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BDO Energy Tonic from the Pearl Shop
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What is Energy?
Energy is a form of currency in the game. You can exchange or use it for resources in BDO, which can then be sold on the Marketplace for silver. Used this way, Energy helps you gain money, so that you can buy better gear for your character. But BDO Energy has many other uses as well. Energy is more precious than silver, because it’s limited and takes time and effort to obtain.

Most Popular Uses For Energy:

  • Black Spirit Combat Exp Buff: +20% costing 50 Energy
  • Life Skills: Gathering, Farming, etc
  • NPCs: Knowledge and Quest activities
BDO Energy

Energy Recovery
Energy is gleefully spent! But what then? We have to wait… and wait… for energy recovery. We get 1 energy every 3 minutes while logged in and 1 every hour logged out. Energy recovery is a concern for many of us! But don’t loose heart! This Energy Guide will uncover some helpful energy regeneration tips and strategies.

There is no known Maximum Energy cap, although you can only obtain what is available. Periodically, new zones and content is added that increases the maximum Energy you can obtain. Reports are that this number is currently 626, backed up by the screenshot in the comments below. Thanks! 🙂

BDO Energy Recovery Tips

Grow Your Family!
A larger Family means a larger Energy pool to work with. All alt characters have the same maximum Energy as your main character. When they are logged off, they get an Energy Recovery rate of 1 Energy every hour. So get busy filling up all your empty character slots ASAP!

Energy Recovery Rate Requirement
1 Energy for 3 minutes logged in
3 Energy for 3 minutes use cash shop bed + logged in
2 energy for 3 minutes use quested/crafted bed + logged in
1 energy per hour logged out

Stay Logged In!
Black Desert Online really likes to keep people logged in so that their maniacal and evil plans unfold… *blinks* Where were we? Oh yes. If you stay logged in, then you don’t get a massive Energy Recovery penalty of massive proportions. Nice for alts, but not so good for mains.

Mediahn Bed used for Energy Recovery

Beds Speed Energy Recovery!
Cash shop beds give 3 times as much Energy Recovery as staying logged in and processing, for example. You will loose out on AFK income, so be sure to calculate actual profitability.

  • NPC Beds from Furniture Dealers:
    • Velian Bed: Sealus 24k
    • Heidelian Bed: Lebyos 28k
    • Velian Bed: Lylina 32k
    • Mediahn Bed: Verosi 38k
    • NOTE: The more expensive beds still give the same Energy Recovery.
      All have 10 Durability. (10 uses)
  • Amity Beds:
    Furniture Dealers in cities often sell beds for 600 Amity. For example, Lebyos located in Heidel
  • Quested Beds:
    There may be others, but I know of one quest called Settling Down in Heidel.
  • Crafted Beds:
    Beds can be crafted in many Furniture workshops in various cities like Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Altinova.
    Handcrafted Beds List
  • Velian Bed used for Energy Recovery

In order to use a bed, you must stay logged in.

Bed List (from Amity and Workshops):

Calpheon Bed
Calpheon Handcrafted Bed
Heidelian Bed
Heidelian Handcrafted Bed
Mediahn Bed
Mediahn Handcrafted Bed
Valencian Bed
Valencian Handcrafted Bed
Velian Bed
Velian Handcrafted Bed

Energy Potions
Energy Potions are purchased at the Marketplace. You can craft your own by visiting Alustin, the alchemist in various cities. He will have an option called Realization of Energy. This allows you to dump your energy into a potion. It exchanges in a 5 to 1 ratio, meaning you give 5 energy and store 1 Energy in the bottle. The Extra Large bottle has a slightly better ratio. Energy Potion (Extra Large) is the best value if you’re converting your own energy, because it stores 1 energy and costs 4.

BDO Energy Marketplace Cost
  • Energy Potion (Small) 50 energy cost: (recover 10 energy)
  • Energy Potion (Medium) 100 energy cost: (recover 20 energy)
  • Energy Potion (Large) 150 energy cost: (recover 30 energy)
  • Energy Potion (Extra Large) 200 energy cost: (recover 50 energy)
  • NOTE: All energy potions have a 10 minute cool down!! (Small potions are only good if you plan on gathering for short bursts of time.)

