What is Energy?
Energy is a form of currency in the game. You can exchange or use it for resources in BDO, which can then be sold on the marketplace for silver. Used this way, Energy helps you gain money, so that you can buy better gear to strengthen your character. But BDO Energy has many other uses. Energy is more precious than silver because it’s limited and takes time to recover.


Popular Uses For Energy:

  • Combat Exp Buff: +20% costing 50 Energy with Black Spirit.
  • Life Skills: Gathering, Farming, and Hunting.
  • NPCs: Knowledge, Amity, and Quest answers.
  • Node Investment: Item Drop Rate of up to +10%.
  • Hiring Workers: 5 Energy per worker attempt.

Starting Max Energy:
You begin the game with 50 Max Energy.

End Game Energy Cap:
The current energy cap is 690. Periodically, new content is added that increases the maximum energy you can obtain.

BDO energy level

Each character has their own Energy Level seen above their HP Bar.


BDO Energy FAQ

Question: How much energy does a t20 node take?
Answer: A t20 node takes a total of 20,700 energy.

Question: Is Energy Shared?
Answer: Max Energy is shared, BUT each alt character recovers and stores energy separately.

Question: How can I get more energy in BDO?
Answer: Obtain 640 more max energy by completing Knowledge (H) topics. Restore energy with items that have “Energy Recovery” buff.

Energy Regen & Recovery

Energy is gleefully spent! But what then? Do we have to wait… and wait… for energy recovery?

Energy Regen Rates:

  • Offline: 1 energy is recovered every hour when you are logged out of the game.
  • Online: 1 energy is recovered every 3 minutes when you are logged into the game. That’s 20 energy every hour. (Increase this with Energy Recovery items.)

Energy recovery is important for many of us! But don’t loose heart! Lets uncover some helpful energy regeneration tips.

BDO Worker: Hire a Skilled Goblin

Alt Army for Energy Regen

A larger family means a larger energy pool to work with. All alt characters have the same maximum energy as your main character. When they are logged off, they get an Energy Recovery rate of 1 energy every hour. So get busy filling up all your empty character slots ASAP!

Energy Rates Requirement
1 per 3 minutes logged in
3 per 3 minutes use cash shop bed + logged in
2 per 3 minutes use normal bed + logged in
1 per hour 🙁 logged out


Stay Logged In!
Black Desert Online really likes to keep people logged in so that their maniacal and evil plans unfold… *blinks* Where were we? Oh yes. If you stay logged in, then you don’t get a massive 2000% Energy Recovery penalty of massive proportions. So mean!

bdo classes and characters

BDO Energy Item List

  • Beds:
    • Amity/Quest/Crafted Beds: +1
    • Pearl Shop Beds: +2
  • Artifact Lightstone Combo:
    • Yawning Hedgehog +1
    • Refreshing Dream +2
  • Kamasylve’s Blessing: +2
  • Villa Buff – Turning Gates: +1
  • GMs Blessing: +1
  • Red Battlefield Daily Quest: 200 Energy
  • Daily Gathering Quest x4: 80 Energy
  • Energy Potions: 10/20/30/50 Energy every 10 minutes
  • Duvencrune Hotsprings: +1
  • Sea Palace Hotsprings: +1
  • Event Items: +1
  • Online: +1 every 3 minutes
  • Offline: +1 every 1 hour
  • Miraculous Herbal Medicine: +500 Energy Restored Immediately and +30 Energy Recovery for 60 minutes
Gathering Exp Energy Artifact

Artifact Combos for Energy

Lightstone Combo Lightstones + Combo Effect
Flora: Plains
Flora: Forest
Wind: Fortune
Iridescent Lightstone
[Yawning Hedgehog]
Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%
Gathering EXP +13%
Gathering Mastery +25
Gathering Speed Level +1
Energy Recovery +1
Luck Level +1
Flora: Plains
Flora: Trap
Flora: Harvest
Iridescent Lightstone
[Refreshing Dream]
Energy Recovery +2
Gathering EXP +3%
Hunting EXP +3%
Farming EXP +3%


Artifact Lightstone Combo Energy Recovery Refreshing Dream

Energy Potions

Energy Potions restore 10 to 50 energy. They are usually obtained with silver, Loyalties, and Pearls.

  • Event Energy Tonic: Login Rewards, Event boxes like GM’s Lucky Box
  • Energy Potion: buy from the marketplace. Make them by exchanging energy to an energy NPC like Alustin in Velia.
    • Energy Potion (Small) → 50 energy cost (recover 10 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Medium) → 100 energy cost (recover 20 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Large) → 150 energy cost (recover 30 energy)
    • Energy Potion (Extra Large) → 200 energy cost (recover 50 energy)
  • Pearl Shop Energy Tonic: F3 to purchase unlimited supply in the Cash Shop
    • Energy Tonic (S) → 15 Energy costs 20 Pearls
    • Energy Tonic (M) → 30 Energy costs 32 Pearls
    • Energy Tonic (L) → 50 Energy costs 40 Pearls

Energy Potion Cooldown:

All potions share a 10 minute Cooldown. However, Pearl Shop potions have a seperate 10 minute Cooldown and can be used together with normal potions.

    energy tonic large event
    BDO energy potion
    energy tonic large

    Energy Potion NPC

    You can perform “Energy Exchange” at certain NPCs.

