Ready to brave the forests and tame your very first wild horse? Be careful though! Those horses are mean and down right hangery and.. mean!!

Better bring some sugar to sweeten them up!

And you best not enter unprepared!

But don’t worry, this horse taming guide will help you, by showing you the ropes. 🙂 *laugh*

BDO Horse Taming: Press Space Bar

Why Should I Tame Horses?

So you’re wondering, “What? Tame my own horse? But there are a billion up on the Horse Market for sale. Easy win for me!”

But no! Easy loose for you, because you’re an uber tamer!


  • Taming Gives Greater Training EXP
    • You can earn Training EXP through riding your horse, but this would take a long time and can be boring. Most trainers AFK train overnight and tame during the day.
  • Less Silver Cost
    • High on hope, but low in silver? Taming saves you silver because you are gathering a resource for free and not buying horses from someone else.
  • Greater Enjoyment
    • Taming allows you to be completely self sufficient. You don’t have to purchase horses on the Horse Market. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can start from nothing and end up with a sprawling Horse Ranch all on your own.

Horse Taming Requirements

2 items used in horse capturing:

  • Capturing Rope: You’re gonna need lots of these
  • Lump of Raw Sugar: (Max 4 to 5 to increase probability.)

Purchase Capturing Ropes for 1.5k each at any <Stable Keeper>, inside their shop.

Be careful purchasing too many at a time because they weigh 0.7 LT each. Ooof!!

Every horse taming attempt will consume 1 Capturing Rope (regardless of if you succeed or fail).

BDO Capturing Rope for Horse Breeding
Processing a Sugar Lump for Horse Breeding
BDO Lump of Raw Sugar for Horse Taming

You can purchase Raw Sugar Lump on the Marketplace for about 2.5k.

You can also craft your own via Processing.

Processing (L) > Heating:

  • 10 Raw Sugar
  • 1 Mineral Water

These are available at Cooking vendors. Click the Find NPC button, then the turkey icon.


How to Tame a Horse: Step by Step


  1. Drag and drop the Capturing Ropes and Lumps of Raw Sugar onto your hotkey bar.
  2. Approach the horse, but don’t get too close.
    • If you get too close it will run away.
    • With practice, you will learn the correct distance.
  3. Press the hotkey for your Capturing Rope to equip it.
    • Wait to equip the rope until you are close because it slows your movement speed
  4. Line up your cross hairs with the horse until it turns red.
  5. Press LMB
  6. If you are successful, the first minigame will appear. Press space when the bar is in the blue. (Very similar to the fishing mini-game)
  7. Approach the horse until you see the horse rear up and a SPACE button icon appear.
  8. Rapidly hit your Space bar as quick as you can. It has to be extremely fast.
  9. The goal is to get the pointer all the way over towards the horse icon on the right. You have 10 seconds to get the pointer over to the right, or you will fail taming.
  10. If you are successful, then you can approach again, but you will probably have to do it more than once.
  11. Once you get all the way to the horse, use 4-5 sugar lumps from your hotkey bar, and then try to mount the horse
    • From official site: “If the wild horse is on uneven and rough terrain, the probability of taming it is significantly lowered. Also, you can feed the wild horse more Lumps of Raw Sugar to increase the probability, but it maxes out at around four to five Lumps of Raw Sugar” source
  12. If you’ve succeeded, take the horse back to a <Stable Keeper> to register it. You don’t get any Training xp until the horse is registered.
    • You don’t have to ride the newly tamed horse to the <Stable Keeper>. Because it is still very slow, you can dismount and ride the faster horse that you brought to the taming location. Newly tamed horses are slow, but they will follow you. Even if they get left behind, while you ride away, they will eventually teleport to your location.
  13. If you failed the second mini-game, the horse will run away. Repeat from step 2 to try taming again.

It can be challenging at first, but keep at it and you will master horse taming.

You can only tame one horse at a time.

Horse Taming Images

Equip a Capturing Rope and get close to the horse, but not so close that it runs away from you.

BDO Horse Taming: Throw Rope


After you successfully rope the horse, move forward towards it.

BDO Horse Taming: Move Forward


Stop moving forward, when you see a Space bar icon appear.

BDO Horse Taming: Wrestle Alert


 Press Space Bar repeatedly as fast as you can. The bar has to be almost fully red up to the horse icon, when the 10 second timer expires.

BDO Horse Taming: Press Space Bar


When you finally reach him, feed him Lumps of Raw Sugar.

BDO Horse Taming: Sugar Lumps
Offical Animations


Throw your Capturing Rope!


Quickly mash your spacebar to overcome the wild horse!

Wild Horse Options for Taming

The highest tier you can currently tame is tier 5. Sometimes they will have events where you can rarely obtain a tier 6.

List of available wild horses to be tamed:

  • Tier 1 Horses: T1A, T1B
  • Tier 2 Horses: T2A, T2B
  • Tier 3 Horses: T3C, T3F
  • Tier 4 & 5 Outside Drieghan: T4F, T5J
  • Tier 4 Drieghan: T4C, T4L, T4P, T4Q
  • Tier 5 Drieghan: T5B, T5F, T5G, T5I

Horse coats of the same color can be challenging to differentiate.

The following image is posted in discord by Wolfy. Thanks Wolfy! 🙂

Wild Horse Coats for Horse Breeding


We also have outside screenshots of the wild horses available to help you determine a horse’s coat and code.


Wild Horse Stats

I have included only the horse skills available to tier 1 to 5 and are also required to attain Courser, since the possible skills even for low tier horses are many.

Each tier, has different requirements for Courser. View our Courser guide for details on Courser horses and why you might want one.