Energy Tonics
Energy Tonics are similar to Energy Potions, except they are purchased via Loyalties or Pearls. You obtain 100 Loyalties each day for staying logged in for one hour. Pearls are bought with real dollars. Find an estimate of Dollar cost by dividing Pearl cost by 100.

  • [Loyalties] Energy Tonic (Small): 15 Energy costs 100 Loyalties
    BDO Energy Tonic with Loyalties Price
  • Energy Tonic (S): 15 Energy costs 20 Pearls
    Energy Tonic (M): 30 Energy costs 32 Pearls
    Energy Tonic (L): 50 Energy costs 40 Pearls
    BDO Energy Tonic with Pearl Price

Blessing of Kamasylve:
Energy Recovery +2
Blessing of Kamasylve gives a 1 day to 15 day buff that increases your base Energy Recovery rate by +2. Blessing of Kamasylve is purchased via Loyalties or Pearls. You obtain 100 Loyalties each day for staying logged in for one hour. Pearls are bought with real dollars. Find an estimate of Dollar cost by dividing Pearl cost by 100.

  • [Loyalties] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day): 1000 Loyalties
    BDO Energy Recovery from Blessing of Kamasylve with Loyalties
  • Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days): costs 1250 Pearls (currently found in Black Spirit’s Picks)
    BDO Energy Recovery from Blessing of Kamasylve with Pearls

Energy From Quest Completions
Completed quests often reward 2 Energy or more.

Repeatable energy quests include the daily cart quests. Crafting quests often reward energy, but they also require you to spend energy first, unless you purchase the items they require. (Some will not allow this though.)

Energy Conservation during Amity
The Amity game can cost allot of Energy depending upon which NPC you’re talking to.

  • Keep Talking: For Amity games that have proven to be easy wins, press the Keep Talking button to multiply your Amity gain without consuming more Energy. If however, the NPC proves stubborn, then exit after the first round is successful.
  • Greet with F5: Amity can be frustrating! When you find yourself failing allot, don’t forget the option to Greet with F5 for 3 Amity (costs 3 energy). As Amity becomes higher and more expensive to even attempt to win, sometimes this is the best option and it relieves allot of head ache for those stubborn and unamicable NPCs!

Energy Crystals
Magic Crystal of Infinity Energy Magic Crystal of Infinity Energy:
Max Energy +10 in shoe sockets (+20 possible with 2)
Cost: 300k at marketplace or craft with Alchemy Tool (Skilled 1)

Magic Crystal of Infinity Energy

Increase Life Skill Levels
As your Life Skill levels, you will need less energy. This is true for both Gathering and Farming.

Complete Knowledge Topics
Maximum Energy is increased by completing Knowledge topics. View your current Knowledge by pressing H key. The easiest Knowledge to obtain is Character. Most of these just require you to talk with an NPC. Make it a point to visit every NPC that has a ? on the mini map. You can find nearest Knowledge to you easily by using our Knowledge Locator. Use a node map to speak to every Node Manager and visit every city. My favorite is

Energy can be increased by up to 7, for each Knowledge topic you complete. For a more detailed explanation of Knowledge, visit our BDO Knowledge Guide

High-Quality Wine Nerf:High Quality Wine
High-Quality Wine was removed in a patch on Jan 22, 2020. Source patch notes explaining why Players used to able to purchase High-Quality Wine at a Cook/Innkeeper/Farm Vendor for 200k and turn in to the same NPC or someone nearby. One High-Quality Wine instantly recovered 3 Energy.

Energy Recovery +1
Amity +10%
Life EXP +10%

Buff Cost:
180 minutes costs 9x 1G Gold bars (900,000 Silver).
90 minutes costs 3x 1G Gold bars (300,000 Silver)

Villa +1 Energy Buff
There are six Villas in Valencia Territory that will sell you a buff with +1 Energy.

  • KARASHU’S VILLA – E of Altinova location map (Easiest location to travel to.)
  • SHAKATU’S VILLA – W of Shakatu City location map
  • MUNA’S VILLA – inside Valencia City location map
  • KIYAK’S VILLA – NW of Valencia City location map
  • 2 located just outside Ancado Inner Harbor: MARZANA’S VILLA and TALIA’S VILLA

Players that have tents, can purchase buffs at their campsite as long as they have a Villa Invitation.

