BDO Horse locations are special areas where wild horses spawn. Ususally each spawn location has more than one horse that spawns in the area.

After a horse is tamed or killed, the respawn time is about 2 hours.

If you see a horse coat you don’t want, kill the horse to spawn a new one in 2 hours.

If you are capturing horses only to gain Training levels, then you are better off using a horse location that isn’t popular.

Popular horse locations may be empty of horses.


BDO Horse Locations (Most Popular)

The 3 most popular horse locations are located in Drieghan. This is due to the fact that Tier 7 horses have a higher chance to spawn there.

A tier 6 gives the same amount of Training EXP as a tier 7, but tier 7 horses are worth more silver and are easier to breed into Tier 8 horses.

Dreighan Disadvantages:

  • closest Stable Keeper is located in Duvencrune for all horse locations
  • most popular and more likely to be empty of horses
  • location may not be convenient for the character you use to tame wild horses
Drieghan Horse Taming Location

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Horse Locations Outside Drieghan

Two other taming rotations are recommended to new trainers, because they have many spawn points near a Stable Keeper. But there are other good horse locations to choose from.


Port Epheria Horse Location

The Port Epheria has 6 spawn points, which are close to the <Stable Keeper>. (Western Calpheon territory)

BDO Horse Taming Location Near Port Epheria

Glish Horse Location

The other recommended horse location has 9 spawn points SE of Glish, near Serendia Shrine. Nearby Stable Keepers are located at Southern Guard Camp and Glish. (Southern Serendia territory)

BDO Horse Taming Location Near Glish


Easiest Horse Locations

I can’t make a horse location guide without including the Heidel spawn points! These have to be the easiest locations and are victim to Alt Tamers, so may be empty when you check.

BDO Horse Locations Near Heidel


Horse Locations with High Density

There are many horse locations all around Trent. (SW Calpheon territory) Some are a bit far from the Stable Keeper in Trent though!

BDO Horse Locations Near Trent


Kusha (Northern Mediah) is another horse location that has many spawn points. Nearest Stable Keeper is in Kusha, which might be too far if you’re in a rush.

BDO Horse Locations Near Kusha

All BDO Horse Locations

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Horse Rotations

Violet Astray generously donated the following maps, showing the rotations she likes to use for endless horse taming fun! Thanks Violet! 🙂


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