    For example, Alustin, the alchemist in various cities, will allow you to make Energy Potions by giving him energy in exchange.

    Click on the “Exchange” button to dump your energy into a potion. This allows you to store energy for later use during Life Skill events. Or you can earn silver by selling the potions in the marketplace.

    Energy Exchange Costs:

    Small to Large Energy Potions exchange in a 5 to 1 ratio, meaning you give 5 energy and store 1 energy in the bottle.

    The Extra Large bottle has a slightly better ratio. Energy Potion (Extra Large) is the best value if you’re converting your own energy, because it stores 1 energy and costs 4 energy.

    Energy Potion NPC Location
    Sangyoon <Chief of Dalbeol Village>
    Dalbeol Village, LoML

    Purajin <Material Vendor>
    Valencia City

    Alustin <Alchemist>
     Velia, Balenos Territory

    Alustin <Alchemist>
    Calpheon City, Calpheon Territory

    Alustin <Alchemist>
    Keplan, Calpheon Territory

    Alustin <Alchemist>
    Port Epheria, Calpheon Territory

    Alustin <Alchemist>
    Alejandro Farm, Serendia Territory

    Celphie <Audrite Holy Priest>
    O’draxxia, O’dylitta


    Purchasing Energy Potions with Pearls & Loyalties

    You can purchase Energy Potions with Loyalties or Pearls. Obtain 200 Loyalties each day for logging in. Pearls are bought with real dollars. Find an estimate of dollar cost by dividing Pearl cost by 100.

    • Loyalties:
      • Energy Tonic (L): 50 Energy
      • Costs 500 Loyalties (Limit 2/week)
    • Pearls: (buy 10 potions and get 1 free)
      • Energy Tonic (S): 15 Energy → costs 20 Pearls
      • Energy Tonic (M): 30 Energy → costs 32 Pearls
      • Energy Tonic (L): 50 Energy → costs 40 Pearls
    energy potion pearl shop

    Event Energy Potions & Items

    Energy items can be given away during events.

    • [Event] Festa Beer → 100 Energy
    • [Event] Marni’s Endurance Potion → 100 Energy
    • [Event] Energy Gourd Bottle → 100 Energy
    • [Event] Dark Chocolate → 20 Energy
    • [Event] Cold Draft Beer → 20 Energy
    • [Event] Warm Milk → Energy Recovery +1
    • [Event] Hot Chocolate → 15 Energy
    Event Energy Gourd Bottle
    Event Warm Milk
    GM's Blessing
    Event Cold Draft Beer

    Miraculous Herbal Medicine

    – Effects:
    Energy +500 Restored Immediately
    Energy Recovery +30

    – Duration: 60 min
    – Cooldown: 22 hrs


    Miraculous Herbal Medicine is made from rare ingredients found in Land of the Morning Light.

    Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy:

    Miraculous Herbal Medicine

    Energy Recovery via Quests

    There are many quests that can recover Energy.

    One of the most helpful is a repeatable gathering quest you can do 4 times daily for 20 Energy each from 4 different NPCs.

    Daily 20 Energy Quest

    Daily 20 Energy Quest List


    Quest Objective: Gather  Fairy’s Breath


    Quest Rewards:

    Each quest has the same objective and the same rewards.


    Reward Details:

     150 Contribution Experience
     1x Restores 20 Energy
     1x Gathering Skill EXP


     1x Pickled Vegetables
     1x Fig Pie

    Daily Gathering Quest Quest NPC

    [Daily] [Gathering] Impressive Find in Nature!

    Location: Northern Wheat Plantation, NE of Calpheon City

    Norma Leight
    <Northern Wheat Plantation Owner>

    [Daily] [Gathering] Wonderful Find in Nature!

    Location: Loggia Farm node west of Velia

    Severo Loggia 
    <Node Management>

    [Daily] [Gathering] Astonishing Find in Nature!

    Location: Alejandro Farm node, NW of Heidel

    Amadeo Alejandro 
    <Node Management>

    [Daily] [Gathering] Surprising Find in Nature!

    Location: Ahto Farm node north of Tarif, Mediah

    Monta Ahto 
    <Node Management>


    Energy Regen with Tent Villa Buff

    Villa Turning Gates → +1 Energy Buff
    There are six Villas in Valencia Territory that will sell you a buff with +1 Energy.

    • KARASHU’S VILLA – E of Altinova location map (Easiest location. No desert.)
    • SHAKATU’S VILLA – W of Shakatu City location map
    • MUNA’S VILLA – inside Valencia City location map
    • KIYAK’S VILLA – NW of Valencia City location map
    • MARZANA’S VILLA and TALIA’S VILLA – located just outside Ancado Inner Harbor

    TIP: Players that have tents, can purchase buffs at their campsite as long as they have a Villa Invitation or Secret Book of Old Moon.

    Energy Recovery +1
    Amity +10%
    Life EXP +10%

    Buff Cost:
    180 minutes costs 900,000 Silver
    90 minutes costs 300,000 Silver

    Villa Invitations cost 10 million silver and last for 7 days.

    Camping Tent for Villa Buffs

    If you purchased a Naphart Camping Tent from the Pearl Shop, you can use your Villa Invitation or Secret Book of Old Moon to remotely purchase buffs instead of having to go to the Villa itself in Valencia.

