When Life Mastery gear alone isn’t enough, you can add a bit more life mastery by using consumables like food and scrolls that give temporary mastery buffs. Although Life Mastery consumables are harder to come by than Life EXP consumables, there may come a time when you want a bit more mastery to hit the next Life Mastery bracket for higher gains.

Event consumables like [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll are intentionally more rare, so every astute Life-skiller should take advantage of acquiring these Event consumables whenever possible!

Before using consumables that grant temporary Life Mastery buffs, please plan ahead by gathering everything else you will need first. Use these rare Life Mastery consumables right before you need them to take full advantage of their temporary nature.

A short list of Life Mastery consumables currently available in BDO. Please read below for details on how each is acquired and which ones stack.

  • Secret Book of Florin
  • [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll
  • [Event] Stella’s Spirit Stone
  • Seafood Cron Meal
  • Savory Steak
  • Elixir of Mastery

Please Note: Farming, Trade, and Barter life skills are NOT improved by Life Mastery, only by life skill level.

Life Mastery Scrolls

  • Secret Book of Florin
  • [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll

Thes two scrolls each add 100 Life Mastery and +20% Life EXP for 60 minutes. They can also be combined (stacked) with each other and other Life Mastery consumables like Seafood Cron Meal.

[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll

After graduating a Season character, you’ll be rewarded with a chest called “Gift Box Full of Memories”. Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll x5 is one of the gifts inside this chest. These are super rare so use wisely! Season Graduation guide.

gift box memories
Secret Book of Florin

Secret Book of Florin is crafted using Simple Alchemy or given out as Login Rewards or Event Rewards by BDO. If you’re lucky or very saavy, you can also obtain Secret Book of Florin by playing the Black Spirit’s Adventure board game.

Floramos Petal is used in every recipe for Secret Book of Florin. Use Floramos Petal in combination with Catalyst and/or Item Collection Increase scrolls (60 minute).

Floramos Petal is a reward for completing [Weekly] Life Skill quests given by Liana. She can be found in every major city.

Secret Book of Florin

For more details on how to craft Secret Book of Florin and Liana’s life skill quests, please see Liana’s Quests guide.

[Event] Stella’s Spirit Stone

Stella’s Spirit Stone is occasionally given away as a Login or Event reward, but is still somewhat rare.

Stella’s Spirit Stone is a Life alchemy/spirit stone that adds 100 Life Mastery along with other helpful Life skills buffs. It has 50 Durability and consumes 1 Durability every 10 minutes that the stone is activated.

Stella’s Spirit Stone can be used with other Life Mastery consumables like Secret Book of Florin.

Please Note:
Stella’s Spirit Stone can’t be refueled like other alchemy stones or ground into Mystical Spirit Powder like other spirit stones. Once the durability has reached zero, it has no other purpose and can be destroyed.


stella's spirit stone

Life Mastery Foods

Seafood Cron Meal and Savory Steak are both foods that buff Life Mastery, but only one food can be active at a time. Cron Meals are considered a “high-quality food” and won’t be replaced by simpler foods like Savory Steak, Sute Tea, etc. If you try consuming another food while a Cron Meal is active, it will have no effect and the Cron Meal buffs will remain until the time runs out. However, you can combine 1 of the food items with other Life Mastery consumables like scrolls.

Savory Steak

If you have Professional 1+ Cooking skill, you can cook up some Savory Steak which adds +10 Life Mastery for 60 minutes.

Although Savory Steak is a lot simpler to make than Seafood Cron Meal, it has 15 less Life Mastery and no other helpful buffs.

Consuming Seafood Cron Meal or another high-quality food will override any other food buffs. 

Please Note: No other meat can be substituted for Lion Meat in the Savory Steak recipe.

Savory Steak Recipe
Lion Meat x4
Fig x5
Pepper x3
Cooking Wine x2
(2k at Vendor)


savory steak
Seafood Cron Meal

Along with many other helpful buffs, Seafood Cron Meal adds +25 Life Mastery and lasts 120 minutes. They are often given as Event and Login rewards, but can be bought off the Marketplace or crafted yourself. See recipes below.

Combining the ingredients together uses Simple Cooking which requires no skill, but crafting Balenos Meal requires Artisan 1+ Cooking. If you don’t want to craft the ingredients or don’t have Artisan 1 Cooking, you can buy the ingredients off the Marketplace and combine them into Seafood Cron Meals yourself. Depending on the Market prices, it may be cheaper to buy Seafood Cron Meal or some of its ingredients.

Seafood Cron Meal Recipe
Processing (L) – Simple Cooking:
Recipe #1 Balenos Meal x3 Cooking Skill
Calpheon Meal x3 Cooking Skill
Margoria Seafood Meal x1 Cooking Skill
Ancient Cron Spice x1 50k at Vendor
Recipe #2 Balenos Meal x3 Cooking Skill
Sute Tea x3 Cooking Skill
Savory Steak x1 Cooking Skill
Ancient Cron Spice x1 50k at Vendor


seafood cron meal

Elixir of Mastery

Elixir of Mastery adds +10 Life Mastery for 5 minutes; the higher grade proc adds +15 Life Mastery for 8 minutes. It also carries a debuff, constantly depleting MP/WP/SP while the elixir is active. This debuff is negligible unless you are very low level with low MP/WP/SP regeneration.

I wouldn’t recommend using this Elixir unless you are desperate for a bit more Mastery as it is comparatively expensive to craft compared to its benefits.

Elixirs can’t be combined with draughts like the Verdure Draught. A draught will override any elixir buffs currently active, and consuming an elixir while a draught is active will have no effect.

Elixir of Mastery can be combined with other Life Mastery buff items like scrolls and food.

With Alchemy Skilled 1+, you can craft Elixir of Mastery which adds a small amount of Life Mastery for a very short time. Elixir of Mastery and it’s other versions can also be purchased from the Marketplace.

Elixir of Mastery Recipe
Oil of Tranquility x2
Refined Delotia Reagent x3
Everlasting Herb x5
Thornwood Sap x5 
Trace of Forest x2
elixir of mastery

Permanent Life Mastery Gear

There is also permanent Life Mastery Gear you can wear to increase Life Mastery.

  • Life Mastery Jewelry Accessories:
    • Loggia: +21% Life EXP, +208 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET)  view Loggia Guide
    • Geranoa: +35.5% Life EXP, +350 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET)
    • Manos: +65% Life EXP, +570 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET) Manos Accessories Guide
  • Life Mastery Clothes, Processing Stone, & Gathering Tools:
    • Loggia: Life Mastery +200 (TET)  view Loggia Guide
    • Geranoa: Life Mastery +250 (TET)
    • Manos:  Life Mastery +300 (TET)
  • Riding Crops:
    • Loggia’s Riding Crop: Training Mastery +3 (up to 280 for PEN), Max Mount Speed +5%, Max Auto-run Speed +15%
    • Izaro’s Riding Crop: Training Mastery +4 (up to 330 for PEN), Max Mount Speed +10%, Max Auto-run Speed +30%
    • Manos Riding Crop: Training Mastery +5 (up to 400 for PEN), Max Mount Speed +20%, Max Auto-run Speed +50%

Life Mastery gear can also have other nice Life Skill buffs as well. For example, Manos has Hunting Exp on the clothing, but not on the blue or green grade Hunting Clothes.