mind it has half the cannons and 10% less manuverability.

For a detailed comparison, view our Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate guide.

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat (T3) or Epheria Caravel (T4).

Ship Stat Epheria Sailboat
Durability 1,000,000
Ration 1,000,000
LT Limit 5,000LT
Speed 100%
Accel 100%
Turn 110%
Brake 110%
Inventory 25
Cabins 10
Cannon Reload 17s
Cannons 2 (1 per side)
Player mountable

Epheria Sailboat Acquisition

4 Ways to Obtain Epheria Sailboat:

  • Craft at Port Epheria (see details below)
  • Upgrade from a Bartali Sailboat (more expensive, but quick)
  • Shakatu’s Seals (see details below)
  • Marketplace (atm price is near 300 mil.)

Epheria Sailboat from Shakatu’s Seals

The easiest way to obtain an Epheria Sailboat (besides buying at the Marketplace) is by exchanging Shakatu’s Seals in Shakatu.

[Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal x30 = 1x  Ship License: Epheria Sailboat

 Level 56+

The old [Event] Shakatu’s Seals were phased out. (They had a higher cost requirement of 50.)

BDO Shakatu Seal Attendance Reward


Shining Shakatu’s Seals are obtained over a period of time via Attendance Rewards.

3 months = 1 Epheria Sailboat

With 10 Shining Shakatu Seals per month from “Loyal” Attendance Reward, it would take 3 months to obtain an Epheria Sailboat.

This assumes you log in every day to obtain the Attendance Reward. (You can catch up on the weekends, Friday and Saturday after reset, if you get behind. Up to 2 Attendance Rewards per day.)

You can have more than one Attendance Reward tab, depending on your choices. For example, you can have one Attendance Reward for “Loyal”, one for “Returning”, and one for “Guild” all at the same time.

Special events can also give Shining Shakatu Seals.


Shakatu <Boss>

Turn in Shining Shakatu’s Seals to Raomi, <Shakatu’s Right-hand Man>

Location: Shakatu, NW Valencia territory (standing next to the NPC named Shakatu)

Epheria Sailboat Materials & Design



Materials & Design for Epheria Sailboat:

NOTE: The base amounts listed in the recipe below, is only if you have Processing of Artisan 2 or more. (It assumes each Processing recipe will yield an average of 2.5)


Ship Upgrade Mats Obtained By Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x800 Processing > Chopping:

  • Log > Usable Scantling
Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (3780)
    • Log (15120)
Steel x600 Processing > Heating:

  • Iron Ore > Melted Iron Shard + Coal
Base Amounts:

  • Melted Iron Shard (1200)
    • Iron Ore (2400)
  • Coal (1200)
Pine Plywood x1500 Processing > Chopping:

  • Pine Timber > Pine Plank
Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plank (5560)
    • Pine Timber (11120)
Flax Fabric x300 Processing > Heating/Grinding:

  • Flax > Flax Thread
Base Amounts:

  • Flax Thread (1200)
    • Flax (2400)
icon Design: Epheria Sailboat x20 Philaberto Falasi Repeatable Quests:

[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness Location: Port Epheria

Harpooning Chain (weekly, requires Professional 1 Fishing)

Pavino Greko x5 Design: Epheria Sailboat

Quest Chain starting at

– I Knew This Day Would Come

Epheria Sailboat/Frigate Design Exchange:

At Philaberto Falasi of Port Epheria, you can exchange a Epheria Sailboat Design with Epheria Frigate design or vice versa. Requires quest, “[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness.”

Epheria Sailboat Crafting at Port Epheria Shipyard

You can craft an Epheria Sailboat at the Port Epheria Shipyard. (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5).

Shipyard Contribution Cost:

  • 5 pre-requisite buildings (9 CP)
  • 1 Shipyard building: Port Epheria 3-5 2F (3 CP)
  • Worker Lodgings (1+ CP)
  • 1 Lodging: Port Epheria 3-3 2F (1 CP)

You will need to free up at least 13 Contribution Points. (Or more depending on Lodging cost for workers.)

You can assign multiple workers to build your Epheria Sailboat.

More workers = faster build time.

Epheria Sailboat License shows a Workload of 1,350, which is slightly higher than the Epheria Frigate.

Workers can come from any town, as long as the nodes are connected to Port Epheria.

Nearby Calpheon City has very cheap lodging, often just 1 to 2 CP per worker.

Gathering Logs for Epheria Sailboat

The base Log amount required is 15,120. (Artisan 2 Processing)

Logs are often considered a bottleneck item, because they can’t be obtained via worker nodes. Usually they are obtained via Gathering with an axe. Unless there is a special event or similar going on, you can expect these to be in low supply/high price.

Time to equip an axe and get started gathering trees!

Gathering Logs with Hedgehog Pet

BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored whiteHedgehog pet gives a chance to obtain an extra gather. He also gives Life Skill EXP +1-4%, depending on Tier.

Hedgehog Gathering Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2 Hedgehog: 30% proc chance
  • T3 Hedgehog: 40% proc chance
  • T4 Hedgehog: 50% proc chance

If you aren’t familiar with other ways to speed up Gathering, view our Gathering Guide.

Pine Map

You will need about 11,120 Pine Timber. (Artisan 2 Processing) has a helpful resource map. Click on Trees, then check Pine option.

Notice the dense clusters of Pine all around Trent and SW Calpheon territory. If that’s too far to travel, Pine is also plentiful in southern Serendia territory. There’s a good patch of Pine SW of Castle Ruins.

Upgrading Epheria Sailboat

Epheria Sailboat can be upgraded to Improved Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Caravel. Epheria Caravel is a much stronger ship, but the materials are more difficult.