    Buying Villa Invitations

    Villa Invitations are purchased from the Villa Manger at a Villa in Valencia Territory.

    • Villa Invitations cost 10,000,000 silver and last for 7 days.
    • You can purchase more than 1 Villa Invitation to get more buffs.
    • See chart below for a list of the Villa Buffs, price, effects, and which Villa offers the buffs.
    naphart camping tent
    tent villa scroll buffs
    Buffs Price Effects Villas
    Turning Gates (90) 300,000 silver Energy Recovery +1
    Amity +10%
    Life Exp +10%
    Karashu, Shakatu, Kiyak
    Muna, Marzana, Talia
    Turning Gates (180) 900,000 silver
    Skill and Experience (90) 500,000 silver Skill Exp +10%
    Combat Exp +10%
    Sunstroke and Hypothermia Resistance +40%
    Kunid, Amir, Alsabi, Gahaz
    Tasaila, Shandi, Inaha
    Dudora, Oberin
    Skill and Experience (180) 1,500,000 silver
    Body Enhancement (90) 1,500,000 silver All AP +10
    All DP +10
    Max HP +200
    All Resistance +10%
    Ignore All Resistance +5%
    Lohan, Atosa
    Body Enhancement (180) 4,500,000 silver

    +2 Energy with Kamasylve Blessing

    Blessing of Kamasylve is usually purchased in the Pearl Shop or with Pearls or Loyalties (F3). You can also try to preorder them on the marketplace or get them as special gifts during events.

    • Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days) → 1250 Pearls (normal price without sales/coupons)
    • Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day) → 2000 Loyalties (10 days of login rewards) Limit 1/week

    Energy Recovery +2
    Item Drop Rate +20%
    Central Market Warehouse Capacity +4,000 VT
    Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100 VT
    Storage Transport Weight Limit +1,500 LT

    blessing of kamasylve pearl shop

    +200 Energy from Red Battlefield

    The quest for Red Battlefield can be completed once a day.

    Quest Objective: Obtain 5x Battlefield Token from completing a Red Battlefield.

    • To join Red Battlefield press Esc > War (F7) > Red Battlefield (1)
    • You can join in the first 10 minutes of Red Battlefield.
    Win or Lose RBF Reward
    Victory Reward Battlefield Token x5
    10,000,000 Silver
    Defeat Reward Battlefield Token x2
    6,000,000 Silver


    Battlefield Quest Quest Rewards
    Battle It Out at the Red Battlefield!

    Level 1+

    Not a Season Character

    300 Contribution Experience
    1x Recover 200 Energy
    3x Battlefield Token
    1x Tears of War
    100x Ancient Spirit Dust

    Daz <Red Battlefield Quartermaster>

    Energy Recovery with Beds

    Staying logged in while AFK on a bed is one way to quickly recover more energy.

    Pearl Shop beds give 3 times as much Energy Recovery.

    When considering a bed purchase, make sure it’s worthwhile to you. Time spent laying AFK in a bed, could have been used AFK processing or fishing, for example. You will loose out on AFK income, so be sure to calculate the profitability.

    • Amity Beds: Furniture Dealers in cities often sell beds for 500+ Amity. For example, Lebyos located in Heidel
    • Quested Beds: There may be others, but I know of one quest called Settling Down in Heidel.
    • “Handcrafted” Beds: Crafted with a worker at Furniture Workshops in various cities like Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, and Altinova. Handcrafted Beds List

    All but yellow grade beds have 10 Durability (10 uses) and the same Energy Recovery rate of +1.

    velian handcrafted bed

    Amity Beds from Furniture Dealers:

    • Velian BedSealus → 24k silver + 500 Amity
    • Heidelian Bed:Lebyos → 28k silver + 1000 Amity
    • Calpheon Bed:Lylina → 32k silver + 1000 Amity
    • Mediahn Bed:Verosi → 38k silver + 600 Amity

    Velian Bed is the best choice because it is cheapest and still offers the same benefits other low grade beds.

    velian bed with amity

    Bed List for Energy

    TIP: The Amity beds for Calpheon, Heidel, and Velia are fairly easy to obtain. Other location’s Amity is more difficult.

    Calpheon Bed
    Calpheon Handcrafted Bed
    Heidelian Bed
    Heidelian Handcrafted Bed
    Mediahn Bed
    Mediahn Handcrafted Bed
    Valencian Bed
    Valencian Handcrafted Bed
    Velian Bed
    Velian Handcrafted Bed

    <Furniture Dealer> Lylina
    sells Calpheon Bed for 1000 Amity
    located in Calpheon City

    winter wood bed pearl shop

    Max Energy from Titles

    1500 titles gives the best buff to maximum energy. This buff is shared with all your characters.

    Other Buffs: You also get boosts to Luck, Combat Exp, and Stamina. The max buffs you can gain from Titles is currently +8 Max Energy, +3 Luck, +200 Stamina, and +12% Combat EXP.

    Title Categories:

    • World Titles: World titles are received as you complete quests, events, knowledge, enhancement milestones
    • Combat Titles: Kill a certain amount of different monsters.
    • Life Titles: Life Skill and crafting milestones.
    • Fishing Titles: Catch a certain amount of different fish.

