Atoraxxion Yolunakea has a total of 4 puzzles that allow you to progress in the quest line and obtain knowledge.

All the puzzles can be completed in solo mode.

yolunakea questline


Main Quest Line Puzzles

The are 4 puzzles you must complete during the Yolunakea main quest line.


Puzzle 1: Match Colors in Order

Knowledge: Unending Thread

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Yolu’s Archive

Location: Yolu’s Nail

There are 4 square platforms surrounding a Yolu’s Archive.

  1. Interact with Yolu’s Archive to start the puzzle.
  2. Four different colored rings will rotate around Yolu’s Archive.
  3. Four matching colored orbs will emerge from the 4 platforms and slowly travel to Yolu’s Archive.
  4. The goal is to make the orbs reach Yolu’s Archive in the order of the rings from top to bottom.
  5. Take note of the color of the bottom ring swirling around Yolu’s Archive.
  6. Find the orb that matches that color and step on the square platform it emerged from.
  7. Stepping on the platform stops the orb from moving to Yolu’s Archive for 5 seconds.
  8. Going from the bottom ring on Yolu’s Archive to the top ring, find the next color orb to stop.
  9. Interact with the Dopplenus that spawns to complete the puzzle.
yolunakea puzzle

Step on the squares to stop an orb for 5 seconds.

In this example image, the orbs must reach Yolu’s Archive in the following order:
Yellow → Blue → Red → Green

yolunakea puzzle

Puzzle 2: Medicinal Herb Brewer

Knowledge: Created with your Power Elvia

Quest: [Atoraxxion] What’s in the Undergrounds?

Location: Yolu’s Pupil


Interact with the Medicinal Herb Brewer and successfuly complete the mini game 5 times.

Press SPACE when the bar reaches the blue area.

Interact with the Medicinal Herb Brewer on the opposite side and win the mini-game again 5 times.

Medicinal Herb Brewer

Puzzle 3: Cube Count’n Towers!

Knowledge: Prey-Luring Thread

Quest: [Atoraxxion] A Night with Full Moon

Location: Yolu’s Spine


There is a small tower of cubes called Stellagia in front of 4 larger cube towers.

  1. Use the summon scroll from defeating Lekra Vuhuma and be mounted inside one of the ancient weapons.
  2. Interact with the small Stellagia.
  3. Select the option, “Check Process”.
  4. Exit the chat ui and take note of the numbers in a textual alert.
  5. Make the 4 towers match the numbers displayed in the alert.
  6. For example, if the first number is 3 then the first tower on the left will need to have all 3 cubes lit up.
  7. Interact with the 4 cube towers to transfer their power to the small tower and vice versa.
  8. When all 4 cube towers are lit up in the correct sequence, select “Check Permissions” at the small tower.
  9. Interact with the Dopplenus that spawns next to the small tower to complete the puzzle.

Text Alert for a Number Sequence

yolunakea puzzle

These towers match the number sequence: 3 2 4 3

yolunakea puzzle


3 cubes glowing green on the small tower.
(Therefore the number 3 is ready to be added to one of the 4 large towers.)

yolunakea puzzle

Puzzle 4: Orbs on Rails to Match Colors

Knowledge: The Irreversible Thread

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Natural Enemies and a Change of Heart

Location: Yolu’s Tail

There are 4 orbs that can move along the rails on the ground to the connecting round platforms next to them.

The objective is to move the orbs so that they all match the color of the platforms below them.

  1. Start by interacting with “Yolu’s Archive”.
  2. Interact with the 3rd or 4th orbs to move them out of the way so you can move the other orbs freely.
  3. A platform must be empty to move an orb to it.
  4. Orbs can only move along the rails on the ground.
  5. Two platforms are dead ends, but allow you to get an orb out of the way of the movement of other orbs.
  6. Interact with the Dopplenus that spawns to complete the puzzle.
yolunakea puzzle
yolunakea puzzle

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