Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear is given by Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>. It can be upgraded to PEN with 100% success rate. This is done over time by increasing their “Reform Levels.”

Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>

Jetina Boss Gear: Awakening Weapon

Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear starts at TET level.

3 Boss Weapons:


  • Main Weapon:
    • TET: Kzarka Main Weapon Box or
    • TET: Offin Main Weapon Box
  • Sub Weapon:
    • TET: Nouver Subweapon Box or
    • TET: Kutum Subweapon Box
  • Awakening Weapon:
    • TET: Dandelion Awakening Weapon Box
Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

4 Boss Armor:


  • Helmet:
    • TET: Giath’s Helmet or
    • TET: Griffon’s Helmet
  • Gloves:
    • TET: Leebur’s Gloves or
    • TET: Bheg’s Gloves
  • Shoes:
    • TET: Muskan’s Shoes or
    • TET: Urugon’s Shoes
  • Armor:
    • TET: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor or
    • TET: Red Nose’s Armor

    Jetina’s Guaranteed Boss Gear Stats

    Each of the 5 different Reform Stones adds 1 Reform Level and additional stats.

    Example: Main Weapon Reform Stone I adds 1 AP.

    Main & Awakening Weapon:


    Lvl Added Stats
    I AP +1
    II AP +1
    III AP +1
    IV AP +2
    V AP +2




    Lvl Added Stats
    I Damage Reduction +1
    II AP +1
    III Evasion +1
    IV AP +1
    V Accuracy +1

    Defense Gear:


    Lvl Added Stats
    I Evasion +1
    Bonus Evasion +1
    Bonus Damage Reduction+1
    II Damage Reduction +1
    Bonus Evasion +1
    Bonus Damage Reduction+1
    III Evasion +1
    Bonus Evasion +1
    Bonus Damage Reduction+1
    IV Damage Reduction +1
    Bonus Evasion +1
    Bonus Damage Reduction+1
    V Damage Reduction +1
    Bonus Evasion +1
    Bonus Damage Reduction+1


    Bonus values are also known as “hidden” values. They are the numbers in (parenthesis) on your gear. Bonus values are not used to determine your DP Bracket.

    Boss Gear Comparison

    Which of Jetina’s TET boss gear is the best choice? They have identical stats to the gear available in the Marketplace. So lets take a look!

    Boss Gloves

    PEN Stats:

    Boss Glove DP Acc Eva DR
    Leebur’s Gloves
    62 25 33 + 103
    29 + 17
    Bheg’s Gloves 60 50 26 + 78
    34 + 19

    Leebur’s trades 25 Accuracy and 7 DR for 32 Evasion + 2 Sheet DP.

    TET Leebur's Gloves
    TET Bheg's Gloves

    Boss Shoes

    PEN Stats:

    Boss Shoes DP Eva DR
    Muskan’s Shoes
    77 43 (+90)
    34 (+14)
    Urugon’s Shoes
    79 43 (+45)
    36 (+41)

    Muskan’s trades 2 Sheet DP and 29 DR for 45 more Evasion.

    TET Muskan's Shoes
    TET Urugon's Shoes

    Boss Helmet

    Both helmets are almost identical besides their Item Effect and Hidden DR.

    Boss Helmet Comparison
    Griffon’s Helmet
    All Resistance +5%
    +6 Hidden DR
    Giath’s Helmet
    Max HP+100

    Griffon’s has +6 more Hidden DR and 5% resistance vs Giath’s 100 HP


    TET Giath's Helmet
    TET Griffon's Helmet

    Boss Armor (Chest)

    Both armors are identical besides their Item Effect.

    Boss Armor Item Effect
    Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor Max HP+200
    Max MP/WP/SP +100
    Red Nose’s Armor
    HP Recovery Up
    Max MP/WP/SP +100

    Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor gives 200 more Max HP.

    Red Nose HP Recovery adds 10 more HP to the normal recovery rate of 6 HP every 5 seconds.


    TET Dim Tree Spirit Armor
    TET Red Nose's Armor

    Boss Main Weapons

    PEN Stats:

    Weapon AP Acc Item Effect
    Kzarka 122 – 126
    200 Extra Damage to All Species +20
    Extra AP Against Monsters +15
    Attack Speed +3 Level
    Critical Hit Damage +2%
    Offin Tett
    126 – 128
    182 Extra Damage to All Species +20
    Extra AP Against Monsters +15
    Critical Hit +2
    Attack Speed +2 Level
    Critical Hit Damage +2%

    Kzarka trades 3 AP for 18 Accuracy. Item Effects are slightly different, but not a big issue.

    TET Kzarka
    TET Offin Tet

    Boss Sub Weapon

    Sub AP Acc DP Eva DR Item Effects
    ย  Kutum 31 ~ 33
    13 19 11 (+33)
    8 Extra Monster AP +62
    Ignore All Resistance +10%
    Nouver 44 ~ 46
    7 7 Extra Monster AP +5
    All Resistance +10%

    Nouver is best for PVP. Kutum is often best for PVE, depending on AP Bracket. See damage chart.

    TET Kutum
    TET Nouver

    Boss Awakening Weapon

    TET Dandelion

    You no choose!!!

    You no chose!!!

    Dandelion only bubba. ๐Ÿ™‚

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