    NOTE: You do not need to get only Life Skill Titles to get the Max Energy buff. All titles are added together.

    View titles on bdolytics.com

    Buffs from Titles

    Titles Luck Маx Energy Combat Exp % Max Stamina
    50 1
    60 2
    70 2 1
    80 2 2
    90 2 3
    100 2 3 3
    150 3 3 3
    200 3 4 3
    300 3 4 6 50
    400 3 5 6 50
    500 3 5 9 50
    600 3 5 9 100
    700 3 6 9 100
    800 3 6 9 150
    900 3 6 12 150
    1000 3 7 12 150
    1500 3 8 12 150
    2000 3 8 12 200

    View Titles: P → Titles tab

    BDO Titles

    Energy Crystals

    Increase your max energy by 20 when you equip 2 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Energy.

    Buy these at the marketplace or craft with an Alchemy Tool (Skilled 1).

    magic crystal of infinity energy

    Energy Uses in BDO

    Node Investment

    You can invest energy into a node to increase the drop rate of rare items from bosses and monsters that are associated with that node.

    First you must purchase the correct grinding spot node with Contribution Points. Then click the Invest button to raise the energy level of the node.

    Item Drop Rate from Energy Investment of Nodes:

    • Item Drop Rate increases by 0.5% x the investment level.
    • Item Drop Rate increases to 5% at Lv.10.
    • Item Drop Rate increases to 10% at Lv.20.
    Node Investment Level Energy/Level Total Energy


    taphtar plain centaurus node
    node investment energy item drop rate

    Is Energy Lost When Withdrawing Contribution?

    Energy invested in nodes is NOT lost when you withdraw Contribution.

    However, nodes that have their CP withdrawn will NOT give the item drop rate buff.

    • You must purchase the node again with CP, in order to have your previous item drop rate buff.
    • The energy invested will still be the same as when you withdrew your CP from the node.
    withdraw node contribution

    Which Node Do I Invest Energy In?

    Some grinding spots have multiple nodes. However, only one node needs to be invested in for each grinding spot.