Horse Coat Coat Speed Brake LT HP Stam Exp/Lv R W B Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew
1A 103.0% 103.0% 90 1090 3280 2605 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1B 109.0% 109.0% 90 1270 3279 2605 1 1 1 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
2B 107.5% 110.5% 135 1279 3388 5105 2 0 1 0 0 0 Charge 0
2A 112.0% 112.0% 135 1360 3400 5105 2 1 1 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
3F 110.5% 113.5% 135 1369 3393 7610 3 0 1 0 0 0 Charge 0
3C 113.5% 110.5% 90 1351 3285 7610 1 2 1 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
4L 115.0% 115.0% 90 1450 3287 10110 1 2 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
4P 115.0% 115.0% 135 1450 3405 10110 3 1 1 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
4C 117.5% 119.5% 135 1477 3373 10110 2 0 3 Drift 0 0 Charge 0
4Q 118.0% 118.0% 135 1540 3397 10110 2 2 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
4F 118.5% 116.5% 135 1459 3389 10110 2 1 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge 0
5G 116.5% 113.5% 135 1441 3408 12615 2 2 1 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew
5J 117.5% 122.5% 90 1580 3241 12615 0 0 5 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew
5B 118.0% 118.0% 135 1646 3401 12615 2 2 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew
5F 118.5% 116.5% 135 1641 3393 12615 2 1 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew
5I 123.0% 118.0% 135 1644 3397 12615 2 2 2 Drift Sprint Instant
Charge Sidew


Best Horse Taming Location

The most popular horse locations are in Drieghan. This is due to the fact that you will only find Tier 4 and 5 horses there.

A tier 5 gives the same amount of Training EXP as a tier 1, but tier 5 horses are worth more silver and are easier to breed into Tier 6 horses.

But if you’re only interested in taming for Training levels, then you are better off with a rotation that will not be so popular.

Popular locations are more likely to be empty of horses, since the respawn time is about 2 hours after capture.

Drieghan Horse Taming Location

Taming Rotations Outside Drieghan

Two other taming rotations are recommended to new trainers, but there are many choices.

The Port Epheria location has 6 spawn points, which are close to the <Stable Keeper>.

The other location is just SE of Glish, near Serendia Shrine.

BDO Horse Taming Location Near Port Epheria
BDO Horse Taming Location Near Glish

Horse Taming Gear

A TET Loggia Accessory set and 2x Trainer’s Clothes will provide the following:

  • Horse Capture Rate +30%
  • Training EXP +41%
  • Training Mastery +208 (will add an additional 2.56% more Horse Taming Success)

One of the Trainer’s Clothes would have to be converted into a Costume, so that it can be worn in the Appearance slot. (Equipment Tailoring Coupon)

view Taming Set on bdoplanner

You could do the Geranoa or Manos Life Mastery accessories, but that would be very expensive!


BDO Taming Gear Set


Horses Sugar! Wait… Really?

(written by Eminent (u/CadeGuitar), who generously published a Horse Training Guide in “Eminent’s Life Skill Guide“. )

Additionally, no horse taming guide would be complete without bringing up what is possibly the most controversial topic in the Life Skill — sugar lumps.

There are basically 2 camps of people in the training community.

  1. People that think feeding X amount of sugar lumps vastly increases the odds of catching the horse.
  2. People that think sugar lumps have no effect on taming success rate.

It’s important to understand that both camps of people are tinfoil theorists.

That said, I belong to the second camp.

Here’s the general idea for how taming success works (remember this is all tinfoil, and literally no one can tell you the exact way things work).

  • As soon as you throw the rope a timer starts. From there you do the minigames and approach the horse, and the timer is ticking in the background the whole time.
  • If you try to get on the horse before 30 seconds have passed, you will fail.
  • If you hop on around 32-38 seconds, your chances drastically go up.

BDO Lump of Raw Sugar for Horse Taming

It is extremely likely that lumps of sugar actually have no effect whatsoever on success rate. However, feeding the horse sugar has an animation time of a few seconds. This means that using sugar lumps is more likely to put you in the correct timeframe for when you should hop on the horse.

This means that, rather than spending your time and silver on making sugar lumps, you can simply use a stopwatch to time how long it’s been since you started the taming process.

But wait, the tinfoil intensifies!
Many people claim that different Tiers of horses have different times that have the best success rate. In the other camp (people who use sugar lumps), many people also claim that different Tiers of horses require different amounts of sugar to tame.

To me this lines up pretty well to spell out one conclusion — most of the taming community thrives on tinfoil.

This isn’t meant to be me taking a stab at other tamers. In reality, 99% of players just do what feels right rather than actually doing extensive testing and data collection.

As for me, I haven’t done any testing or datamining on how taming success works, so I can only do what everyone else does — what feels right.

For me, I don’t concern myself with doing different timers for different Tier horses. I’m simply too lazy to remember the times for 5 different Tiers, and half the time I mis-identify what Tier the horse is.

My method is to always try to mount the horse at around 33 seconds. If I’ve tried a couple times and the horse it being stubborn, I’ll try 40 seconds.

It’s important to realize that no matter what method you try (sugar or sugar-less), RNG will alway haunt you. You will never have a 100% success rate with taming, and some horses are just super stubborn. I’ve had times where I’ve caught a horse on my first try 5 times in a row, only to be followed with failing 10+ times on a single horse.

I swear some horses just hate me.

Regardless, find what works for you, and find what is enjoyable for you.

While the no-sugar method definitely works, not everyone feels like running a stopwatch for every catch. This can create extra mental work that can make taming more exhausting than fun.

Even if using sugar is technically less efficient, if it allows you to tame longer without getting burnt out, you’ll end up with a better end result.


Sources & Additional Info