Spend Energy and Silver with a Black Market vendor named Patrigio and he will offer you a chance to obtain rare boss gear and other goodies. Patigio is also known in BDO as the “Night Vendor.”

  • Patrigio is located in all major cities, including Velia and Heidel.
  • Night Vendor only sells at night at 10PM until 7AM game time. (22:00~07:00)
  • Engergy Cost: 50
  • Silver Cost: 50% to 300%
  • No Requirements: use any level character that has 50 Energy.


Patrigio <Black Market>

Black Market Item Hold

  • Pressing the “Hold” button will save that item for 15 minutes.
  • If you close and open the black market within the 15 minute “Hold” period, you will see your reserved item, without consuming energy.
  • The holding time is NOT in-game time.
  • You can still open the night vendor to purchase a reserved item, even after night has passed, as long as it is within the 15 minute reservation. (You will only be able to view that reserved item and not any others outside of the normal Night Vendor time frame.)
  • Rolling to view another item, while you have an item on hold, will cancel the held item.
  • Items on hold share with all your alts. You can NOT reserve multiple different items on multiple characters.


Patrigio <Black Market>

Night Vendor Item List

Night Vendor offers an RNG chance to get some difficult to obtain items in game, like boss weapons and boss armor. Yellow grade goodies!!


Patrigio Location Maps