This horse catalog gives a visual representation of each horse available inside BDO.

Every horse tier has a selection of unique horse coats. Horse coats are what determine color and appearance, but also other stats as well. Horse icons seen at the Stable Keeper, may not reflect their outside appearance very well.

Each horse coat has been given a unique coat code by the horse community. These are helpful in determining available horse skills as the horse levels. Each horse coat also has unique base starting stats.

NOTE: Horse tier changes occured on Sept 21, 2022. For example, some horse coats from lower tiers were added to the coats available for tier 8 horses. So the tier info shown in the images can be a bit more flexible. Read the details in their Patch Notes.

The horse coat codes in the images are from the original code system created by the community.



Thanks so much to Violet Astray, who with the assistance of other players, made these screenshots originally available on (shutting down soon)

She has offered to have these helpful images published here.

See Violet’s original guide copied below.

Thanks!!! 🙂

Horse Tier 1

Horse Coats: T1A  >  T1B


Horse Tier 2

Horse Coats: T2A  >  T2B  >  T2C  >  T2D

Horse Tier 3

Horse Coats: T3A  >  T3B  >  T3C  >  T3D  >  T3E  >  T3F


Horse Tier 4

Horse Coats: T4A  >  T4B  >  T4C  >  T4D  >  T4E  >  T4F  >  T4G  >  T4H  >  T4I  >  T4J  >  T4K  >  T4L  >  T4M  >  T4N  >  T4O  >  T4P  >  T4Q


Horse Tier 5

Horse Coats: T5A  >  T5B  >  T5C  >  T5D  >  T5E  >  T5F  >  T5G  >  T5H  >  T5I  >  T5J  >  T5K  >  T5L  >  T5M  >  T5N  >  T5O


Horse Tier 6

Horse Coats: T6A  >  T6B  >  T6C  >  T6D  >  T6E  >  T6F  >  T6G  >  T6H  >  T6I  >  T6J  >  T6K  >  T6L  >  T6M  >  T6N  >  T6O  >  T6P  >  T6Q  >  T6R  >  T6S  >  T6T > T6U


Horse Tier 7

Horse Coats: T7A  >  T7B  >  T7C  >  T7D  >  T7E  >  T7F  >  T7G  >  T7H  >  T7I

Horse Tier 8

Horse Coats:  8-1  >  8-2  >  8-3  >  8-4  >  8-5   >  8-6  >  8-7  >  8-8  >  8-9

Note: the horse coat codes in the images are from the original code system created by the community.


Tier 9 Dream Horses

Help! I’m currently looking for high quality side views of Doom and Arduanat, without horse gear on. Insert the link to the image below, if you would like to share yours for this page. Thanks! (If they are better looking than the ones below 🙂

Thank you Khionahel for sharing your Dine screenshot with us! 🙂


Tier 10 Mythical Dream Horse


Archive of Violet’s Guide

Copied text from

Ever notice that some of the horse icons looks nothing like the horse itself? Ever see a horse in the city and wonder which one it might be? To make it easier to identify horses, I’ve combined the icons you see in stables and in online guides with BDO horse screenshots in this catalog.

You see…I have a bit of a problem. I’m a completionist and I love to catalog things. My addiction to Black Desert horse taming has now expanded into trying to get every single color of horse available. I’ve been mostly doing this through breeding, but I have purchased the odd horse now and again because it has colors that might lead to something spectacular later.

I thought it would be easiest to catalog my horses according to this chart, since everyone in my guild is using it and it gives a simple way to discuss the horses we’re going for.

So, I hope this helps — and I will continue to add horses as I get them. Special huge thanks to Sofianna for letting me screencap her MANY amazing horses, and to Dagon, Claire, Swamp, and Nicori for filling in the gaps!