    Monster Zones
    Node Applied monster modifier Applied Monster
    Cron Castle [Exiles of Mediah] Rookie Soldier
    Senior Soldier
    Operation Chief
    Forest of Plunder Goblin
    Goblin Fighter
    Goblin Thrower
    Goblin Shaman
    Goblin Elite Soldier
    [Violent] Goblin
    Goblin Elite Soldier
    Goblin Fighter
    Castle Ruins [Al Rhundi Rebels] Infantry
    Elite Infantry
    Elite Guard
    [Elite Al Rhundi Rebels] Vanguard
    Elite Infantry
    Elite Guard
    [Boss] Al Rhundi
    Bloody Monastery Cultist
    Cultist Warrior
    Cultist Shaman
    Cultist Giant Warrior
    [Consumed by Madness] Cultist
    Cultist Warrior
    Cultist Shaman
    Cultist Giant Warrior
    [Violent] Cultist Warrior
    [Martyr] Cultist Shaman
    [Boss] Muskan of Madness
    [Awakened Boss] Muskan of Madness
    Northern Plain of Serendia Altar Imp
    Altar Imp Warrior
    Altar Imp Scout
    Altar Imp Trainer
    Altar Imp Fighter
    Small Altar Imp
    [Violent] Strong Altar Imp Trainer
    Altar Imp Fighter
    [Violent Soul] Altar Imp Trainer
    Altar Imp Fighter
    [Unstable Soul] Altar Imp
    Altar Imp Warrior
    Altar Imp Scout
    Altar Imp Trainer
    Altar Imp Fighter
    Small Altar Imp
    [Boss] Dastard Bheg
    Glish Swamp Swamp Naga
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman
    Swamp Naga Axeman
    Swamp Naga Commander
    Rainbow Lizard
    [Raid Party] Swamp Naga
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman
    [Naga Raiding Party] Swamp Naga
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Spearman
    Swamp Naga Apprentice Axeman
    Swamp Naga Axeman
    Swamp Naga Commander
    Southern Swamp Fogan Hatchling
    Big Swamp Fogan
    Small Swamp Fogan
    Swamp Fogan
    Swamp Fogan Guard
    Swamp Fogan Lookout
    Swamp Fogan Fortuneteller
    Big Swamp Fogan
    Small Swamp Fogan
    [Raid Party] Swamp Fogan
    Swamp Fogan Guard
    Swamp Fogan Lookout
    Swamp Fogan Fortuneteller
    Big Swamp Fogan
    [Fogan Raiding Party] Swamp Fogan
    Swamp Fogan Guard
    Swamp Fogan Fortuneteller
    Big Swamp Fogan
    Small Swamp Fogan
    Swamp Fogan Warrior
    [Violent] Swamp Fogan Warrior
    [Boss] Titium
    Biraghi Den Bandit Raid Captain
    Bandit Warrior
    Bandit Archer
    Bandit Defense Captain
    Demibeast Bandit Warrior
    Trained Wolf
    Giant Bandit
    [Bounty Hunter] Bandit Archer
    Bandit Defense Captain
    Giant Bandit
    [Boss] Biraghi
    Orc Camp Red Orc
    Red Orc Warrior
    Red Orc Wizard
    Red Orc Elite Soldier
    Red Orc Fighter
    Red Orc Berserker
    Long Red Orc
    Firewood Orc
    Small Red Orc
    Small Red Orc Warrior
    Red Orc Prison
    [Violent] Red Orc Wizard
    [Chief of Flames] Org
    Mask Owl’s Forest Mask Owl
    Mask Owl Warrior
    Mask Owl Archer
    [Violent] Mask Owl Warrior
    Abandoned Land Contaminated Man
    Contaminated Woman
    Contaminated Dwarf
    Contaminated Giant
    Contaminated Butcher
    Contaminated Wizard
    Contaminated Witch
    Contaminated Dog
    Contaminated Black Dog
    [Sturdy] Contaminated Butcher
    Quint Hill Troll
    Troll Warrior
    Troll Thrower
    Troll Shaman
    Troll Porter
    Ancient Troll
    Ancient Troll Warrior
    Ancient Troll Thrower
    Ancient Troll Shaman
    Troll Elite Warrior
    Ancient Troll Elite Warrior
    Troll Catapult
    [Sealed] Troll Shaman
    [Risen] Troll
    Troll Warrior
    Troll Thrower
    Troll Porter
    Troll Elite Warrior
    [Tainted by the Ancient Seal] Ancient Troll
    Ancient Troll Warrior
    Ancient Troll Thrower
    Ancient Troll Shaman
    Ancient Troll Elite Warrior
    [Violent] Troll Warrior
    Bree Tree Ruins Ruins Spider
    Ancient Ruins Guard
    Ancient Ruins Defender
    Tiny Ruins Spider
    Spotted Deer Possessed by a Black Spirit
    Ruins Golem
    [Critical] Ruins Golem
    Khuruto Cave Khuruto Elite Soldier
    Khuruto Soldier
    Small Khuruto
    Khuruto Fighter
    Khuruto Shaman
    Khuruto Amulet
    Khuruto Wooden Totem
    Khuruto Ration Depot
    Khuruto Tent
    Khuruto Pot
    Khuruto Resting Area
    Khuruto Prison
    [Sentry] Khuruto Elite Soldier
    Khuruto Soldier
    Small Khuruto
    Khuruto Fighter
    [Swift] Khuruto Fighter
    Karanda Ridge Harpy
    Harpy Warrior
    Harpy Mage
    Small Harpy
    Black Harpy Elite
    [Violent] Harpy Warrior
    Caphras Cave Adventurer Possessed by a Black Spirit
    Giant Possessed by a Black Spirit
    Witch Possessed by a Black Spirit
    [Violent] Giant Possessed by a Black Spirit
    Oze Pass Petrifying Miner
    Petrifying Worker
    Petrifying Bomber
    Petrifying Dwarf
    Petrifying Foreman
    Petrifying Berserk Miner
    Petrified Miner
    Half-petrified Miner
    [Sturdy] Petrifying Foreman
    Saunil Camp Saunil Fighter
    Saunil Armored Warrior
    Saunil Elder
    Saunil Brawler
    Saunil Guard
    Saunil Warrior
    Saunil Archer
    Saunil Elite Soldier
    Saunil Vanguard
    Saunil Immobile Catapult
    Saunil Mobile Catapult
    Saunil Siege Tower
    [Swift] Saunil Commander
    [Sharp] Saunil Siege Captain
    [Enraged] Saunil Fighter
    Saunil Brawler
    Saunil Vanguard
    Primal Giant Post Giant
    Giant Brawler
    Giant Combatant
    Giant Fighter
