Paw-doodle Portraits are cute class paintings that help decorate your residence.

Kakuo at Splashing Point in Mediah, is offering paw-drawn paintings of your characters’ portraits…for a small fee.

You wouldn’t expect a starving Ot-tist to work for free, would you?

These oh-so-cute scribbled portraits can be placed in your residence on top of a flat surface (mantle, desk, table, floor).

Questline Requirements

This questline can be completed once daily per Family by a level 56+ character.

Kakuo also offers a Corsair class exclusive questline for Corsairs Level 56+ who have completed their Succession and Awakening questlines.

Kakuo Painting

[Daily] Kakuo Paw-doodles!

Begin this questline by talking to Kakuo at Splashing Point in Mediah. Kakuo will give you a Certficate for a class portrait if you pay a “small” fee: Gold Bars 100G x5 (50 million silver total) and complete one random task.

Possible random tasks:

  • Kakuo’s in a good mood: no extra task required.
  • Give Kakuo green-grade fish x12, blue-grade fish x6, and yellow-grade fish x3.
  • Beat Kakuo in a game of Yar!
  • Give Kakuo Smoked Fish Steak x10 and Golden Smoked Fish Steak x5.
  • Give 50 energy to Kakuo.

After paying the fee and completing the task, Kakuo will give you a Family-bound Certificate which you can hand in for a box that contains a paw-drawn portrait of the class you hand the Certificate in with.

Kakuo’s Certificate can be completed by any class since it is Family-bound, then handed in by a different class. The box received in return for the Certificate is Character-bound. 

The questine is available once every day per Family.

NOTE: Forfeiting the quest and retaking it will not give you a different task!!

Shai Doodle Portrait
Scholar Class Paw Doodle Portrait Icon

Scholar Paw-doodle
BDO’s Newest Class

Kakuo’s Paw-doodle Class Portraits

Paw-doodle Portraits Questline for Corsair

Hungry Kakuo

In honor of their previous friendship with Kakuo, Corsairs can complete a special questline for a free Corsair Paw-doodle portrait.

Quest Requirements

  • Level 56+
  • Succession and Awakening questlines completed.
  • A ship for sailing to Scallywags Den and Oquilla’s Eye.
  • A fishing rod and a gathering hoe – bring to Scallywags Den.

To begin this questline, head to Splashing Point in Mediah with your Corsair and speak to Kakuo. He will ask you to speak to Naruo at Slippery Scallywags Den, the island just East of Oquilla’s Eye. You can autopath to Naruo once you’ve boarded your ship.

Naruo sends you to look for Kakuo who has set up camp on the North shore of Scallywags Den.

Kakuo’s been so focused on his art that he hasn’t eaten. He asks you to fish up 1 green grade fish for him to eat. If you forgot to bring a fishing pole, you can spend 50 energy at the small tackle box nearby to get one.

Frustrated by his lack of skill, Kakuo wants to get some advice from a true professional and sends you to Waruo, the Wharf Manager at the South shore of Scallywags Den. Waruo won’t give you the information for free so he asks you to catch x5 green grade fish and give them to him as payment.

Waruo tells Kakuo that a famous painter, Leordo Dias, has come to Oquilla’s Eye.

Leordo is a very busy man, but he’ll give Kakuo some advice if you gather Iridescent Coral Piece x3 from Spotted Corals. You can find Spotted Corals in shallow water just off O’quilla’s south shore. Please see map for locations and pic for what they look like. Use a hoe to gather from corals and be sure to summon a hedgehog or llama pet for a chance at double procs.

After listening to Leordo’s advice, Kakuo realizes that all he needs to do is love his Cap’n (You) even more which he is so eager and happy to do. Inspired by his love for you, Kakuo asks you to pose for a portrait right there on top of the cliff.

You are now the proud owner of a cute Corsair portrait–and an even prouder Cap’n of a very affectionate and talented otter!

Oquilla Scallywags Map

NPC and Spotted Corals Map

Spotted Coral

Kukuo paints Corsair Portrait

Kakuo Paints His Cap’n

Using the Paw-doodle Portraits in your Character Selection Screen

To use the Paw-doodle Portraits in your Character Selection Screen, download the Paw-doodle Portaits and follow the directions here: NAEU BDO Official Site