Villa Invitations cost 10 million silver and last for 7 days.

Energy Buff From Titles

Buffs from Titles
Luck Energy EXP
50 1
60 2
70 2 1
80 2 2
90 2 3
100 2 3 3%
150 3 3 3%
200 3 4 3%
300 3 4 6% 5%
400 3 5 6% 5%
500 3 5 9% 5%
600 3 5 9% 10%
700 3 6 9% 10%
800 4 6 9% 15%
900 4 6 12% 15%
1.000 5 6 12% 15%

Titles give up to 6 Energy, if you have enough of them. 700 Titles will give the maximum of 6. This buff is shared with all your characters.

Other Buffs: You also get boosts to Luck, Combat Experience, and Stamina. The max buffs you can gain from Titles is currently +6 Energy, +5 Luck, 15% Stamina, and 12% Combat EXP.

Titles in BDO are in the following categories:

  • World Titles: World titles are received as you complete quests, events, knowledge, enhancement milestones
  • Combat Titles: Kill a certain amount of specific monsters
  • Life Titles: Life Skill and crafting milestones
  • Fishing Titles: Catch a certain number of specific fish

  • BDO Title Window showing Energy Buffs

NOTE: You do not need to get only Life Titles to get the Energy buff. All titles are added together.

All titles can be found here on

Energy Uses in BDO

  • Convenient Node Purchase: via the map (requires value pack and contribution points + 10 energy)
  • Level 10 Node Investment: +10% rare loot obtain chance.
    • Each node level gives +5% Item Drop Rate for 10% of monsters killed.
    • Does not affect Party drop items and junk items that always drop 100%
    • Simple Example: Investing 11,350 energy for Node level 10 gives +50% higher Item Drop Rate for 1 out of every 10 monsters killed
    • Detailed Example: Elite Sentinel pirate has a Blue Coral Ring drop rate of .1% (1 per 1000 kills). So a level 10 node would increase the drop rate to a .15% chance for 100 pirates out of 1000 pirate kills
  • Farming and Gathering: mining, lumbering, skinning, butchering, plant picking, and blood/sap sucking
  • NPC Interactions: Amity Game and other interactions including F5 to greet (3 Energy for 3 Amity) and stealing
  • Large Energy Potion Energy Potions: visit Alustin, the Alchemist, in any of his locations: Alustin in Alejandro Farm (NW of Heidel) or Alustin (Velia location). Also located in Glish, Port Epheria, Keplan, and The Great Library of Calpheon. His quests, called Realization of Energy, instantly exchange a character’s energy for an energy pot that players can sell at the Marketplace or use later.
    • Energy Potion (Small) 50 energy cost: (recover 10 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Medium) 100 energy cost: (recover 20 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Large) 150 energy cost: (recover 30 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Extra Large) 200 energy cost: (recover 50 energy)
    • NOTE: All energy potions have a 10 minute cool down!! (Small potions are only good if you plan on gathering for short bursts of time.)
  • Object Interactions (to gain Knowledge, etc)
  • Hiring Workers: at Work Supervisors in every major town (5 energy/worker chance)
  • World Chat (1 energy)
  • Reset Boss Monster Knowledge: 10 energy to Annolisa Rosie in SE Calpheon City library
  • Level 50+ Black Spirit Combat/Life Skill Exp Buff: 50 energy for 20% Combat Exp or 8% Life Skill Exp (30 min.)
  • Trade Bargain: Spend energy to attempt to bargain with a Trade Manager to get a % increase in the price he will pay for your trade goods.
  • Locate Another Player: Spend 5 energy and 10k to “Black-Robed Man” in Velia to locate another player. (Must be on the same channel and use character names not family.)
  • Altar of Blood: Spend 100 Energy to start and 20 for each new level inside Altar of Blood, a 3-man cooperative defense mode. Earn item rewards in exchange for defeating each level and end boss.
  • Night Vendor (Patrigio): Spend 50 Energy to try your luck and possibly obtain boss gear.