    Giant Warrior
    [Ravening] Giant
    Giant Brawler
    Giant Combatant
    [Powerful] Giant Fighter
    [Boss] Gehaku
    Marni’s Lab Orc Test Subject
    Mad Screaming Orc Warrior
    Mad Screaming Orc Wizard
    Horn Chimera
    Mad Screaming Harpy
    Mad Screaming Saunil
    [Critical] Orc Test Subject
    Glutoni Cave Small Glutoni
    Big Glutoni
    Cave Flytrap Worm
    Medium-sized Glutoni
    Mutant Glutoni
    Toxic Cave Plant
    Treant Forest Old Tree Treant
    Treant Spirit
    Root Treant
    Small Treant
    Owl Treant
    Twin-Headed Treant
    [Violent] Old Tree Treant
    Rhutum Outstation Rhutum Soldier
    Rhutum Fighter
    Rhutum Elite Brawler
    Rhutum Wizard
    Rhutum Archer
    Rhutum Elite Warrior
    Rhutum Elite Archer
    Rhutum Hut
    Rhutum Cannon
    Rhutum Tower
    Rhutum Flag
    Rhutum Ration
    [Glorious] Rhutum Elite Warrior
    Rhutum Elite Archer
    Rhutum Elite Brawler
    [Energetic] Rhutum Elite Brawler
    [Indomitable King] Grand Rhutum Chief
    Abandoned Monastery Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight
    Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess
    Calpheon Shadow Knight
    Calpheon Shadow Wizard
    [Blessed by Kzarka] Calpheon Shadow Knight
    Calpheon Shadow Wizard
    Calpheon Shadow Guard
    Calpheon Elite Shadow Knight
    Calpheon Elite Shadow Priestess
    [Sturdy] Calpheon Shadow Guard
    Catfishman Camp Catfishman
    Catfishman Fisher
    Catfishman Light-armored Warrior
    Catfishman Elite Fisher
    Otter Fisher
    Fat Catfishman
    Catfishman Witmirth
    [Energetic] Fat Catfishman
    Mansha Forest Mansha Warrior
    Mansha Javelin Thrower
    Mansha Trap
    [Violent] Mansha Warrior
    Marie Cave [Grudge-Bearing] Skeleton
    Skeleton Archer
    Skeleton Warrior
    Skeleton Wolf
    Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    Skeleton Lizard
    Hexe Sanctuary Skeleton
    Skeleton Archer
    Skeleton Warrior
    Skeleton Wolf
    Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    Skeleton Lizard
    Skeleton Witmirth
    Hexe Sanctuary Witch Tower
    Hexe Sanctuary Shamanic Tree
    [Violent] Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    [Howling Dead] Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    [Soul Harvester] Skeleton Witmirth
    [Unstable Soul] Green Orc Skeleton Warrior
    [Soulless] Skeleton Warrior
    [Queen of the Fallen] Hexe Marie
    Star’s End Harbinger of Corruption
    Harbinger of Immorality
    Apostle of Corruption
    Harbinger of Defilement
    Apostle of Immorality
    Harbinger of Corruption
    Harbinger of Immorality
    Apostle of Defilement
    [Possessed] Apostle of Malevolence
    [Sin-filled] Harbinger of Defilement
    [Coveting Sin] Apostle of Corruption
    Harbinger of Defilement
    Apostle of Immorality
    Sausan Garrison Sausan Watch
    Tough Sausan Soldier
    Sausan Scout
    Sausan Sniper
    Sausan Assassin
    Sausan Soldier
    Sausan Guardian
    Sausan Cannoneer
    Sausan Garrison Wharf Shultz Guard Gladiator
    Shultz Guard Sniper
    Shultz Guard Armored Soldier
    Rumbling Land Wilderness Golem
    Gravestone Golem
    Stone Golem
    Manes Hideout Small Mane
    Big Mane
    Agile Mane
    Giant Mane
    Mane Tunnel
    Mane Grave
    Blinding Stone Grave
    Wandering Rogue Den Wandering Rogue Elementalist
    Wandering Rogue Fighter
    Wandering Rogue
    Blind Pugnose
    Elementalist’s Stone Tower
    Wandering Rogue Prison
    Wandering Rogue Obsidian Altar
    Wandering Rogue Obsidian Altar
    Abandoned Iron Mine [Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian] Rhutum Guard
    Rhutum Sheriff
    Red Orc Guard
    Red Orc Sentinel
    Saunil Guard
    Saunil Sheriff
    Khuruto Executor
    Khuruto Sheriff
    Khuruto Guard
    Rhutum Chief Shaman
    Thunder Drummer
    Lightning Trumpeter
    [Violent Abandoned Iron Mine Barbarian] Troll Work Supervisor
    Imp Work Supervisor
    Soldiers’ Cemetery Frenzied Skeleton
    Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman
    Frenzied Skeleton Axeman
    Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog
    Frenzied Black Sorcerer
    Grudged Skeleton
    [Violent] Frenzied Skeleton Decurion
    Frenzied Skeleton Centurion
    Omar Lava Cave Ferrid Tio
    Ferrid Tuny
    Ferrid Tali
    [Burning] Ferrid Tio
    Elric Shrine Elric Layperson
    Elric Follower
    Elric Cultist
    Elric Priest
    Elric High Priest
    Decayed Swamp Monster
    Helms Post Helm Miner
    Helm Big Axe
    Helm Two-Axe Warrior
    Helm Iron Shield
    Helm Hammer
    Helm Hunter
    Helm Big Mace
    Helm Small Mace
    Helm Angry Hammer
    Helm Devourer
    Helm Destroyer
    Helm Crusher
    Helm Raid Captain
    [Hard] Helm Golem
    Hasrah Cliff [Ancient Weapon] Kamol
    [Ancient Sentinel Weapon] Bamole
    [Ancient Destruction Weapon] Belloten
    [Ancient Extermination Weapon] Laytenn
    [Ancient Weapon] Balten
    Cadry Ruins Cadry Fighter
    Cadry Black Mage
    Cadry Armored Fighter
    Cadry Commander
    Cadry Armored Fighter
    Cadry Fighter
    Cadry Commander
    Bashim Base Ohonsey Archer
    Ohonsey Elementalist
    Khala Elite Combatant
    Terruda Infantryman
