Rough Opal is important because it is processed to be used in advanced recipes like Old Moon Censer, Manos Gatherer’s Clothes, and Manos Processing Stone.

You can obtain Rough Opal through mining with a Pickaxe or using workers on nodes.

Rough Opal is the first tier and is used to upgrade to higher tier opals like Polished, Brilliant, and Moonlight.


BAD JOKE: The picture above is what happens when Jetina cooks. Haha! It’s actually an “Opal” node with hidden Rough Opal inside. Who would have ever thought? 🙂

BDO Rough Opal

BDO Rough Opal Tiers

Rough Opal is processed into 3 higher tiers.

Rough Opal Polished OpalBrilliant Opal Moonlight Opal


Note: text colors represent the tiers, but are not visible in game.


How to Upgrade Rough Opal

Upgrade Rough Opal via Processing (L) → Heating.

With Master 3 Processing, I was able to create a Moonlight Opal from 50 Rough Opal.

Tier Opal Opal Recipe
1 Rough Opal
2 Polished Opal Heating:
5x Rough Opal
3 Brilliant Opal Heating:
10x Polished Opall
4 Moonlight Opal

3xBrilliant Opal
1x Metal Solvent (Alchemy)

– Clear Liquid Reagent
3- Melted Iron Shard
4- Rough Stone
2- Trace of Savagery

Moonlight Opal

Crafting Moonlight Opal requires Heating: Skilled knowledge. (View this Processing Knowledge Guide) Visit Vatudun in Keplan and complete the Materials for Skills quest to obtain Skilled knowledge.

Rough Opal via Mining

Rough Opal can be gathered with a pickaxe from “Strange Rock” and “Opal” nodes.

There is an Apprentice 1 gathering level requirement.


“Strange Rock” Nodes

Click to enlarge images. These nodes are visible along the beach north of Port Epheria.

They look like flat stones stacked on top of each other.

“Opal” Nodes

Opal nodes are small, dark, and difficult to see. Usually located beside larger rocks.

Rough Opal Location Maps

Map Credits: thanks!

Rough Opal Location: NW of Sausan Garrison, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

Rough Opal Location: SE of Kusha, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

Rough Opal Location: N of Port Epheria, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

Rough Opal via Worker Nodes

Rough Opal can also be obtained via 4 worker nodes.

  • Capotia** (W of Sand Grain Bazaar in Valencia Territory)
  • Mediah Shore (SE of Kusha in Mediah Territory)
  • Pujiya Canyon (S of Rock Post in Valencia Territory)
  • Gavinya Coastal Cliff (NE of Ancado Inner Harbor in Valencia Territory)

** Best choice is Capotia, costing 4 CP, unless you already have nodes near the other nodes purchased.

Rough Stone Location Map

Thanks for the map! View location.

Moonlight Opal Recipes

Processing (L) → Manufacture

Item Made with Moonlight Opal Ingredients
 Manos Processing Stone  30  15  5  50
 Manos Gatherer’s Clothes  30  5  50  15
 Old Moon Censer  100  100  100  100 

Opal Processing Profits

Processing Rough Opal and it’s higher tiers can be profitable.


To see current marketplace trends, I like to use processing calculator.

processing profit calculator

In this example, Opal seems like a very lucrative processing job!

But be sure to check the current daily volume of sales vs the quantities on the marketplace.

Is Opal Used in Jetina PEN Boss Gear?

Opal is no longer needed for Jetina PEN Boss Gear.

Now, Green, Blue, Red, and Black Crystals are required instead of Opals in the reform stone recipes. (source)