BDO Loyalties are points that players earn for free by logging into the game every day.

Obtain 200 Loyalties each day.


Additional Challenge Rewards (Y):

  • New Adventurer → 3000 Loyalties
  • 7 days → 200 Loyalties
  • 30 days → 300 Loyalties
  • 50 days → 500 Loyalties
  • 100 days → 1000 Loyalties
  • 200 days → 2000 Loyalties
  • 300 days → 3000 Loyalties
  • 400 days → 4000 Loyalties
  • 500 days → 5000 Loyalties

Press Y key to view your most recent Loyalties and to obtain them.

Loyalties can be used to purchase Pearl Shop items that are normally only available via real money.


Loyalties Shop Value Pack

Top Loyalty Purchases:

  •  Weight Limit +50 LT
  • +5 Storage for each region every month
  • Naderr’s Parchment (Add 1 slot for Enhancement Chance storage.)
  • Inventory +4
  • +1 Character Slot each month
  • Value Pack (1 Day)

Access the Loyalties Shop by pressing F3 then Loyalties tab.

Which Items Should I Buy First?

IMHO Character weight is one of the most important purchases. Next, I would focus on buying city Storage. Both of these items are not given away for events very often, one is extremely important for your grumpy goblin’s sanity. 😛




** These items are considered special event items and may not be available all the time.

Playtime Challenge Rewards

Since you are interested in free Pearl Shop items from loyalties, please check out the following Playtime Challenge Rewards as well! (Y). (Source Patch Notes)

Playtime Rewards
50 Hours
Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon x1
Item Collection Increase Scroll x10
100 Hours
Elion’s Tear x10
[Event] Value Pack (7 Days) x1
200 Hours
[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1
[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1
500 Hours
Theiah’s Orb x4
Mount Skill Change Coupon x4
1,000 Hours  
Advice of Valks (+80) x1
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit III x1
3,000 Hours
Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon x1
[Event] Glasses Box x1
Wizard Gosphy x1
5,000 Hours
Advice of Valks (+100) x1
[Event] Blessing of Old Moon Pack (7 Days) x1
[Event] Maid for Hire Box x1
Artisan’s Memory x20
10,000 Hours
* previously-existing challenge

Value Pack (50 Days) x1
Horse Emblem: Tier 8 Golden Horse x1
Supreme Old Moon Box x1
Golden Blessing of Agris Box x1
20,000 Hours
Advice of Valks (+150) x1
Cron Stone x2000
30,000 Hours  
Value Pack (60 Days) x1
Advice of Valks (+150) x2
Cron Stone x3000
40,000 Hours
Value Pack (60 Days) x2
Advice of Valks (+200) x2
Cron Stone x4000
50,000 Hours
Value Pack (180 Days) x1
Advice of Valks (+250) x1
Cron Stone x5000


Finding Your Total Playtime

  • Character Playtime: displayed in My Information (P)
  • Total Family Playtime: in My Information (P) hover your mouse over Character Playtime to see your Family’s total playtime displayed in hours.
Family Playtime

Latest Loyalty Shop Revamp

On Jan 4, 2023 the prices for some Loyalty Shop items decreased and some items were completely removed.

Here is a list of items that were removed from the Loyalties Shop.

[Loyalty] Spellbound Tool Box [Loyalty] Energy Tonic (S) [Loyalty] Pet Appearance Change Coupon [Loyalty] Mount Name Change Coupon
[Loyalty] Advice of Valks (+30) [Loyalty] Advice of Valks (+40) [Loyalty] Capotia Earring [Loyalty] Capotia Ring
[Loyalty] Capotia Belt [Loyalty] Capotia Necklace [Loyalty] Sour Green Grape Juice [Loyalty] Sweet Wild Berry Juice
[Loyalty] Fresh Orange Juice


Some items were also added:

New Items in Loyalties Shop
  Laila’s Petal
  Finto’s Filling Juice (L)
  Finto’s Sweet Juice (L)
  Finto’s Fresh Juice (L)
  Item Collection Increase Scroll x3
  Advanced Cooking Utensil
  Advanced Alchemy Tool
  Energy Tonic (L)
  Demihar Life Tool Box
  [Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone
  Eilton Storage +1 Expansion Coupon
  [Event] Rare Courser Training Box
  [Event] Kuku
  Krogdalo Horse Gear Crafting Box
  Advice of Valks (+80)
  [Pavilla] Merv’s Tailoring Tool
  [Splat] Merv’s Tailoring Tool


Loyalty Shop Revamp

On March 3, 2021 the prices for many Loyalty Shop items doubled and some were completely removed.

Loyalty reward also doubled at this time to 200 per day.

Here is a list of items that were removed from the Loyalty Shop.


Unknown Dye Box Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set (7 Days)
Max HP Increase Scroll Venia Riding Attire Box (7 Days)
Max MP Increase Scroll Karlstein Classic Box (15 Days)
Extra Combat EXP Scroll Lahr Arcien Classic Box (15 Days)
Extra Skill EXP Scroll Golden Bell
Extra Life EXP Scroll Mount Resurrection Reset
Paste Bait Elixir of Oblivion x1
Good Feed Bundle of 10 Elixir of Oblivion
Thick Fishing Rod Patrigio’s Apparel Bag
Mount Skill Removal Coupon Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day)
Desert Disease Resistance Increase Scroll Megaphone
Special Carrot Bleach
Sealed Book of Combat Inventory +1 Expansion




Sources & Additional Info