    Terruda Thrower
    Terruda Reinforced Infantryman
    Terruda Bandsman
    Khala Commanding Officer
    Khala Reinforced Thrower
    Waragon Nest Stone Worm
    Stone Mutant Waragon
    Stone Mutant Waragon
    [Sturdy] Colossal Stone Waragon
    Taphtar Plain Centaurus
    Centaurus Hunter
    Centaurus Axeman
    Centaurus Seeker
    Desert Naga Temple Desert Naga Combatant
    Desert Naga Combat Monk
    Desert Naga Commanding Officer
    Gahaz Bandits’ Lair [Gahaz Bandits] Sandstorm Plunderer
    Sandstorm Assassin
    Sandstorm Elite
    Sandstorm Rifleman
    [Violent] Shadow of Gahaz
    Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Obedience [Ancient Weapon] Kalqueesh
    Tukar Balten
    Tukar Burmol
    Tukar Demol
    Crescent Shrine [Argos Saunil] Crescent Watcher
    Crescent Follower
    Crescent Guardian
    Desert Fogan Sentry
    Desert Fogan Seer
    Desert Fogan Hoppity
    Desert Fogan Fighter
    Ancado Coast Aakman Elite Guardian
    Aakman Elite Watcher
    Ancient Civilization Priest
    Aakman Airbender
    Aakman Punisher
    Aakman Watcher
    Aakman Guardian
    Pila Ku Jail Sordid Deportee
    Frenzied Executioner
    Iron Fist Warder
    Caphras’ Follower
    Dark Eyes Warder
    Roud Sulfur Mine Lava Devourer
    Lava Fafalun
    Lava Tukar
    Lava Searcher
    Lava Fafalun
    Lava Taolun
    Navarn Steppe Belladonna Elephant
    Feather Wolf
    Black Leopard
    Baby Belladonna Elephant
    King Griffon
    Manshaum Forest Manshaum Shaman
    Manshaum Warrior
    Manshaum Great Warrior
    Manshaum Hunter
    Manshaum Fighter
    Mirumok Ruins [Diseased] Mirumok
    Old Mirumok
    Degraded Old Tree Treant
    Degraded Ruins Tree Treant
    Loopy Tree Forest Fadus Dual Wielder
    Fadus Challenger
    Fadus Archer
    Fadus Shaman
    Fadus Warrior
    [Powerful] Fadus Warrior Chief
    Tooth Fairy Forest Forest Ronaros Scout
    Forest Ronaros Guardian
    Forest Ronaros Catcher
    Forest Ronaros Marksman
    Polly’s Forest Red Skirt Poison Mushroom
    Cloudy Rain Mushroom
    Shadow Poison Mushroom
    Musk Pocket Mushroom
    Snowflake Poison Mushroom
    Thief Imp Philum
    Gyfin Rhasia Temple Gyfin Rhasia Guard
    Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
    Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
    Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    [Fragment of Denial] Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
    [Fragment of Resolve] Gyfin Rhasia Guard
    [Fragment of Anger] Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
    [Denial] Gyfin Rhasia Flamen
    [Resolve] Gyfin Rhasia Guard
    [Anger] Gyfin Rhasia Crusher
    [Despair] Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    [Fragment of Despari] Gyfin Rhasia Decimator
    [Ruinous] Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia
    Ash Forest Volkras
    Sherekhan Necropolis Garud
    [Guardian Spirit] Garud
    Tshira Ruins Tree Hermit
    Leaf Keeper
    Murky Swamp Caller
    Leaf Spider
    Grove Keeper
    Vine Keeper
    Swamp Imp Bronk
    Tree Ghost Spider
    Blood Wolf Settlement Kagtum Executioner
    Kagtum Chaser
    Kagtum Warden
    Kagtum Laborer
    Blood Wolf
    Kagtum Lookout
    Kagtum Raider
    [Violent] Frenzied Kagtum
    Thornwood Forest Ahib Beast Trainer
    Ahib Dark Chaser
    Ahib Condemner
    Ahib Dark Champion
    Ahib Dark Mage
    [Frenzied] Ahib Dark Chaser
    [Frenzied] Ahib Condemner
    [Frenzied] Ahib Dark Champion
    [Fallen] Dark Knight
    [Corrupt Elite] Ahib Salun Bear Spearmaiden
    [Corrupt Elite] Ahib Salun Wolf Spearmaiden
    [Possessed] Bloodthirsty Khalk
    [Possessed] Khalk of Darkness
    Crypt of Resting Thoughts [Abyssal] Ahib Beast Trainer
    Ahib Dark Chaser
    Ahib Condemner
    Ahib Dark Champion
    Ahib Dark Mage
    Ahib Salun Bear Spearmaiden
    Ahib Salun Wolf Spearmaiden
    Shadow Wolf
    [Burning One] Raz’nal
    [Abyssal] Dark Knight
    Tunkuta Turo Scout
    Turo Pike Warrior
    Turo Berserker
    Olun’s Valley Boulder Golem
    Rock Golem
    Olun’s Golem
    Indomitable Golem
    Mountain of Eternal Winter
    Jade Starlight Forest Okjinsini Winter Keeper
    Okjinsini Lamp Keeper
    Okjinsini Brazier Keeper
    [Dreadwinter Possessed] Okjinsini Winter Keeper
    Okjinsini Lamp Keeper
    Okjinsini Brazier Keeper
    Sherekhan Iron Mine Ironclad Murraska
    [Leader] Ironclad Murraska
    [Earth-shaking] Ironclad Murraska
    [Egg-brooding] Murraska
    [Violent Leader] Ironclad Murraska
    [General] Murrasto
    [Queen’s Wings] Murrasto
    Great Ocean
    Racid Island [Ancient Weapon] Pirash
    Weita Island Protty
    Zera Protty
    Kaz Protty
    Sid Protty
    [Hungry] Protty
    [Parasitic] Sid Protty
    [Gnawing] Sid Protty
    [Satiating] Sid Protty
    [Violent] Zera Protty
    [Overlord] Kaz Protty
    Kuit Islands [Cox Pirates] Deck Combatant
    Deck Elite Combatant
    Red Foot Assassin
    Cox Elite Gladiator
    One-Eyed Outlaw
    Captain Khuru
    Iron Combatant
    Drunk Treasure Hunter
    Elite Sentinel
    Crazy Jack
    Padix Island [Mutant Loah Flower Addict] Megimegi
    One-Eyed Outlaw
    Captain Khuru
    Iron Combatant
    Drunk Treasure Hunter
    Elite Sentinel
    Crazy Jack

    Source: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=4827

    Black Spirit Energy Combat +20%

    Combat Exp: +20%
    Skill Exp: +8%
    Duration: 30+ minutes
    Cost: 50+ Energy
    Level Requirement: 50+

    Black Spirit (,) → “Exchange”

    • You can have the Combat EXP buff and the Skill EXP buff going at the same time for 100 Energy.

    BDO Black Spirit Energy Burning XP Buff

    Energy Spending List

    You can spend energy in many ways.

    • Convenient Node Purchase: via the map (requires value pack and contribution points + 10 energy)
    • Level 10 Node Investment: up to +10% rare loot obtain chance.
    • Farming, Hunting, and Gathering: mining, lumbering, skinning, butchering, plant picking, and blood/sap sucking
    • NPC Interactions: Amity Game and other interactions including F5 to greet (3 Energy for 3 Amity) and 5 to steal.
    • Large Energy Potion Energy Potions: visit Alustin, the Alchemist, in any of his locations: Alustin in Alejandro Farm (NW of Heidel) or Alustin (Velia location). Also located in Glish, Port Epheria, Keplan, and The Great Library of Calpheon. Exchange a character’s energy for an energy pot that players can sell at the Marketplace or use later.
      • Energy Potion (Small) 50 energy cost: (recover 10 energy)
      • Energy Potion (Medium) 100 energy cost: (recover 20 energy)
      • Energy Potion (Large) 150 energy cost: (recover 30 energy)
      • Energy Potion (Extra Large) 200 energy cost: (recover 50 energy)
    • Object Interactions (to gain Knowledge, etc)
    • Hiring Workers: at Work Supervisors in every major town (5 energy/worker chance)
    • World Chat (1 energy)
    • Reset Knowledge: 10 energy to Annolisa Rosie in SE Calpheon City library
    • Level 50+ Black Spirit Combat/Skill Exp Buff: 50 energy for 20% Combat Exp or 8% Skill Exp (30 min.)
    • Trade Bargain: Spend energy to attempt to bargain with a Trade Manager to get a % increase in the price he will pay for your trade goods.
    • Winter Tree Fossil: Spend 100 Energy to start a tower defense mini game. View Winter Tree Fossil Guide.
    • Night Vendor (Patrigio): Spend 50 Energy to try your luck and possibly obtain rare rewards like boss gear. Night Vendor Guide.
    • Day Vendor (Morco): Spend 10 Energy to try your luck and possibly obtain items like crystals and gems.
    • Checking Trade Prices: check trade prices via the World Map or Order Contract window.
    • Locate Another Player: Spend 5 energy and 10k to “Black-Robed Man” in Velia to locate another player. (Must be on the same channel and use character names not family.)
      • Patch update: “The Black-Robed Man in Velia has quit the job of finding the location of online Adventurers.” source

    Energy Management Tips

    Increase Life Skill Levels:
    As your Life Skill levels, you will need less energy. This is true for both Gathering and Farming.

    Energy Farming with Quest Completions:
    Completed quests often reward 2 Energy or more.

    Repeatable energy quests include the daily cart quests. Crafting quests often reward energy, but they also require you to spend energy first, unless you purchase the items they require. (Some will not allow this though.)

    Energy Conservation during Amity:
    The Amity game can cost allot of Energy depending upon which NPC you’re talking to.

    • Keep Talking: For Amity games that have proven to be easy wins, press the Keep Talking button to multiply your Amity gain without consuming more Energy. If however, the NPC proves stubborn, then exit after the first round is successful.
    • Greet with F5: Amity can be frustrating! When you find yourself failing allot, don’t forget the option to Greet with F5 for 3 Amity (costs 3 energy). As Amity becomes higher and more expensive to even attempt to win, sometimes this is the best option and it relieves allot of head ache for those stubborn and unamicable NPCs!

    Complete Knowledge Topics:
    Maximum Energy is increased by completing Knowledge topics. View your current Knowledge by pressing H key. The easiest Knowledge to obtain is Character. Most of these just require you to talk with an NPC. Make it a point to visit every NPC that has a ? on the mini map. You can find nearest Knowledge to you easily by using our Knowledge Locator. Use a node map to speak to every Node Manager and visit every city. My favorite is somethinglovely.net.

    Energy can be increased by up to 7, for each Knowledge topic you complete. For a more detailed explanation of Knowledge, visit our BDO Knowledge Guide

    High-Quality Wine Nerf:High Quality Wine
    High-Quality Wine was removed in a patch on Jan 22, 2020. Players used to able to purchase High-Quality Wine at a Cook/Innkeeper/Farm Vendor for 200k and turn in to the same NPC or someone nearby. One High-Quality Wine instantly recovered 3 Energy.